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Kathy Johnson Clarke·Friday, November 17, 2017
What’s on my mind? A lot. Here goes.
Predators know their way around good mothers and fathers. They know their way around any environment or program not created specifically to keep them out. If steps aren’t taken to deny a predator, pedophile or abuser access to young people that person can seek out the most vulnerable, naive, trusting, spirited, reckless or rebellious among the unsuspecting.  Just as many of those qualities exist in most young people a skillful predator can use them against their prey.
There has been gross negligence on the part of many, which is what created the culture in which really exceptional kids with unsuspecting parents, many of whom were good, involved, invested, loving parents while some may have been to varying degrees either less involved, caught up in their child’s gymnastics development or success, or simply “flying blind”, completely trusting, and unaware of potential dangers. If people insist on asking or telling victims “why did you, why didn’t you, if only you, if only your mom or dad, didn’t you know…the list goes on and on and on, we will NEVER create the safest possible environment because we are shutting down the very people we need to listen to and learn from.  
It’s just not as simple as being “blessed” with a good mother, father, coach or having some super power to ward off anyone seeking to take advantage of you. If we think like that it further shames victims, which is EXACTLY what their abuser depends on. That and fear.
I am truly happy for those left unscathed and whole, but I am in touch with those who were not and are not. It is for them to tell their own stories, but I will remark on one who was lucky. She got spooked by what we now know was “grooming” and done to lure her into trusting her coach’s “methods” to improve her gymnastics. She bolted. Coach told us she had mental problems and it was too hard for her to train and live away from home. We believed him. She left her dream, the place where she was happy and wanted to be, and didn’t tell the other girls because she didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s experience there. It was such a fun place. Fortunately, her father reported it to USGF. Unfortunately, the story gets fuzzy there.
Now I wonder about some of the other girls and the stories I was told about why they abruptly left so many years ago, just as I wonder about the “stories” my teammates heard when I left. I was not a victim of sexual abuse, but I now know some who were. At best, it was a dysfunctional, albeit fun and unique, place to live, train and go after big dreams. At worst, it was a recipe for disaster, a nightmare for some.
Because we normalized what I now know to be grooming type behaviors by creating a big gray area in which we lived, played, trained, joked and grew up, a predator could easily cross over the line without someone noticing. Because there were other types of abuse that were normalized – verbal, psychological and emotional abuse, over-training, over-dieting, under-eating, exhaustion, injuries and questionable motivational methods – most girls didn’t know the difference between healthy and unhealthy, positive or negative reinforcement, and more dangerously, normal grown up behavior and creepy, inappropriate, even criminal behavior. To make matters worse they had no idea how, when or if they should confide in someone, much less to whom they should turn. They simply quit, went home, endured it, developed other issues or problems that masked or hid it, then buried it for years, if not forever.
Now, with that tale in mind insert elite gymnasts, the toughest athletes on the planet, training and sacrificing all to fulfill HUGE dreams to make World and Olympic Teams in an increasingly competitive atmosphere and the “work hard, focus, don’t whine or complain, endure anything and everything you can to be the best you can be” mentality is increased exponentially, and you see where we find ourselves today.
Had it not happened at our National Training Center or to the stars in our sport, and had those incredibly brave young women not had the courage to come forward and speak out for themselves and others who may or may not tell their stories, we could have continued to do too little, too late, to really change the culture that allowed all this to fester and grow.
I believe more will come forward. Please open your ears, eyes, minds and hearts and listen. And as you do, know this:
Abuse is complicated, insidious and achingly more prevalent than people realize. By simplifying it or believing that if only they had done “x” or been “y” or had “z” they would have been safe we do more harm to those who were so damaged by someone they trusted, believed in, and even loved, and more important, we empower the abusers!
Ask yourself, do you WANT abuse victims to keep their painful stories to themselves, to hold on to it forever because it is old news, uncomfortable to hear or about someone you know, like or want to continue to believe in and respect? Two of my coaches are on the banned list. I loved both of them even when they weren’t perfect or hurt me in other ways. I can forgive them for those. But, until they fall to their knees and say how horribly WRONG and deeply SORRY they are to have preyed on my friends, teammates, or fellow gymnasts and offer the entire gymnastics community an apology I stand with and alongside the survivors, and I stand for culture change and bright line rules to educate, prevent, report and prosecute abuse.

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could possibly do something with genji or reaper of them reacting to their slightly stubborn s/o who’s pushing themselves way too hard during training and actually has to force them to stop before they faint?? Idk I’m sorry if this is too specific .-.


“You’re still here?” You heard Genji’s bewildered question from behind you and turned to find him standing in the doorway of the training hall, where you were currently beating the crap out of a punching bag.

You faced away from him again, throwing another right hook at the leather in front of you. You knew why he was here. You hadn’t come to bed yet, and it was late, almost midnight. You had been in the training hall all day, save for going and getting a meal a few times. People who passed by had been giving you weird looks too, probably because you had yet to actually leave the premises for an extended period of time. “Yeah,” was all you said, hoping he would just leave it at that and knowing he wouldn’t.

His footsteps were silent as he approached you, but you could clearly identify his presence. “You are wearing yourself out, my love. Perhaps it is time to take a break.” He laid his hand gently on your shoulder and you shook it off in irritation.

“I don’t have time for that!” You spun on him, glaring fiercely. Though if you were honest you were more angry at yourself than him. “As I am right now I’m a burden on every mission we go on. You’ve had to watch my back every time. You’re basically babysitting me!” you threw your hands up in exasperation, turning from him again and grinding your teeth.

He was silent for a long moment before speaking quietly but with conviction. “We are a team. I watch your back because it is my job. And because if any harm ever befell you I would lose my mind.” you bit your lip and crossed your arms over your chest. “Perhaps I have been overprotective. I am sorry for that. But please believe me when I say that it is not because I see you as weak. Or a liability.” he paused, letting you digest his words. “I love you. And as such it is only natural for me to want to protect you. But from now on, I will rein in that desire and allow you to fight your own battles.”

Finally you relaxed your shoulders, blowing out a breath like it was poison in your lungs. “Maybe I’m overreacting.” you mumbled, turning to face him again, avoiding eye contact.

Genji shakes his head and steps closer to you, tilting your head up with his fingers on your chin. “Do not downplay your own feelings. Their validity is not diminished simply because we are working to resolve the issue.” He trailed his fingers across your jawline and cupped the back of your head. “Let’s go to bed.”

You nodded, leaning forward to rest your forehead against his faceplate. Your eyelids drooped and the adrenaline that had been sustaining you all day drained out of you all at once. “I think…you may need to carry me, though.”


“Alright, good. That’s enough for today.” Gabriel said, swiping up a towel from the bench and wiping his forehead with it. 

He was panting and so were you, but fire boiled your blood and you found yourself snapping back at him, “No! It isn’t good. It’s not good enough!”

Gabriel stops wiping his brow and instead raises an eyebrow at you. You’re not normally one for outbursts like that so he’s understandably surprised when you snap at him. “Okay…any reason why?” he asks to your surprise. You expected to be chewed out for yelling at a commanding officer, but you suspect he knows you aren’t being insubordinate for the hell of it. Something is up.

You bit your lip and run your thumb over your bruised knuckles, “If I had just been stronger, maybe that last mission wouldn’t have-” 

He cuts you off before you can finish, “Don’t. Don’t go there.” He moves closer to you and cups your face in both of his large warm hands and you find yourself looking into his eyes. “I’ve been down that road and trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t lead anywhere good.” His thumbs sweep under your lashes, catching tears you didn’t know had fallen. “You were in charge of the last mission, yes, but that failure is on my head, not yours. It was my decision to pull out when I did. You were only following my orders.”

You scowled, “Like a good little soldier, right? I was in charge, Gabriel. I was on the ground, not you. I should have been able to make a judgement call, even if it meant defying your orders. But I’m to much of a sheep to ever lead properly.” You frowned, lowering your gaze once more.

Gabriel pursed his lips. Clearly coddling you wouldn’t work. If being your lover wouldn’t help, then he would just have to be your commanding officer. He stepped back from you and you looked up at him in confusion. “Alright then, soldier. If you want to train yourself harder then we’ll go harder. But you do it on my watch and you stop when I tell you to stop. Understood?” He clasped his hands behind his back and waited with bated breath.

You stared at him in surprise for a moment before you set your jaw and saluted, “Sir, yes, sir!” you cried, looking at him with a fierce determination. You were thankful to him for indulging you if only a little bit. And you would follow his orders again. You would follow him into hell if need be.

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You know despite the narrative saying that Sasuke and Neiji, where genius prodigies, from what we saw in part 1, both Sasuke and Neiji did train hard to get as strong as they where. In contrast to the supposed "underdog" Naruto.

tbf the narrative never say sasuke or neji aren’t hard working, they ARE hard working, and they’re shown to be driven and focused. It’s the readers that’re the problems, they resent natural talent, they’re gonna dismiss the prodigy characters’ efforts even if they work as hard as anyone. They’re gonna say they’re undeserving, they never work for it, despite what it’s actually shown in the canon. 

This is about people’s expectations of tropes, when they see “prodigy” “loser kid”, they immediately expect the story to be a feel good story for the “average dudes”. The prodigy is the villain, spoiled, lazy, arrogant ; the loser kid is the underdog, untalented, but worthy and hard working, and the story is about “average dude” triumphing over the special people.

I hate this trope. People tend to project themselves so much they would dismiss anything in the canon that don’t match their own expectations. Genius also hard working? oh no that can’t be true, they never work for anything. Underdog made unrealistic progress which proved they’re equally talented, they just never trained seriously before? Rock Lee is the only under dog? no that’s impossible, the loser kid must be the only underdog, he’s the most hard working one.

Generally really bored of popular media cuddling the so called “relatable average man” “underdog” too much. All these average divorced dads as heroes in movies, and these “average” kid protagonists who went from bad at everything to conquering every highschool sporting title within ONE year…..

sleepy!keith is the absolute best

  • when lance comes in to check on him, keith stirs awake and simply reaches out with grabby hands like “m’cold”
  • the boy has an iron grip when he sleeps
    • whether he’s holding his stuffed hippo or lance, doesn’t matter
  • the Slow Blink™ when he’s tired and trying to stay awake
  • when he’s wiped after a mission, he tries his hardest to stay awake, but soon his head is bobbing so he rests his head on either Hunk or Lance’s shoulder and is out in a few seconds
    • hunk and lance don’t dare move, even if it means staying in one spot, completely still, for hours
  • there are times where he works too hard in the training room and ends up sleeping on the floor
    • shiro cringes when he sees him bc that cannot be comfortable, so there’s been more than one occurrence where shiro had to carry his little brother to bed
  • when keith sleeps, he makes little noises and lance has to literally stop himself from squealing bc holy shit thats cute
  • keith has really bad nightmares, so he finds that sleeping in lances jacket helps a lot
    • sleeping in lances arms works even better
  • when keith’s super tired, he wont stop talking
    • it doesn’t matter what it’s about, he’ll just ramble on and on until he slowly drifts off 
  • his walls slowly come down when he’s exhausted and he becomes more open with everyone
  • he sleepwalks and almost opened an airlock one time
    • lance makes sure to sleep lightly after that just in case
  • sometimes he’ll just stare at something for a long time, never blinking, like its the most interesting thing in the world
  • when he’s overly exhausted, he gets really giggly
    • lance has recorded him in this state more than once
    • keith doesnt know

what i love about aquarius

  • you can practically spot them from a mile away. they are so unique and have memorable personalities.
  • they always have some sort of cute or quirky habit. their interests may even seem uncharacteristic of themselves, but they are truly three dimensional people.
  • they may not smile as much as others, but when they do it’s so beautiful. i love to see them laugh and figure out their sense of humor.
  • sometimes it can be hard to follow their train of thought because they’re always thinking of something new. or they’ll expect you to understand obscure jokes. either way, it’s endearing.
  • similar to gemini, they’re a great friend to just fuck around with, but they can also be quite serious.
  • though they don’t seem like the most emotional partners, their deepest feelings come out through quiet acts, like touches or favors or gifts.
  • they seem deep and intimidating but let me tell you rn……..they have a guilty pleasure. probably reads x reader fic or unironically likes emo quotes from 2010
  • they do care about love. it can be hard to tell where you stand with them at times but if you like them, find the courage to say so. if they don’t like you, they won’t pretend to. sometimes you have to take initiative with this sign, but don’t come on too strong too soon.
  • once they are attatched, they will become very protective of you and pay attention to small details about you. because of this, they are great gift givers and romantics at heart.

I’d just like to point out that nobody knew Taako was dating Kravitz all the way until Lup was realeased from the umbrastaff. That gave Taako quite a bit of time to make absolutely stellar death jokes, a la millennial style of “praying for death” and shit like that

The lunar interlude before wonderland consisted of the summer spent training. Taako, despite being visibly happier, has been saying some pretty morbid things about how he “misses the sweet embrace of death” after a particularly hard training session… The other 2/3 of the tres horny boys plus team sweet flips have been getting worried, but knowing Taakos sharp attitude nobody approaches him about it until Carey calls for an intervention.

They all sit in a semi circle when Taako is escorted in by Magnus. Once that they explain they’re there to help him, he bursts out laughing, “I sure as FUCK don’t have to explain myself to y’all, and at, uh, at this point it’s funnier not to.” He swoops out of the room with his cape and the umbrastaff hanging from his forearm. Everyone is kinda stunned but they all somewhat expected that.

It isn’t until Lup shouts about his relationship status with the grim reaper that it clicks, he LOVES death. Carey and Killian realize they’ve already met him, Magnus and Merle have already fought Taakos boyfriend, and everyone would be more surprised if the room wasn’t shaking.

An anime like naruto

I just want to tell everyone in the fandom whoever is a fan of naruto to watch this anime they are definitely the same but a different world. The anime’s name is BLACK CLOVER.

First of all the main character has a rival of his own. The MC named Asta is a loser and cannot perform any magic (jutsu).

But he trains really hard (physical) and a positive type of guy and loud mouthed, not easily giving up to become a wizard king just like naruto.

Asta is also special as he has a demon but not like kurama sealed in naruto. It will be revealed in the next episode.

His rival Yuno is a genius and talented guy, quiet and a little cold. They are actually both orphan, growing up together and was raised by a priest. He is nicer compare to sasuke i think

The anime airs every tuesday. The number of episodes however are still unknown. Everyone go watch it i swear you won’t regret it.

EDIT: Studio Pierrot is also involved in animating this anime

Pokemon Fusion - Dusyena

This was a really fun exercise to do in between jobs. Plus i love my little vampiric baby. 

As a little text:

Dusyena are incredibly rare to find in the wild. Their natural aptitude for stealth and stalking give them a fundamental edge when hunting for prey in their woodland homes, often appearing where battles and blood have been spilled. 

They are known man-eaters, feeding primarily off of blood and bone marrow once their prey is deceased with their highly evolved mouths. 

Dusyena are also hard to train, given their natural diet and combination of types, but can be fiercely loyal partners when trained from pups. Their monstrous features, however, often put trainers off of owning and training them, and so it is believed that a large portion of the wild population are descended from abandoned adolescents that proved too hard to train.

Painted over a few hours and added in a photo background from shutterstock that i owned for the effect. If you like this then please let me know and i might do some more! :)

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Favorite BNHA characters ( top 10 ) and why?

This question should be illegal. I’m only taking the students because that would be too hard I love Yoshitori and Aizawa too much and dhojdfkhfjds.


1. Kirishima Eijirou

Originally posted by sanuske-ramblings

Cinnamon roll. Deserves everything. I’m not gonna be great at explaining why I love him - or just everyone in this list - because it’s just this feeling of overwhelming love when you see a character you like fhjdkfsd.

He’s talented, strong in his determination and in his power, and his kindness doesn’t have limits. Sunshine.

Even though he has self-confidence issues, he’s always here to help people. He does realize he has flaws but is working on it the best he can. I admire the fact that he overcomes his fears but you can still clearly see the internal struggling. (This is a great character development we got here if you check his past.)

Also, Bakugou respects him. And if you gain Bakugou’s respect, you must REALLY have something because Bakugou’s not the easiest person to please. He didn’t even try to it just happened

Kirishima Eijirou is the best friend everyone would dream of.

2. Midoriya Izuku

Originally posted by anime-trash-for-life

He was my first favorite before Kirishima’s story came out

Who the heck is even this boy? How pure is he? How stupid was this reaction of his to save Bakugou in the very beginning when even the heroes - even All Might - didn’t move? Also, the fight against Todoroki? The boy BROKE HIS BONES, and SEVERAL TIMES for his friend to move on. That’s- I have no words.

Midoriya Izuku is the perfect next symbol of Peace: his selfness and need to help people wasn’t made by his quirk but by his soul and that’s what pleased most people, and his dream won’t be stopped no matter what. All Might chose well.

3. Uraraka Ochako

Originally posted by jyoshikausei

Look at her. She’s shivering and yet smiling and explicitely showing to her friends “I’m good, don’t worry.”

THIS GIRL ROCKS. She’s so clever. She’s talented. She fought against Katsuki Fucking Bakugou and could have won. I was in awe when I realised what was her plan all along during the fight. I’m still not over it.

And her motivation? No, not money, not really. Money is a mean to a goal. Her goal is to help her parents who she loves dearly and it’s one of the most adorable things. She wants to become her parents’ hero because they were the heroes of her childhood - look back when she was a kid how she admired their work and how frustrated she was not to be able to help.

I’m so excited about her she has so much potential.

4. Tamaki Amajiki

I honestly don’t know much about him - like everyone else I guess? But from what I’ve seen, this character is… different. I can’t really explain. Actually, all the characters are really different, the author is doing a great job for so many characters. 

I was surprised to hear about a group of three amazing future heroes, and see this guy, so shy, so awkward, with a real anxiety towards people - this is not comic relief to me. And this is important. Tamaki is going in front of a class, with two of his best friends/team-mates, and tries to stand up for what he believes in.

And since the last chapters I’m really worried about him I need new content pls help

5. Todoroki Shouto 

Very complexed character. His past makes who he is now. He is physically marked by the disfunctional family father he’s living with, and mentally too. You can’t make me believe seeing his mother in such a state, hurt him, and losing her for the rest of his childhood isn’t a great impact on his personality. You can’t tell me, having a “dad” who forbid you to play with your siblings to train for his own selfishness didn’t touch him.

This is a terrible past, and I realize how Todoroki actually easily confessed it to someone in his class - to Midoriya. But doing this is the first step of the development of his character which made me love him, oh so much.

I liked the grudge he’s holding against his father, and the fact that he still does, but put it apart in order to follow is own ideals, his own project. I was so proud of him when he chose to work with Endeavor because he figured it was the best for his powers.

This kid is so young but so mature already. He faced his father, and then came to see his mother on his own, to face her too. That’s amazingly brave.

And finally, in the scans for the “Bakugou Arc” Todoroki more and more cares about not just his own motivations, but also his classmates. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN THEY TAKE AWAY HIS FRIEND. You can definitely see it before tho, when he’s teaming up with Momo and listens to her after realizing he might have been too focused on himself and not on sharing ideas.

Originally posted by neotokyotre

Also did I tell you how incredible and badass his power is?

6. Kaminari Denki

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Another precious boy. But who isn’t? Mine-who? Don’t know this guy.

Let’s just appreciate this pic of our Human Pikachu.

I don’t feel like he got a lot of moments yet, so I’m really excited about knowing more about him, but I liked him right from the beginning - I actually liked him more than Kirishima at first. He’s motivated to do his best, but knows his limits. Even though he still acts without thinking sometimes and that’s killing me xD

He rocks. That’s all I can say. In this arc, he nailed it, and-

He got his bff’s support, which is BIG. (Also, again, Bakugou). He improved a lot and I’m so proud of him.

Despite what a lot of people think, my son is clever. Just remember he’s a 15 yo guy and teens do mistakes and stupid things all the time. 

I remember reading somewhere he’s always showing his thumbs up to let everyone know he’s alright once he’s off. This is incridibly touching. I don’t know about you, but if even when his brain turns off, his last will or his subconscious is yelling at him to let everyone know he’s good and that they can go on, I think already a little part of his job, as a future hero, is completed.

You go, Denki.

7. Mirio Togata (also known as Tintin)

I didn’t know I would love him. I thought I would like him, but I didn’t know my heart would just go down and drown with the last chapters. I hate this manga sometimes.

He looks so nice. So at ease. All the time. He trained so hard, I understand Izuku’s expression in this panel. This guy is impressive and you don’t realize it right away but when you do- oh damn. I mean. He was supposed to be the next Hero of Peace.

D E T E R M I N A T I O N in everything he does, in his beliefs. I also believe - and I’m pretty sure - he’s helping Tamaki with his social issues and awkwardness.


Listen to him he knows what he’s talking about everything’s okay *sobs*

8. Katsuki Bakugou

Alright what about Bakugou. I like his character. He’s unstable, and that makes my feelings also unstables. His agressivity is the reason why I’m a bit indicisive, but he does have great moments which explain why he’s in this top 10.

Originally posted by fymyheroacademia

Believe it or not, despite ALL OF HIS FLAWS, Bakugou is a human being. A shitty human being yes - I’m referring to the very first episodes (I can’t forgive him to, basically, tell Izuku to kill himself, ‘who cares’) - but still human. I LOVE his character development. He’s being forced to consider his classmates and - hey everyone knows that, this guy is pretty clever.

One of the many reasons I love Bakugou: his fight with Uraraka. She fought with everything she could give, and he NEVER once underestimated her. Here’s something I need to see more: don’t judge the oponent by the way they look, and please especially not if they happen to be a woman. The whole croud yelled at him for “torturing” and “hurting” a girl, but that’d be okay with a guy? C’mon. I’m proud of you, Bakugou.

He also notices more than he seems to, like in this panel, for Izuku’s power. ‘

I’m really glad we got this moment of pure angst - I’m sorry I hated it but it also made Bakugou so much more human? He’s a kid. A kid with issues. And he lived traumatising things. 

But he doesn’t talk about those events. Because he’s too proud. But in the end? He’s just holding those regrets, those feelings of guilt, and cries them out. He’s a mess and he is lost.

Plus great bonus: friendship. Bakugou never seemed to develop strong relationships before, his only one with someone of his age is with Deku and that’s not one of the healthiest. But then you get Kirishima. And later on, a bit Kaminari, and more. He’s trusting Kirishima with his life (cf. first panels in Kirishima’s examples), and cares about him. THAT IS IMPORTANT.

Let us see how GREAT Bakugou is going to become and let me grab some pop-corn before I die in the process because it’s not gonna happen with some angst

9. Ashido Mina

The Queen.

Actually I loved the Alien Queen, I’m sad she didn’t get to keep the name.

Originally posted by sabaishi-desu

I can’t really tell much. She’s extraordinary. 

I love her enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’. She’s giving the class a great atmosphere of friendship etc. And she kinda rocks her abilities. Also, pays attention to her classmates’ powers and takes advantage out of it (cf. Battle against the Laser French Guy).

Plus: she inspired Kirishima, somehow? HORN BUDDIES? Oh dang, I loved this so much. I want them to be partners as heroes now.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo

The Precious Princess.

Originally posted by izukus

I didn’t pay much attention to her at first but her power is really nice. She’s in charge of the class with Iida, and I’m proud of her.

She is always willing to help and contribute, but since she was admitted by recommendation, I guess this is why she started losing the confidence she started with - but she also compared herself to Todoroki which wasn’t a good idea, the guy has TWO abilities.

In this arc where she’s in team with Todoroki, I liked her more and more. Thanks to Aizawa the communication and exchanges get better and she gains more confidence after they win thanks to HER plan after Todoroki’s failed - that means a lot to her.

AND HERE IT’S DONE. I have so many things to say honestly I spent too many times on it already damn.

I can’t believe I didn’t put Tsuyu or Fumikage please end me. This list is absolutely unstable and could easily change how can I do a top seriously?

[PS: It’s almost 3am sorry for the bad English hrm]

Flying With a Service Dog

This is based off my personal experience flying with a service dog: 

I have noticed that one thing that is very nerve wracking for many service dog handlers is flying with their service dog for the first time. Not knowing what to expect in a situation that is hard to train for specifically can make a person very anxious. I wanted to write a guide based on my own experience so that people had a comprehensive thing to look at!

Airlines that people have good experiences with:

  • Southwest
    • Southwest is by far the most accommodating. I flew with them. Once notified of my dog, they gave me the seat next to me for free so she could have more room. They printed out a “reserved” sign that I could sit on the seat so that no one could sit there and the flight attendants knew what was going on. They did this for free. 
    • Southwest has free seating. As a disabled person, you get preferred seating so you will be able to board first and get bulkhead if you want it. 
  • Frontier
  • American

Important things your dog should know:

  • A stellar settle.
  • Sit stays. 
  • Follow directions off leash (if you don’t use a metal free lead and want to have your dog go through the metal detector.)
  • Handle very busy areas.
  • Handle VERY loud noises. 
  • A good heel
  • Potty on artificial grass
  • Potty on command
  • A very tight tuck
  • Being okay with strangers touching them.
  • Staying even when you walk away

Before the flight:

  • Tell the airline that you have a service dog. It will make your flight a lot easier if people are alerted to this ahead of time.
  • Ask if you can have bulk head seating. These are the seats at the front of the plane that have much more foot room than any other seat. Most airlines will give you the seating for free.
  • Choose your seat (if you can). I find that sitting by the window is the best place so that your dog doesn’t spill out into the aisle. If you’re flying Southwest, there is open seating. And because you get preferred seating, you can choose whichever one when you get on the plane.
  • Do you need mobility assistance? Did you know there are people at the airport whose sole job is to push people to their destinations in wheelchairs? If you call ahead of time, you can have someone waiting for you at the check in desk to help you!
  • Try to limit your dog’s food and water intake. Your dog can go the day without food and with limited water. I promise they can handle it. It will help with the going to the bathroom situation. You won’t have to worry about it as much. 

What to pack:

  • Are you checking a bag or carrying on? Either is fine! Most airlines will give you a free carry on bag as well as personal item. So for example a backpack and a purse. They will charge you for more. If you need a bag separately for your dog’s things, you need to know this: YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR BAGS CARRYING MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. And guess what! Your dog’s supplies are part of your medical equipment! So if you need to check a bag for your dog or bring an extra carry on, you do not need to pay!
  • Things to pack for your dog:
    • Small first aid kit
    • Water bottle (empty – you can fill it on the other side of security)
    • Extra collar
    • Extra leash
    • Extra vest
    • Treats
    • 2-3 days worth of dog food
    • Poop bags
    • Portable bowls
    • A mat/blanket for your dog
  • Anything in your carry on that is liquid needs to be in a 3 oz or smaller container and ALSO fit into a quartz sized plastic bag. 

When you get to the airport

  • If you haven’t already printed out your boarding passes at home, you need to do that first. There are kiosks that you can do this without talking to a person, but I highly suggest going up to the desk to do your check in if you can. You’ll be able to remind them about your dog and confirm things like bulkhead seating or assistance. 
  • Once you have your boarding pass and any bags that you’re checking taken care of, make your way towards security. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. Find someone who works there – they’re usually wearing blue, or a white shirt with black pants. Airports are big and confusing. Flying with a dog for the first time is scary enough. It can be exacerbated by not having flown alone before.


  • There are a few ways to go about this so I will outline all I can think of!
    • You do not need to remove your dog’s gear, even if there is metal on it. Put everything that you need onto the belt and then go to the metal detector. Put your dog into a sit/stay and walk through when they direct you to. Once you get through, call your dog through after you. The metal detector WILL beep. This is where your dog being okay with strangers touching them is important – your dog will get a quick pat down. That’s it! They may test your hands and your dog’s vest for explosives or chemicals with these little paper pad things, but it isn’t too complicated. 
    • A lot of people use metal free gear when going to the air port to make things easier. you would follow the same steps as above but your dog wouldn’t need to be patted down. 
    • You can also remove your dog’s gear entirely and put it through the belt with all your other belongings. Your dog needs to be good at a sit stay and you need to be able to handle them without gear, but otherwise pretty simple!
  • Grab your stuff afterwards and you’re done!

At the gate

  • There is usually a desk at or near every gate. Regardless of if you reminded them at the check in, go up to the desk and introduce yourself and remind them again of your dog. There may be something else they can do to accommodate you. That, and I find that people are more willing to help you later if they are aware of you. 
  • Wait until your flight!

On the plane

  • Get to your seat and put down any blankets or mats you brought your dog, if any. Have your dog get into a settle/tuck and then sit down. 
  • I have treats ready because I hadn’t flown with my dog before and I was unsure of how she’d handle it. She got nervous during take off and landing so having the treats available is helpful.

That’s it! It’s not as scary as it seems and I’m sure afterwards, you’ll find yourself wondering why you were worried in the first place. I hope that this guide helps the anxiety in the meantime!

Starscourge Sora and Vanitas

I had so many feelings I wrote a full on Fanfic chapter for @destiny-islanders. Vanitas is my favorite character, so that was to be expected. Anyway its 5514 words, I’ll make sure to put a keep reading in.

Rating: M (Blood, language, dark themes)

Words: 5514

Starscorge AU KH x FFXV

Sora learned early how his Heart Hotel ™ liked to operate.

Roxas and Xion mostly kept to themselves. While Sora was galivanting with the Prince of Lucis across Duscae, Roxas and Xion were content to relax, only showing themselves on occasion in the small things; the way Sora would lose himself to the sound of bells chiming or watching sunsets, or with his adept footwork when it came to skateboarding. Xion lent him her curiosity in places he shouldn’t be curious, much to the cautious Ignis’s chagrin, whereas Roxas gave him courage and dug his heels in the dirt with stubborness.

It was a dangerous sort of emotions and traits to have magnified, if he was being honest. He’d find himself dragging the party into needless danger on accident and getting stuck in fights they couldn’t win. Sora had seen a lot of shit by the time he’d come to Eos. He’d faced a lot of darkness, and he had his own sort of resolve when facing it, but sometimes… it was all too much. The Darkness there was… different, somehow. Messed with him in a new way. He realized Eos was on a whole different level from other worlds, the gods there didn’t play around, but he was a stubborn kid who’d learned young that as long as he believed in the Light, he could do anything.  

Eos taught him that the Light wasn’t always enough. Sometimes, he wasn’t enough.

Keep reading

Well! A brief brief brief summary would be

Some time after Lars returns to Earth with the Off Colors, Steven introduces him to Lapis. He figured Lars deserved to meet every gem. They didn’t get along very well.

Lars’ life went on normal for a while. (Besides him getting a thirst for the gem adventures, so he begins training with Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst.) In fact, he and Sadie went steady! They were together for about eight years, almost.

But when Sadie realized Lars wasn’t changing, as in, not aging, things got weird. To top it off, she wanted to really settle down and have a family…and it just didn’t feel right with Lars. She wanted someone to grow old with, someone who was a calm mature adult, and Lars was now an immortal magical boy who had a thirst for  heroism and adventure. It wasn’t going to work.

But they stayed good friends, with no hard feelings. Lars still felt oddly in love with Sadie, but he knew he had to move on, and so did she. And she did settle down with someone (secret for now) and had a son, Lance, whom she named almost after Lars, since he was such a good friend and saved her on multiple occasions now. Lars enjoyed being his godfather/older brother figure.

Steven and Connie were still going hard with their Gem training and such, and tried to officially recruit Lapis and Lars. They knew Lars would be easy to officially make a CG, Lapis perhaps not. But they planned on getting together, all of them, every Crystal Gem, to have a big celebration. It seemed almost too good to be true that Earth had been so peaceful as of late. No gem mutants around, not even corrupted gems. And no signs of the Diamonds or homeworld gems.

And they were right. It WAS too good to be true. Because every last one of the Crystal Gems were abducted, taken from Earth into space. All except two who didn’t quite yet have the title.

But it’s not like it mattered. More than just CGs were taken. Greg was taken. Jamie was taken. Sadie. And Onion.

Now it’s up to Lapis and Lars to put their differences aside, get along, and try their best to find their friends and teammates. They’ll be adventuring on Earth for clues, searching for ships, and eventually make it off planet and into the stars to go save their friends.