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So looking really far into the future and I know you guys are way far off from finishing HEE and do not want to hear this but are you considering a Cullen/Lavellen fic after this 😍🙃

Do you mean within the H-EE universe or completely separate? I have considered making a one-shot of some sort that encompasses all the ‘missing moments’ from Heart-Eyes for Cullen and Luana, considering that most of what happens between them is (intentionally) ‘off-screen.’

But I’ve waffled on it because I didn’t think anyone would want to read a companion piece like that! :P
- E.

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MakoRin & Florist AU? <3

Rin considers ducking into the back room when he sees Makoto enter the shop for the fourth day in a row, but Gou has run home to pick up their lunches and he is curious.

Just like yesterday, and the day before, and the day this game of Makoto’s began, he stands in front of the roses with a pensive look, deliberating over his choices before carefully drawing out a deep red, long-stemmed rose.

He never says anything, so this time Rin doesn’t either, just takes his money and smiles, reluctantly charmed when Makoto takes the rose and hands it back to Rin with a blush he’s not any better at hiding than he was on Monday.

Its frustrating

When you love Jackson Wang so much and people still don’t respect him.

No one said for everyone to be a Jacky even though the Jacky lifestyle will clear your skin and clear your mind.

Anyways the same rude comments about Jackson is so draining that I’m USED to it.

You don’t like his rapping okay but alot of us do. The boy excuse me not boy. MAN. The man works hard on his lyrics and have yall heard wolo, I love it, feel my vibe and boomx3? All flawless ass bangers that he worked on.

You say he’s annoying. Okay fine that nice but who isn’t annoying. I’m annoying.

You say he can’t sing.. No one said he sounds better than vocal line but the man got a voice of an angel so fuck you.

The man can dance. He works his ass off.

He’s actually damn near perfect if you ask me.

What are you doing?

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What does Kuroda look like? Like hair/eye color and facial features?

I reread to see what we’d said about Kuroda so far. 

From Choose Your Blade: “a hard-muscled man in an abstract owl mask”

From Devil in the Details:  

The Vice-Commander stood by Genma’s desk in polished armor, abstract Owl mask clipped to his hip and narrow brows drawn together as he frowned down at a clipboard in one hand. Kuroda Ushio was a hard-muscled man in his middle years, a little shorter than Genma but built more like Raidou. The hilt of the ninjato protruding over his shoulder was shiny and dark with use. Ryouma had seen him around HQ a few times in passing—the first time pointed out by Katsuko as someone to avoid if possible, which had of course necessitated the story of Ryouma’s first encounter with the Vice-Commander and Kakashi at the ANBU trials. In most of those distant sightings Kuroda had looked preoccupied, perhaps annoyed, as he strode at Sagara-sama’s heels or shuffled stacks of papers from one meeting to another.

Now, standing in Team Six’s office, studying what had to be Team Six’s paperwork, he looked as coldly unreadable as his painted mask. Even the flick of dark eyes up and back again, as Ryouma entered the room, gave nothing away.

From Nezu’s headcanon just now:

Shorter than average, stocky, solid build, dark hair, squinty eyes, permanent scowl like he’s smelled something unpleasant.

And according to our secret Ninja Records, he’s in his late 30s. 

- Ki

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jfc i found this blog through the shiba inu tag (bc a user who had that in their name) and im? so happy? ive been sent death threats from antis and this blog honestly makes me feel better. i have intrusive thoughts and ppl tell me i should rot in hell when im just scared and grossed out by my own thoughts lol. i hate this stigma around maps and ppl accepting literally every other mental illness except this just bc they get "uncomfy" like shit so do i but im not an asshole (;ω;)

see, thing is, people who say you’re bad for your intrusive thoughts clearly don’t have any of their own.

how hard is it to understand “your brain cannot control its own thoughts, this is how it deals with stress”???

like, wow, it’s not like this has been a diagnosed problem since the FUCKING 60S.

my dad, who was a hard working man in the 80s, had anxiety so badly he’d suddenly get flashing intrusive thoughts of gore and violence. he thought he was crazy, or GOING crazy, and to distract himself he dove into his work which only made him MORE stressed and made the thought MORE frequent.

it wasn’t until his 40s he went to therapy and found out, holy shit, he’s not violent or crazy - his brain sends out these intrusive thoughts as a reaction to intense stress. it’s not a choice, it’s not reflective of a person’s tendencies towards violence, it’s not a sign they’ll hurt someone. it’s literally the brain screaming “I’M REALLY STRESSED OUT, I NEED A RELEASE OR I’LL SNAP!” in its own weird, scary way.

and, shockingly, if you reduce a person’s stress and anxiety the scary intrusive thoughts ~go away~

that’s why they’re called INTRUSIVE. they INTRUDE on your normal thoughts and daily life, and scare or even disgust you with the INTRUDING idea of causing harm to others or oneself. the entire point of intrusive thoughts is that they cause you to be alarmed and you don’t want the images or ideas. they SCARE you.

intrusive thoughts are not desires, suggestions or urges. they’re not voluntary. and they’re definitely not a choice. 

of course, those who call us who have them “dangerous” would never understand how our brains work, or care to listen. “you’re making up excuses” as one person told me. ah yes, the years of therapy, medicine and research i’ve done/been through is giving me excuses for a cognitive reaction to stress that i personally cannot control, and that has been documented for decades as a sign of stress and anxiety disorder. 

~ Mod Filth


a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN