The signs as Pitch Perfect quotes

aries: “I’ve wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously” - Fat Amy

taurus: “I’m gonna finish him like a cheesecake!” - Fat Amy

gemini: “We shall begin by drinking the blood of the sisters that came before you.” - Aubrey

cancer: “Sisters before misters.” - Bumper

leo: “You are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard that your man boobs are gonna go concave.” - Fat Amy

virgo: “Chloe, could you please get your head out of your ass? It’s not a hat!” - Aubrey

libra: “Oh! Yeah, I’m pretty confident about… *gestures to her body* all of this.” - Chloe

scorpio: *cough* “Slut.” - Fat Amy

sagittarius: “I set fires to feel joy.” - Lilly

capricorn:  “Horizontal running…” - Fat Amy

aquarius: “Wanna do something else? We could re-live my parents’ divorce. Or visit a gynecologist?” - Beca

pisces: “Sometimes I have the feeling that I can do crystal meth but then I think, mmm, better not” - Fat Amy

1.9k deancas au; florist!dean and baker!cas (this is mainly for centour who asked for florist!dean like 2 weeks ago welp also i was inspired by this picture)

It’s 5:00pm exactly and Dean Winchester is right on schedule. He’s been stopping by Castiel’s, the local bakery, after he closes up his flower shop every day for the past ten days now with a different flower. Gabriel smiles as he watches the handsome florist walking towards the front counter, a red rose in his hand. 

“Y’know, most people are eager to get home after closing up shop,” Gabriel remarks as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Dean shrugs and tries not to blush before replying, “It’s on my way home, so I just figured..” he trails off and lifts up the flower as an aid of explanation. 

A moment of slightly awkward silence passes between the two before Dean clears his throat and asks, “Is, uh, is Cas still here?”

Gabriel chuckles and shakes his head before turning to the kitchen. “Baby bro! There’s somebody here waiting for you and he comes bearing gifts!” Gabriel calls and Dean can now hear what sounds like baking sheets clattering and moving around. He hopes that there’s nothing wrong in there.

Finally Castiel emerges, giving Gabriel a quick “get the fuck out of here” look and then suddenly it’s just the two of them, Dean and Cas, standing in the empty bakery with only a wooden counter and display cases now void of assorted pastries and sweets. 

Dean grins when he sees Cas standing there with his apron on. He’s got a light dusting of flour on the collar of his black t-shirt and what appears to be pink frosting on his cheek that Dean wants to kiss away. Not to mention his hair is sticking up everywhere, no doubt he’s been running his hands through it while baking again. He looks absolutely adorable.

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I tried to push myself closer to you but you ignored my pressence. Was it really hard to be vocal about your feelings and just tell it straight if I have a chance on you? It will not make you less of a woman or a person. Believe me. It’s hard to be a man and every boy knows it. It takes a lot to even say “hello” or start a conversation.


here’s pictures from the framing process too, it was HARD. Man was it hard but I made it in time somehow, I made a terrible mess and fucked up a million times and cut a bit off my thumb and I made it! I like how the framing turned out tbh, the gray looks nice with my stuff and in the room. I have learned a lot of new things this past week honestly

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incredibly interesting fact: last weekend I was sitting in bed reading fanfiction on my phone. I glanced up at my window and the window cleaner was there, my half asleep mind didn't process this information well, and I basically screamed really hard at the poor man outside. I think he did it for a laugh but he started screaming back at me. Then we had an awkward game of who's gonna stop screaming first, and my parents got really worried. At the screaming & thought I had died or something

fact: i cannot scream on command and it’s been one of my fears that if something really bad were to ever happen where i’d need to scream that i wouldn’t be able to 

send me and interesting fact about u and i’ll reply with one about me

(PLEASE NO MORE if you send them i’m not answering them)

The sharpest weapon known to man

By Neal Pollard

What’s small and blunt and often overran?

The sharpest weapon known to man.

It cuts so sharp, like nothing else can

The sharpest weapon known to man.

It stabs the back, oh who can stand

The sharpest weapon known to man?

It wounds its victims through a devilish plan,

The sharpest weapon known to man.

So hard to control and it can’t be outran,

The sharpest weapon known to man!

It’s widely used on “friends” and on clan,

The sharpest weapon known to man.

So many misuses yet impossible to ban,

The sharpest weapon known to man.

It will cost so many a home in that heavenly land,

The sharpest weapon known to man.

More damage has been done by it through history’s span,

The sharpest weapon known to man.

Please handle with care, for naught’s deadlier than

The sharpest weapon known to man.

The tongue, the tongue, when not firmly in hand

Is the sharpest, deadliest weapon known to man.

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Michigans got this! We came back fighting hard!!

Im so mad man, we just gotta come back fighting even harder tomorrow

Exactly one year ago today, the strongest, most hard working man I’ve ever met, the man who raised me by himself from the time he was 25, the man that taught me everything I know about what it means to be an honest man and numerous other life lessons that I hope to one day instill in my own son, my personal hero, and my best friend, my father Michael Farris left this world to be with his Mother and Father, and older brothers. Where they are, or what they’re doing, I don’t know, but I believe they’re together. Knowing them, the men are probably out working too hard, and grandma is making biscuits for them when they return.

Exactly two weeks after my father passed, @taradeebee informed me that she was pregnant, and together we decided to take this journey of parenthood hand in hand. I can honestly say that without the smiling child in this picture, and his mom, who is the most beautiful person alive, and the best mother Holden and I could ever ask for, I don’t think I would be alive today. I still see my father everywhere, and I dream about him every night. Every time I see my son smile, I see my father smiling back at me. Except this time I’m the boss… Holden, you’re in for it dude. You better start doing your pushups now young man.

I love and miss my dad very much, and I love my family. This has been the hardest year of my life, but also more rewarding than I ever thought possible. It was worth it. #GonnaTakeHimFishing #HoldenMichaelBennettFarris #RIPDad