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soo i wanted to share this thought with you: the representation of adhd in media isn't quite big, but have you considered manic pixie dream girls? when i was younger i related a lot with them, the special switching interests, the dreaminess, the always on the go attitude... i know mpdg are the worst way to portray women but after i got diagnosed when i was 23 everything added up, because when i saw a mpdg in a movie i was so happy! there were girls out there like me in the movies! thoughts?

I can totally see that. Followers, what do you think?


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Same beans. Girls are just?? So beautiful??? Especially when they talk about something they love? And girls with brown eyes?? Sign me the fuck up gay stats increased

Girls are fucking amazing. I’m a sucker for a smile and really cute laughter. Like the nervous “oh did I say that” kind of situation. 
I die for girls being happy and wonderful. Like, can’t everyone be happy? 
Happy is such a good romantic variable for me.