Happy Jacob Appreciation Day Everyone! I wanted to make something a little more special for our man here, but it’s getting late and I don’t think I have anything ‘cute’ to come up with! So, I decided to make a quick GIF set for this cutie patootie!

Also, Happy Birthday to Paul Amos! (Had to spell that with a ‘Z’ in the GIF)

Imagine going on a date with Paul. You have such a great time at dinner - not a moment passed that he wasn’t trying to make you laugh. He invites you to come hang out with his friends, and the date is going so well, you say yes. When you walk through the door, he starts dancing around, telling all his friends how much his new girlfriend likes him. You’re laughing so hard you can’t even argue.


I can’t belive this little bean is turning 75 today! :)

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Happy 48th Birthday, Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn (April 3, 1969) ❤

My dial is set to pessimism. I think pessimism is a win-win situation. You’re gonna try harder — if things don’t go so well, you kind of half-expected that anyway. And if they do go well, then you get pleasantly surprised. But the most important thing about being a pessimist is it means you put more effort in. I think pessimism equals effort.