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I kind of feel bad for making Bo so sad last time. (つд`) So before I close the Future AUs theme, I wanted to make sure there’s a proper happy ending to BokuAka! Also for them to properly cuddle. Because couch cuddle is the best cuddle! (=゜ω゜)

A bit early, but Happy Weekends everyone! o(≧o≦)o

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Clexa Wedding AU manip 2nd Edition 💍💓💐

“I had loved You for a thousand years…I’ll love You for a thousand more”

Happy Weekend Everyone! 💞 

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Clexa Weekend AU manip 🍻

Clarke: “Lexa, are You drunk?”

Lexa: “I’m totally fine, Clarke”

Clarke: “Do you wanna go to bed?”

Lexa: “YES!”

Clarke: “To sleep, Lexa…”

Lexa: “We could do so much better in a bed…You know…”

Clarke: “O-Ooookay….Let’s go!”

Happy Weekend Everyone! 🍻💓😊


Another process vid for you guys. I find that with this kind of style I need to use a 100% cotton paper like Arches and with a lot of tooth. I find that I can’t do this with other thinner paper and lesser tooth just because I use a lot of water for this. Maybe when I am more comfortable and have more control with this process I can learn to do this with other types of paper. Happy weekend everyone! Spend some time with your family this weekend. #dreweuropeo #calligrafikas #grafikas #watercolor #expressivepainting #loosepainting #grafikaflora
Paper: @halfpanph journal Arches 300 gsm
Brush: @silverbrushlimited squirrel quill no 40, @raphael_brushes Martora round no 10
Paint: @sennelier1887 watercolors

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