and again… “harries” leaving bad reviews on both niall’s album and liam’s song. if harry saw you’d be relieved of your duties so hard man. alternatively: it must suck that niall and liam have such widely popular songs that have been charting for so long when they weren’t the ones always destined for greatness huh? someone else than harry, wow, i know, impossible.  additionally: even tho this doesn’t go with your current aesthetic or belief system, but your asses will be the ones queueing for front row at the reunion tour a few years down the line, so you know, must be fun to be y’all. 

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Just wanted to let y'all know that I am 1) streaming the TMTA music video YT playlist, 2) streaming the TMTA audio YT playlist, 3) streaming the SH lyric video YT playlist, 4) streaming TMTA on Spotify, 5) streaming the whole album on Apple Music, and bonus round, 6) just filled out my 10 daily media base forms. Keeping this up through Thursday. If Niall doesn't get number 1, well, at least I can go to sleep at night knowing I did my part! 😂😂

GOOD JOB!!! working hard for our man who works hard for us!!


❝ one second of harmony, two counts of unity.
                 time to start this rodeo

bey pairs ☆ tatara & chinatsu

“He had carried her, fought beside her, spent whole nights next to her, both of them on their bellies, peering through a long glass, watching some warehouse or merch’s mansion. This was nothing like that. He was sick and frightened, his body slick with sweat, but he was here. He watched that pulse, the evidence of her heart, matching his own beat for anxious beat. He saw the damp curve of her neck, the gleam of her brown skin. He wanted to … He wanted.
Before he even knew what he intended, he lowered his head. She drew in a sharp breath. His lips hovered just above the warm juncture between her shoulder and the column of her neck. He waited. Tell me to stop. Push me away.
She exhaled. “Go on,” she repeated. Finish the story.”
~ leigh bardugo, crooked kingdom


countdown to jeonghan’s birthday

D-0: collection of jeonghan moments

happy birthday jeonghan!! thank you so much for sharing your talents and personality with us. it has been wonderful watching you grow so much through your journey with seventeen and get better and better at singing! we love you so much 💕💕💕

This is a dedicated message to the ones who don’t know why I fangirl SO hard over Jin: THE man can sing, can joke, can cook, is strong, is educated, is kind, can dance (and don’t tell me NO! if you can dance BTS’ choreos or keep up YOU CAN DANCE), is from a good family and lived in a cheap dorm and struggled with the boys when he could just get his dad’s business, is humble and never said that his parents were rich, loves animals, treat people well no matter their age or background or race …, expresses his feelings well, Is a family guy, eats well and feed people he loves delicious and expensive food, is not afraid to wear pink because he is a man who thinks his masculinity is not as fragile nor that wearing a color mostly worn by woman is a disgrace, IS HELLA GOOD LOOKING, AND NOW ADD THIS TO THE LIST: HE HAS ABS! And in case you didn’t know, the BOI is stronger than Jungkook but he let him win because JK hates losing (remember kind?). Did I mention that he plays instruments and is good at snowboarding too? Ah yeah, he does those and he can act too (BIGHIT PUT HIM IN A DRAMA ALREADY). Wait I didn’t finish YET. He is soooo good at variety shows and is not afraid to show who he is. Finally, he is CONFIDENT, POSITIVE and lLoves TO SHARE HAPPINESS & MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. There is still a long list but I will let the ones sleeping on him digest this one first. 

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I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you. Like your art is amazing, but you are just as amazing. Like: when I was a new follower, I sent you a question that didn't actually make sense. But you answered anyway. Or how: you are invested in fandoms that are not always know for their pleasant behavior, but you focus on the things that make those things great. It makes it so much easier to simply enjoy something when you realize there's someone beside you truly enjoying just as much as you. TY

this is

such a nice comment