Tom Hiddleston {February 9, 1981}

“Actor. Prince Hal/ Henry V. Loki. Capt Nicholls. Fitzgerald. Freddie Page. Edward. Magnus. Oakley. Also: brother, son, friend, runner, dancer, prancer, loon.”

Wishing you an Happy Birthday, precious snowflake.


As today is Tom’s 33rd birthday, I thought I should list 33 reasons why I love him :) Although there are thousands of reasons, I’ll list the top 33 :D  Theya re in no particular order, I love everything about him!

1. He is super talented! Just watch The Hollow Crown :)

2. Proper gentleman!

3. His smile and the fact that he’s always smiling :)

4. Eyes! Need I say more?

5. Sense of humour, he’s always up for a laugh!

6, Dancing!

7. His optimism, it’s infecticious :)

8. Hiddles Hugs!

9. He is so down to earth!

10. His Voice! (and accent)

11. The way he dresses!

12. His love of theatre and all things Shakespearean

13. His words of wisdom and advice to everyone :)

14, He is super smart! (Double first in Cambridge)

15. Loves his family! He’s always talking about his mum :)

16. Makes bad guys lovable!

17. Looks good with any hair colour.

18. Wonderfully polite towards interviewers and fans

19. Appreciates his fandom :D

20. His tweets are adorable!

21. He sings like an angel

22. Comic con!

23. Mimicry! He is so good at it!

24. Velociraptor (Jurassic Tom, lol) :D

25. He loves kids!

26. Charity work! :D

27. The fact that he lived on less than £1 a day for a week

28. Steve and Wendy!

29. The fact that he admitted that he’s a fanboy!

30. He drives like a boss even in the rain! (Top gear!)

31. Commitment to his work

32. The way he treats women :)

33. His childishness, he is a complete dork :*

Happy BirthdayTom Hiddleston!

誕生日おめでとうございます。昨年は全然出演作無くて辛かったのが(クリムゾンピークも未だ観れてません)最後にお蔵だしソー2のロキたんの戴冠式シーンで吹っ飛びました。 今年は昨年撮影した分どれだけ観れるかな~(日本だからな~)