KIM SUNG KYU “This Is For You; Who Is I, Who Is Us” by Abusedmember
pencil, watercolor, Copic Opaque White, gold acrylic on coldpressed Arches paper 300gsm
28 April 2015

“To you, to me, to us. Lean on me and I will lean on you. Break down your walls for me, and I will open my heart to you. Believe in yourself, believe in me”

Kim Sung Kyu has been someone that, to a certain level, I can relate. To me, personally, he is a symbol; a manifestation of an idea. So, on his birthday I would like to show a form of support by making this piece.
생일축하합니다 김성규 씨. 항상 고맙고 사랑해요.

You can also watch the making process of this piece here: part 1 | part 2

A special thank you E_gyu89 for letting me use her pictures of Sunggyu as reference.



“This society is a society with a lot of competition. We’ve been through competition since we auditioned and constantly competed with each other during our trainee days. Also, we couldn’t help but compete with other teams after debuting as well. As it gets better and better, there’s still larger competitions waiting for you, so don’t become tired from them and I hope you can be people who enjoy it.” — Kim Sunggyu