Taller Men

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Pairing : SamxReader
Word count : 1,851
Author : Mel
Warnings : Smut, Size Kink

Request : @captain-princess-rose. Can I request a Sam x reader where the reader has a size!kink and she’s really short (5 foot) and Sam likes to tease her and it leads to him finding out about her size kink and it leads to lots of smut?

A/N : Sorry this was on the list so long! I snagged it up yesterday when I got an idea, and being a tiny 5′0 girl myself, I what what it’s like to be short in a world of tall good looking men XD. I went the humor route with this one, hope you don’t mind.

You had always been interested in taller men. But when you’re 5 foot nothing, it’s not hard. Almost every man is taller. But everything over 6 foot, that’s where you were drawn to.

First, you met Dean. That had pulled you in. 6’1, good looking, and one hell of a mouth on him. But it was when you were introduced to his brother that you realized you had a size kink problem.

“Hey short stuff.” Sam grinned walking into the room. Dean just snickered drinking his coffee at the table. You were grabbing something out of the fridge when Sam came up behind you. His arm easily moved over your head with room to spare as he grabbed the juice you had been going for.

“Morning Sam.” You sighed. “How’s the weather up there.” you teased back.

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For the other ‘nightclub au / brothel’ out there, it has nothing to do with my au. If it doesn’t come from me or @twinkies-hetero-pride then its not part of our au. :)

Inktober 2016
24. One Dozen

So this was an experiment with a new technique, however I didn’t use the specified materials and completely destroyed the original image and the paper.  So… here’s what I have that I threw together in a couple of hours instead.  :|  (I’m so sorry.)

  • Christeson:I’ve known a lot of ballers in my day, but no man balls as hard than the man I’m about to bring up. He’s kind, he’s intelligent. *chokes up* He’s a person I’m deeply proud to call my friend.
  • Stafford:Pretty good speech. I mean, it was, um…a little sappy, maybe. I think I liked it.
  • *Both begin sobbing*:

10-screaming-horse-figurines  asked:

I simply find it hard to trust a man who is an influential leader of a powerful RELIGIOUS organization (which is formed primarily of Templars, I believe) who has had antagonistic views towards mages and nonhumans--past and present. Stay on your toes.

I understand that fear. It controlled me for years, twisted me into nothing more than a tool for the Chantry’s use. We both might have reason to fear, but that makes it no less insidious.

I hope that you and others will find the strength to fight it. Learning to trust again brought me back to reason, despite the horrors I endured. It freed me to do what I had set out to do in the first place– to protect those in need. I could never truly fulfill that duty burdened with such paranoia.

But I know that words mean nothing in the face of everything that’s happened. Your trust will only be earned with actions in kind. And while I’ve no doubt that I will be hearing more from you in the coming weeks, you’ll be glad to know that there are many others here who have no qualms about challenging me. @towalkindreams, @croix-du-rossignol​, @not-cassandra​, and @altusdorianofhousepavus to name a few. I may have influence, but the Inquisition is by no means my dictatorship. Nor would I have it so.

This has little to do with the above, but I should take the time to explain the Inquisition’s organization, since this is not the first time it’s come up and been confused. Templars make up a fraction of our entire force. We have mages, scouts, soldiers, mercenaries, mage and non-mage healers, researchers, civilian volunteers of all kinds. I won’t go into too much detail here because we must have some semblance of operational security, but our recruits outnumber our Templars 10 to 1. I’ll gladly explain more of our operations here should anyone see fit to ask. It may not be the most…thrilling topic of conversation, but facts matter in discussions like these.