You know that first time Damien was giving me trouble with the Human!Arum story? When I was writing this bit right here?

This is why.

This is an NSFW alternative to one of the scenes that actually happened.

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Ok I have to say something to my followers: 

Y'all know I’m mainly a SG blog, and I’m truly disgusted and mad abt how some of the cast treated the supercorp shippers. How they were so dismissive of something so many ppl enjoy, how ignorant they were even in their apologies and i’m looking at you jeremery.

But I love Kara, even with the shit and occ writing we had in s2  and I'm unfortunatelly going to keep watching the show. If nothing, only to see if they make Supergirl abt Kara again. I love the character, she was the first female super hero I fell in love with and she means so much to me.

But I also understand if some of you don’t want to keep watching the show, or blogging abt it.

So if anyone wants to unfollow, don’t worry I understand :)

My entry to @fantrollcharity for the Platonic Art Exchange! This is Vattra and Videle for @plaguetrolls and they were super fun to draw and they’re adorable. You said that Videle patches up Vattras injuries so Vattra got into a fight and she’s helping her out and cuteness yay. Hope ya like it!

anonymous asked:

So we know that Shiro is well-loved by Pidge and her family (since she always heard stories about him right?) so how come Shiro didn't recognized Matt when Hunk showed the photo in the first episode? I mean I thought it was because his mind was still muddled but he still recognized Keith, right? Did I missed something out? Or he realized but we weren't given any reaction by him lol PS: I can't contain my feels for Sheith!! They'd better deliver an amazing reunion scene for them!!

well anon,,, you see: 

and i feel you anon i too love sheith,, and i think this season will finally give us their backstory and also show them connecting over their shared bond with black (astral plane reunion anyone?) I also think we’ll see a lot of Keith mourning Shiro and trying his best to shoulder that loss and it will be so painful but I trust he’ll get through it 

anonymous asked:

yes girl I detest it, story time! i am in love with horses, i always have been. but now im going to college for a degree in equestrian studies. all of a sudden my best friend loves horses and riding is quote "an everyday thing" it really gets my blood boiling. she just it just for that gasp that people go, "Oh you ride horses?" it pisses me off so badly. also, just know that this lil thing is allll yours, personalize it, no one can take it from you. it's okay to be mad. this is all yours.

Thank you for writing me this; I need to remember that. That this thing that makes me happy belongs to me, nobody can take it away. You’re not going to ruin this for me. I wonder if this is due to a spite thing or something. I feel like it can’t just be coincidence, ya know?

And same goes for you babe, that’s your thing. You keep staying true to yourself and be passionate about what you adore and strive for. P.s, I think horses are beautiful creatures ❤

neener-neener  asked:

Wait, what's going on with Katie? I've been hearing people say mixed things since the interview. Did someone hurt my baby?! I will punch them so hard their grandkids will feel it!!

no no, katie is fine, she’s wonderful. the SG cast made idiots of themselves today, but not katie. she was as genuine and intelligent and professional as always. she tried to do damage control as best she could. i couldn’t love her more