“This society is a society with a lot of competition. We’ve been through competition since we auditioned and constantly competed with each other during our trainee days. Also, we couldn’t help but compete with other teams after debuting as well. As it gets better and better, there’s still larger competitions waiting for you, so don’t become tired from them and I hope you can be people who enjoy it.” — Kim Sunggyu

Why Sunggyu cried on High Society

I remember IMF when I was in my 4th year of primary school. They supported us for around 2 years. Our house was repossessed, there was a family nearby who was quite close with my parents, their son was also my friend (of the same age). We lived in their house because there was no other choice. Our whole family lived there for some time around a year. My parents slept in the room that was originally a storage room and my sister and I shared with their son, my friend. 

There’s something that my mum doesn’t know up until now. While we were staying there my friend and I once played hide and seek, I caught him and because of that he was slightly unhappy, he flung my hand away saying “Why did you catch me?”, I replied “We’re playing a game, so of course I should catch you.” Afterwards he said something…of course we were children and didn’t really understand what we were saying, we’re still good friends now, because we were young, he said to me “What are you doing? You’re living under our roof yet you’re pretending to be the master (like you own the place).”

After hearing those words, I felt really embarrassed and tears just rushed out, then I ran to find my mum and really wanted to ask her “Why do we have to live here?” but once I saw her the words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. In the days after that incident my attitude towards that friend wasn’t very good, that’s why my mum had a go at me, asking me why I was acting that way towards him…

Soo Geun: You thought about it from your mothers point of view considering they were helping you during difficult times…

Sunggyu: That’s why I didn’t say anything when she was having a go at me. This is the first time I’ve said it out loud since that day…

(Quick translation+not 100% accurate)

On a slightly happier note short continuation

Namu’s twitter update

규횽아 생일축하해주신 많은팬여러분들 고마워용 ㅋㅋ제가 너무감사해서 마력적인 셀카를 하나올리죠 ~ 규형은 우리가행복하게해주고잇습니다.ㅋ우끼끽 하앍 우겔겔

[TRANS] @InfiniteUpdates: Thank you to the many fans who congratulated our Kyu hyung’s birthday ㅋㅋI’m so thankful that I’m uploading an attractive selca (for you) ~ We’re making Kyu hyung happy.ㅋ우끼끽 하앍 우겔겔 http://t.co/lQqozG2tDX


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