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FUN FACT: I save all of your Yuuri on ice drawings to my phone bc i get into depressive moods and ur art literally makes me so happy i feel better almost instantly I have like an album on my phone of just your drawings bc they that good 👌💙💕🖒

;v; !!!!

🎉 Joyeux Anniversaire @blesstale‼️🎉


Send truckloads of love her way cuz that magnificent human being triple backflipped her way into existence as a super fly baby on this day.

🌿🌾( “é▿e)(é▽è )🌾🐟

(Context for pic: They live on a ship rn so Sanzu prolly took a dip and plucked everything that looked remotely interesting for birthday decor.) 

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oh oh! for the pick two how about deer dipper or sphinx dipper from the monsterfalls au :o

Sphinx!Dipper is cute but I choose Deerper because 1. classic Monster Falls ♡ 2. cervitaur suits Dipper more imo; 3. I like the idea of every character being a different creature, and I already associate sphinx with Ford; 4. Deerper is a nice pun :D


#komaegiweek ; day 7 ; komaeda’s birthday !!!

HEY HO!!! ok so i got rlly lazy and this just ended up as a sketch comic o whoops,,,

BUT HBD TO MY TRASH KING I HOPE HE ENJOYS IT W HIS ANGEL AND THEIR NEW SON !! here’s the origin story for (x) and (x)

The public drawpile is over now but this magic happened in it.

It’s a precious memory I’m gonna keep forever. This drawing is trully wonderful and makes me tear up. I’m very lucky to have you all. ♥ 

Plz stay around me… at least till my next birthday to do this again!! 

I wish yall a good day/night. I’m gonna sleep after this amazing day you gived to me. o7

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Paper Moon by Nathan Sharp

Alaina and I did a collab!! :D I lined and coloured her sketches, and I think our styles go pretty well together…oh my god Bubble and Zig have complex designs my hand is dead

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me (Zephyrinx)!]

Anyways Kim Minseok pointed right at me during white noise and that alone was enough to get me through the rest of 2017😂😂😂 (Ok I guess in retrospect he could’ve been pointing at anyone one of the girls around me but that scream you heard was bc in that moment I wanted to believe he was pointing right at me LOL)