Harajuku Dance Rock


An Cafe - Natsu Koi ★ Natsu Game

Let’s take a moment to appreciate their tiny instruments that they used on the beach XD

Even the robot dances better than me ;__; (life is so unfair) *sulks in a corner* 


There are not much Yuuki-postings on Tumblr, this makes me very sad… So I decided to post more of him, even I post the most Teruki, he is a great keyboardist, cute, pretty, clever, funny, talented and nice.

It makes me so sad so much people hate him or can’t accept him. I really love Yuuki-san <3

Even you can’t like him for his look, what is the problem with HIMSELF? You hate him just because he does not look like a girl? -.- Until now I’ve never met a Yuuki-hater that had a GOOD reason to hate him.

Because there is NONE. What has this guy done that you hate him? He has never said something rude to/about this “fans” although they hurted him! He just made his music and is a wonderful person I adore. He stayed himself and strong, although I’m sure it wasn’t a nice time when he came to An Cafe. Did you read what he wrote at this time in his blog? He said sorry for everything! And in his Characteristics he wrote something like “Don’t care about my look, it’s the heart that’s important”. And he is really right. He was chosen by Miku, Teruki and Kanon (and maybe Bou too?) to join the band. Accept it.

Even not much people reblog it: I love Yuuki forever <3