Hey guys I hope you like my new post! the 1950s are truly a golden era where some of our favorite classic movie stars/films continues to be the biggest inspiration in today’s generation. Just look at so many iconic moments in movies which happens during 1950-1959, such as:

1950: Gloria Swanson and other actors from the silent screen play aspects of themselves in Sunset Boulevard

1952: Brando’s Streetcar is the first film to win 3 acting Oscars (Leigh, Malden and Hunter)

1953: Oscar is televised for the first time!


1955: James Dean killed in a car accident

1957: first kiss between a black man and a white woman (Harry Belafonte and Joan Fontaine) is featured in Island In The Sun

1959: North By Northwest is released (Hitchcock basically owns the 50s) 

I have sooooo many favorite films from this era, such as Seven Samurai, 400 Blows, Vertigo, Tokyo Story, The Lady Tramp! What is your favorite film in the 1950s?


My Chemical Romance + Monty Python

I want this to become the official video of this song.

Also, I want the song to be in the very last episode of SPN.

Office Gossip and Days

I hate office gossip and that is all I will say on the matter.

One of the main components of my day is reviewing textbooks (proposals, chapters, whole books, etc.) with professors.  We often provide book credits (imagine it as a gift card to our book store) in return for their help, and they are usually really happy to get these.  

Since I am constantly reviewing books, I am constantly getting these professor’s orders back in.  I send them to a particularly wonderful customer care rep and she processes them all for me. All of them.  Hundreds of them. Without complaint. I sometimes feel so bad about sending them I wince when I click the button. We’ve had problems before where the orders got lost/took forever/went into the nether world and that hasn't happened to me because my rep is so awesome.  She makes my day better whenever I talk to her and is an absolute joy to work with. I have peace of mind knowing my books are going out.  This is nice because professors get kind of ornery when you tell them they can have books and then don’t send them anything. Oy.

I picked up a few orchids from Trader Joe’s last night–one for my friend who was having me over for dinner, one for me, and one for my customer care rep.  I didn’t really think much of it–7.99 is no skin off my teeth at this point and it just felt like casual part of my day. Not a big deal.  I dropped it off at the front desk this morning with a small thank you note and I got a call around 8:30 from her.  

She was so happy! She said it made her day and that I was really sweet for thinking of her and that she doesn’t mind filling all my orders. A little later, a man I’ve seen in the office before came by and introduced himself as her husband.  He came to thank me because she had called him so excited.  He said I made  he genuinely appreciated it and that I was really sweet to think of her like that.

One simple act that can seem an afterthought to you can make a big impact on someone’s day.  I kind of want to start leaving a mysterious orchid on people who help me’s desk once a month. Maybe that will become a thing. Yes, let’s make that a thing.



April Fic Rec Update! 10 Klaine and 3 CrissColfer!

Happy weekend, everyone!  FYI - since my lists are pretty darn insanely long (the Klaine one is pushing 600!), the best way to find a fic is to use your “FIND” function on your browser and put in keywords for things you might want to read such as Cheerio!Klaine or Badboy or D/s or Age!Gap, etc.  I also have a Fics By Genre page with many categories.  And finally, I tag my ongoing fic recs with Lynne-recs so if you go to that tag you’ll see everything I read and rec on a more current basis.  

NOW COMPLETE:  Second Chances  badboy!Blaine daddy!Kurt

Klaine Fic Rec List

CrissColfer Fic Rec List

Fic Recs by Genre


Wedding Day Blues by  pulling-the-puzzles-apart (Rated M – Complete)

AU Klaine Blaine meets hairstylist!Kurt when he has his hair styled for his wedding day but what will happen if the wedding doesn’t happen?


Gimme Shelter by kurtswish (Rated M – Complete)

On a joyride out with friends, Blaine stumbles upon a man that would change his life forever. It is a time when changes are coming swiftly with Civil Rights laws and Vietnam on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Finding each other and romance should have been the hard part, but what will two young men endure in the time of free love and war.


Wise by thestairwell (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel is combat boots and Judy Garland vinyls, tattoos and a silk pajamas, multicolored hair and Vogue magazines by his bed. He’s beautiful. One day, he’s going to break Blaine’s heart, and that’s okay.

After his parents’ deaths, Blaine moves to Lima for his senior year under his brother’s guardianship. A broken engine leads him to meet Kurt, and starts him on the journey to repairing his relationship to the only family he has left.  Badboy!Kurt


Off Limits by munchkinpandas (Rated M – WIP)

For once in Blaine Anderson’s life he was pretty happy with how his life was going. He had an epic college experience with his best friend Jamie. They partied way too much, studied way too little and slept with their fair share of the best ASU had to offer. But one rejection letter later and Jamie was moving to San Diego to pursue his PHD while Blaine got accepted to the doctorate program at their Alma Mater. ASU without Jamie didn’t make sense to Blaine and he was not happy about it. To top everything off Jamie asked Blaine to look after his little brother Kurt who was starting his freshman year of college. Kurt wasn’t the little kid he pictured when Jamie asked Blaine to let him move in and it was clear things were about to change even more than Blaine had expected. In short, Blaine Anderson was screwed. Age!Gap



Folaigh by sunshineoptimismandangels (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine’s ordinary life is turned upside down when on vacation in Ireland he stumbles upon a small village tucked away and seemingly untouched by the outside world. The people of Folaigh almost seem magical especially the mysterious and compelling Kurt Hummel who is quickly stealing Blaine’s heart.

Kurt longs for adventure and love, and finds more than he ever dreamed of in Blaine, but knows the secrets of Folaigh may end up breaking his heart and keeping him from Blaine.  Fantasy!Klaine



All The Other Ghosts by rainjoy (Rated M – Complete)

It’s a big city for one more lost soul in a mask. Superhero AU. *massive disclaimer from me – I’m 23 chapters in to this 30 chapter story (there’s a sequel as well) and although I passed over it forever, I finally decided to give it a shot and I’m so damn hooked, so involved, SO INTO THIS THING I cannot even tell you.  Despite the “superhero” aspect, it’s an amazing story of love and sacrifice and devotion and omg every time I sit down to read one long chapter I end up reading for 3 hrs at a time.  Please give this a shot – I think you’ll be happy you did) 


Can also be found on rainjoy’s LJ:  http://rainjoyswriting.livejournal.com/146587.html


At The Oasis by alilactree (Rated M – Complete)

In 1932 America is still in the grips of the Great Depression and Blaine Anderson is fed up with his bland life in Lima, Ohio. When he decides to head to New York  City in search of adventure he meets a performer named Kurt Hummel at an illegal speakeasy, and gets more excitement than he ever dreamed possible at The Oasis. Historical!Klaine



The Hearing Verse by adiwriting (Rated M – WIP – 48 works in the verse so far with new ones added quite often)

Blaine’s been Deaf his entire life and never once has he considered dating a hearing person, but Kurt’s different.   *this is a wonderful story – truly beautiful and spans the time from teenagers to adulthood and parenthood


The Cuffed Verse by skivvysupreme (Rated M – WIP – 5 works in the verse so far) 

In which Kurt is a Skank, Blaine is a Cheerio, and Puck is a very proactive Klaine shipper. Skank!Kurt  Cheerio!Blaine


Syncopation by alianne82 (Rated M – WIP)

In this fic: Kurt’s in his third year at NYADA while Blaine is a high school senior (slight age difference), and Burt is sick. There is angst, but also fluff. I’m still writing this and will be posting the parts as I finish them. It’s probably going to be around four or five parts altogether. I just really wanted to put this out there now and share it, I’ll try to get the next parts to you quickly as possible.



With A Cherry On Top by quizasvivamos  (Rated T – Completed in 12 parts) 

Blaine has a less than favorable summer job driving an ice cream truck, but he soon finds that the job has some very sweet perks.  AU NYC!Klaine   *very sweet verse – adult Klaine in NYC – enjoyed it a lot.



Crosstown79 by twobirdsonesong (Rated T – Complete)

It’s raining and he’s wearing thick glasses and a blue beanie when Chris first sees him, with dark curls peeking out from under the damp wool.  He’s also a witch, Chris can tell.  AU – Supernatural



That’s Where I Belong by lovetheblazer (Rated T – 7K Complete) 

ticklishblaine prompted: CrissColfer + “you’re so in sync it’s creepy.” Five times Darren and Chris are so in sync that everyone notices and one time that they aren’t.


Don’t Think Twice (It’s all right) by heavenorspace & twobirdsonesong (Rated M – 8K Complete)

It’s not much farther before Darren turns up a narrow, freshly plowed driveway and Chris stares through the windshield at the house that suddenly rises up ahead.

With a pitched roof, fine stonework, and a wooden wrap-around deck, the two-story home looks like something out of a winter fairytale. Complete with frost on the windows and gleaming icicles along the eaves.

“Your family has a ski lodge in the mountains,” Chris murmurs as the car rolls to a stop alongside the house. 

Darren snorts. “Are you really surprised? And it’s more of a cabin, really.”



Insta-update of the week! We’ve got Greek Yogurt Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins, the best green juice ever ( @wholefoods Greens with Envy), a Vegan Tropical Strawberry Smoothie (topped with more strawberries of course), and a few of my favorite cues for Natarajasana- dancer’s pose. Happy weekend everyone!

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