You were walking back from your night class when you passed by a cake shop. You wanted to surprise your boyfriend with something but you can’t think of anything other than cake. You stood for 30 minutes in the shop, wondering which cake suits him and at last you chose Strawberry cake which is his favorite. It was already 11pm and you knew at this timing, your boyfriend is still busy practicing in their dance room since they have just made a comeback for their new album.

You called him on the streets, “Oppa, what are you doing? Practicing?” “Yes jagiya, practicing. Wae?” You end the call after telling him that you will not be coming to the dance practice as you were tired from the class. He sounded so sad but he tried to understands you. You took a glance of the box of cake you had bought in your hand and walked happily to his dance practice room.

Once you’ve reached their dance practice room, you took a quick peek to see what’s going on inside. The atmosphere in the room was so tensed up as you can see everybody’s face especially your boyfriend, Sunggyu stressed up. Since the light switch is beside the door, you stretched out your hand and switched off the lights.

“OMG WHATS HAPPENING. OMG I CANT SEE ANYTHING!” Sungyeol screamed. Everyone in there was making so much noise. Suddenly…. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Sunggyu oppa. Happy birthday to you!” You walked with the candle lights inserted nicely on the cake towards Sunggyu. You can see his face shine brightly with a huge smile on his face with the help of the candle lights. Slowly, tears rolled down his cheeks. He was in disbelief and shocked.

“Omo jagiya…. I thought you were not coming. I thought you forgot my birthday today,” he blowed the candles and looked straight into my eyes. The other Infinite members were making noise and everyone shouted “POPOHAE, POPOHAE! ~~~” Dongwoo quickly took the cake from you and put it somewhere. Sunggyu came closer to you and put his hands around your neck and kissed you passionately. And everybody started cheering happily.


“This society is a society with a lot of competition. We’ve been through competition since we auditioned and constantly competed with each other during our trainee days. Also, we couldn’t help but compete with other teams after debuting as well. As it gets better and better, there’s still larger competitions waiting for you, so don’t become tired from them and I hope you can be people who enjoy it.” — Kim Sunggyu