I picked up the Hard Candy Glow in “Doll Face” and Sheer Glow in “In The Buff” from the store while I was getting stuff up for my Disney Trip (countdown 2 days until I see my best friend for the first time in 6 months…I digress.) I have really wanted to try these face and body highlighters because 

1. they are $8 for 2.7 oz. which is quite a lot of product 2. they have pretty good reviews 3. they would be great for spot highlighting or as the kids say now “strobing” as well as adding to foundations or moisturizers. 

Both have a similar formula so the textures are the same

Texture: when first applied to hand it have a slightly gel texture to it, a bit thick at first. when first blended in it is bit sticky but it dries smoothly. If you have relatively smooth or more oily skin this will go on no problem. I can see having a little bit of a harder time with the initial “stickiness” if you have dry or rougher skin. mixing it with a moisturizer or foundation could help that issue out. 

Hard Candy Glow “ Doll Face”

Color: this picture above make it look like a really metallic pink but the amount used is more than I would recommend. It has a high pigment payoff so a pea size would do for your face and then a second pea for neck and décolletage. 

FInish: I honestly feel like it is a solid dupe to benefit’s high beam! It gives a very similar cotton candy illuminated finish that is really very fresh looking. I can’t wait to add this into my moisturizer on a “no make up” day or to my cheekbones and collar bones for a very soft and sweet glow. 

Hard Candy Sheer Glow “In The Buff”

Color: again, the picture at the top makes it look like a slightly darker gold then it really is. when buffed in fully using the recommended pea sized amount it has a really butterscotch golden look to it. reminds me of some of benefit’s sunbeam or even becca opal highlighter but maybe a bit more sheer. pigmentation is still there though but it is sheerer than the doll face above. 

Finish: in the buff is a bit more shimmery than doll face. since it is meant to give your skin a little bronze sheen I would expect some sparkle. I think the shimmer bit overwhelming to add into moisturizer or foundation for all over the face but it is a very pretty when used as a traditional highlighter. I really like the look of it on the body, especially when use as a spot highlighter on the face and then brought down to collarbones and shoulders. gives a healthy slightly golden glow that would be flattering on pretty much all skin colors, especially in the summer months!    

*these pics are not mine. the lighting in this beach house is no good but I will post a picture of it in sure very soon…like friday when I wear make up again*


“You know, actually, it’s kinda funny. Because every time I would mention some obscure singer or band, you knew so much about them. But not right away, it was like a few minutes later. Maybe enough time to look them up on the web? Jeff, you used the same phrases about Goldfrapp as they do on Amazon.com. Busted! Oh and by the way, I fucking hate Goldfrapp.”

Hard Candy (2005)
dir. David Slade

Hard Candy

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