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I kind of feel bad for making Bo so sad last time. (つд`) So before I close the Future AUs theme, I wanted to make sure there’s a proper happy ending to BokuAka! Also for them to properly cuddle. Because couch cuddle is the best cuddle! (=゜ω゜)

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Happy Birthday, Indeed

Hey, everyone, happy weekend! As promised, I’m back with another Ashton request; enjoy! This one won’t be posted to my masterlist until later, but it’ll make it eventually.

Request: can you do one of ashton where it’s his birthday and he’s on tour so y/n surprises him? // Cute, cute, cute idea! Hope you like it, anon.

Title: Happy Birthday, Indeed

Summary: It’s Ashton’s birthday and things are going well, but there’s just one thing (or person) that’s missing.

Words: 700+

Warnings: None

“—happy birthday to you!”

The voices of everyone in the stadium die out as the song comes to an end, and Ashton can’t stop smiling. Calum had decided that, in lieu of his friend’s birthday, everyone at the concert should sing to him.

“Wow,” Ashton joked from behind his drums, brushing hair out of his face as he grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard something more beautiful.” The stadium erupted into cheers and he laughed, smiling at his friends.

“Well, unfortunately,” Michael began, and Ashton took that as his cue to hop down onto the stage, “all good things must come to an end. You guys killed it tonight!” More cheering.

“Thank you all for the birthday love. Have a good night, everyone!” Ashton called. Once again, the crowd went insane. The four of them waved as they exited the stage, but as soon as they were safely backstage, the grin dropped from Ashton’s face. He smiled poitely and thanked the crew as they congratulated them and wished him happy birthday, but he couldn’t bring himself to be genuine.

He knew it was his job to travel the world and play a different stage every night, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit dejected that he was so far away from you tonight. The two of you had videochatted earlier this morning, but it really just wasn’t the same. He had offered a few weeks ago to fly you out so that you could visit for the day, but you had shot down the idea after insisting that you had too much on your plate between university and work. He understood, of course. He just wished he could see you in person.

When they got to the lounge backstage, Ashton flopped onto the couch and took out his phone, intending to text you and tell you how the show went. Before he could, however, the lights went out. “What the fu—” he began, but before he could finish his sentence, Luke walked through the door with Calum, Michael, and the stage crew behind him. He held a small cake in his hands, lit up with candles, and the group began to sing. A few people had their phones out, recording the exchange.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTH-day dear Ashton…”

Rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless, Ashton stood. “You guys suck,” he said over the singing. Luke held the cake out toward him and someone from the back shouted, “Make a wish!”

Pretending to be in thought, Ashton leaned forward and blew out the candles, causing the group to applaud.

“We all know what you wished for, mate,” Michael said with a grin.

“It’s not that tough to guess, I’m sure,” Ashton quipped back. Someone flicked the lights on.

“Well, since you’re just so predictable, we got you a pretty cool gift,” said Calum.

“Guys…” Ashton began, catching on to what was happening. “Guys, if you’re trying to get my hopes up I swear I will—”

Suddenly someone from the stage crew surged forward, taking off their baseball cap and lunging forward to throw their arms around him. “Happy birthday, baby,” said a familiar voice in his ear, and Ashton grinned because he knew that voice.

“You’re here!” he shouted excitedly. You backed up slightly to grin up at your boyfriend.

“Well, of course,” you replied. “I couldn’t be away from you on a day like this! What kind of relationship do you think this is?”

Ashton’s smile grew and he wrapped his arms around you tightly, lifting you up and spinning around. “I can’t believe it,” he said when he placed you back on the ground. “How did you…?”

“I had some help,” you told him, glancing over to his bandmates.

Ashton followed your line of vision to where his friends were all grinning proudly. “How the hell did you guys keep a secret for so long?” he asked. “Especially you?” he directed at Luke.

“We knew how important this was to you,” said Calum with a shrug. “Figured you’d like some surprise like this.”

“Well, you weren’t wrong,” Ashton said, draping an arm around your shoulders and smilng at you before leaning down for a kiss. Everyone in the room whooped and a few catcalls sounded. Somebody jokingly shouted at you two to watch the PDA, but Ashton didn’t care.

You broke the kiss and smiled up at him. “Happy birthday,” you told him again, and he kissed your forehead.

“Happy birthday, indeed.”



chapter 15.

Mayday || Jinyoung

Originally posted by jackseunie

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1047

Warnings: violence??

note: hiiii~ happy long weekend everyone haha! hopefully everyone is doing okay today! this chapter can be a bit confusing so I’ll clear it up here. the italics is part of the dream so don’t be confused. if you do find it hard to read, let me know and i’ll clear it up! anyways, happy reading and take care! -admin

I didn’t realize I got shot until the pain started to spread throughout my body. I fell on the floor and grabbed my lower abdomen. As the seconds passed by, I started to loss my conscious and felt like passing out. It was really hard to describe the pain since I felt frozen on the ground and couldn’t move or breathe at all. While I was on the ground, I didn’t seem to notice the man, who had shot me, searched my body for the memory stick. I tried to resist with the strength I had but, I ended up with more pain than before. I screamed for help, hoping that someone nearby would call the police. However, a hand covered my mouth and prevented me from yelling.

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13.05 I did a practise comparison essay for the poetry section of my exam in just over a weeks time but someone asked me to post my ‘Romeo and Juliet’ mindmaps so here we are. Happy weekend everyone and good luck to those starting exams on Monday - my first is French the day after.

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