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This blog. no. This Tumblr ask blog community is amazing and I’m so happy that I started doing this. I was going through some rough times when I started (and recently too) and I wasn’t as happy and ‘bubbly’ as I used to be, my teachers and peers (except some bitches people) started to notice and weren’t doing much but giving me an even worse time (I know they probably didn’t realise or mean it but-) I just wanted to disappear… Of course, I would never do that because I love my family and wouldn’t want to leave them. I realised that not a lot made me ‘happy’ anymore I was going to see Dan and Phil live which sounds great but I wasn’t that happy and unfortunately didn’t become a really good experience for me. So I made a tumblr in August last year just because I wanted to. I followed some vocaloid ask blogs and got me slightly inspired to make one myself but I was too shy. I ended up making one having no experience at all haha, but people like @askdailymiku and @asklonelymiku helped me out in setting up and getting that ask box open. I ended up moving classes a month later and things were starting to look up. I had made some friends on here not long after who I enjoyed talking to. I started to get more involved in this amazing community and posting more. Then this year started. I went back to school and only ended up having 1 friend in my current class (who is no longer talking to me) but something happened and now… we aren’t friends. It wasn’t too bad for me I was just stressed about assignments and tests that I wasn’t getting much sleep, but then the spring ball started and I was happy I could participate. Seeing those crazy posts made me happy and I was smiling a lot more. So I want to say thank you. Thank you for making me happy again. Thank you for being here when I’m lonely or upset. Thank you.

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What do you think of kevan speech to tyrion ( when the latter is in jail ) ?

I’m assuming you mean Kevan’s impassioned defence of Tywin, anon?

“Do you think he would allow you to take the black if you were not his own blood, and Joanna’s? Tywin seems a hard man to you, I know, but he is no harder than he’s had to be. Our own father was gentle and amiable, but so weak his bannermen mocked him in their cups. Some saw fit to defy him openly. Other lords borrowed our gold and never troubled to repay it. At court they japed of toothless lions. Even his mistress stole from him. A woman scarcely one step above a whore, and she helped herself to my mother’s jewels! It fell to Tywin to restore House Lannister to its proper place just as it fell to him to rule this realm, when he was no more than twenty. He bore that heavy burden for twenty years, and all it earned him was a mad king’s envy. Instead of the honor he deserved, he was made to suffer slights beyond count, yet he gave the Seven Kingdoms peace, plenty, and justice. He is a just man. You would be wise to trust him.”

- Tyrion IX, ASoS

It explains a decent chunk of Tywin’s psychology, specifically how Tywin’s entire life is overcompensation for his father’s failings as Lord of Casterly Rock. This speech also demonstrates how Kevan feels about Tywin, which is Tyrion’s takeaway from it. (”You love him.”)

But the thing is, we already know that this is terrible analysis of Tywin’s actions. “No harder than he’s had to be”? We saw Tywin give the order to burn the Riverlands. “A just man”? We’re familiar with Tysha’s story by this point. “You would be wise to trust him”? We know who arranged the Red Wedding, thanks. 

What we see here is that Kevan is not the “faithful old mastiff” Cersei thinks of him as (Cersei III, AFFC), but Tywin’s genuine fellow traveller. Note how he refers to restoring House Lannister to its “proper place.” He believes in Lannister supremacy too, and the fact that he sees Tywin’s crimes as proportionate tells us more about Kevan than whether the burning of the Riverlands was remotely justified.

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dude, shayna is fucken great live. and god damn does she hit hard

YESSS!!!! Oh man I’m so glad one of my good brothers got to see MY GOOD FRIEND Shayna Baszler live in Aus. Hope you had fun man! Of course she hits hard dude, She has 1000% pure strong style lineage.

a good man is hard to find
  • what people think that means: there's not a lot of good men out there
  • what it actually means: the sole requirement to become a good man is mastery of stealth

Just another stroll through the park with your grandpa~

This was a struggle. Adapting the Expressionist style in to a Rick and Morty piece was like… omg. I spent way longer on this than I should’ve. Expressionism is hard, man. -________________-

Based on the painting The Scream (of Nature) by Edvard Munch.

“He had carried her, fought beside her, spent whole nights next to her, both of them on their bellies, peering through a long glass, watching some warehouse or merch’s mansion. This was nothing like that. He was sick and frightened, his body slick with sweat, but he was here. He watched that pulse, the evidence of her heart, matching his own beat for anxious beat. He saw the damp curve of her neck, the gleam of her brown skin. He wanted to … He wanted.
Before he even knew what he intended, he lowered his head. She drew in a sharp breath. His lips hovered just above the warm juncture between her shoulder and the column of her neck. He waited. Tell me to stop. Push me away.
She exhaled. “Go on,” she repeated. Finish the story.”
~ leigh bardugo, crooked kingdom

Why Rick and Morty is such a good series:

Do you know what makes Rick and Morty such a good series?

The humanistic approach to each story and character and the savage portrayal of real emotions felt by believable characters. The characters in Rick and Morty are not over the top caricatures, such as they are in Family Guy and now the Simpsons, they are real.

When Beth shoots Mr poopybutthole, she shakily sobs into a glass of wine while he lays bleeding. Jerry is whiny but also tries hard to be the man of the house. Summer is not only believable as a teenage girl, but she is also complex and has layers to her character that other equivalents do not.

Morty suffers real trauma throughout the series and it wears on him as it progresses. Each character has real flaws, real developments and strengths.

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Most of all, the protagonist Rick is as layered, complex and indecipherable a character as you can get. He is truly a toxic person who struggles between loving his family and yet remaining distant. You feel every single emotional blow he is dealt and you can empathise with how he reacts to it, because we have all done the same.

There’s real drama in the series, better drama than seen in most TV shows today and all the while there is drama, the action is excellent, the stories are great and the laughter is genuine. It doesn’t try to be funny all the time, it doesn’t try to be sad all the time. Behind every laugh is real pain and that makes the comedy in the series so much more effective, because we can relate to it on a human level.

For a series that is based on science fiction and fantasy, it is awfully real.


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