Happy Hanukkah today, Merry Christmas tomorrow, and Happy Kwanza Monday everyone! New posts coming soon, but for now we’re celebrating the holidays! Hope you are too! Tell someone who you care about that you care! Thanks for being great followers!

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Woohoo, happy weekend everyone! #Zoomies (at Hyde Park)

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These aren’t good photos from a technical perspective, but they sure make me happy. My house has been full of kids and pets all week, and it’s the best.

This has been a strange holiday season. We have no tree or decorations, and I pretty much only bought gifts for one sister and my kids. The only brick and mortar shopping I did was at a thrift shop. But we’ve got a well-stocked fridge, ready to make Christmas dinner, and we’re hosting the whole family on the 25th. I was feeling grinchy earlier, but I’m over it. I love my in-laws, and it will be a great day with them.
I’ve got Monday off, so I’m looking forward to a three day weekend.

Happy holidays everyone!!

Edit: It may have come across as complaining about money that I did my only shopping at a thrift store. I was actually trying to brag. I consider not setting foot in the mall a complete holiday win!