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             Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

                                                                       happy birthday @queenis !

Happy Birthday (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“Where are you taking me?” Newt asked, as he followed behind you. He had been asking this throughout the whole trip, but you refused to tell him. You both could have apparated to their destination, but you wanted to take this chance to walk with him alone, as he seemed so busy lately with his book.

You place your fingers on his lips, and he falls silent. A smirk forms on his lips and he gently kisses you, resulting in a light blush to grace your cheeks.

“C’mon, be serious.” You say to him, as you grab his hand leading him towards Jacob’s bakery.

Just before you made it to the bakery you turned to him, “Newt, could you please close your eyes?” Slowly he shut his eyes, his hands reached for yours, interlacing your fingers.

Newt put total trust in you as you led him through the busy streets towards Merlin knows where. He stuck close to your body in hopes he didn’t run into anyone or anything. A few minutes later, and no accidents, you both had made it to Jacob’s bakery.

Reaching up to Newt’s height, you kissed him gently. He reacted immediately, pulling you closer to him and deepening the kiss. His hands snaked around your waist, while yours tugged on his hair.  Pulling away slowly, you pecked him once before resting your forehead against his.

His eyes stared into yours, your breaths mingling.

“Keep your eyes closed love, just for a little longer.” He gave you one final peck before closing his eyes.  

The bell jingled as you entered the shop, “On the count of three, open your eyes.”

“1. 2. 3.” He opened his eyes, while Jacob, Queenie, Tina and you all yelled ‘happy birthday.’ An enormous smile broke out on his face, his eyes glimmered. Jacob scurried off into the back of the store and emerged carrying a three tiered cake.

It was a vanilla cake with a pastel green icing, trimmed with a darker green icing shaped to imitate leaves and vines. The cake topper was a sugar Niffler surrounded by candles. On the bottom layer, sparklers were poking out.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Newt. Happy Birthday to you.” You all sung in harmony as the cake was placed in front of Newt. He stared at the cake, the sparklers reflecting in his eyes causing them to sparkle.

Your own smile mirrored his as you saw how joyous he was. Planning this moment wasn’t as difficult as you expected. All you needed to do was speak to Queenie through your mind, and then asked her to relay the information to the others while Newt and you were at home.

Piece of cake.

You all cheered three times before Newt blew out the candles. He was handed a knife, which he used to cut the cake.

As the knife hit the bottom, Jacob spoke up, “You touched the bottom, now you need to kiss the closest girl.” You glanced around the room and saw Newt, Queenie and Tina looking at him in confusion.

“Guess it’s a muggle thing,” he shrugged his shoulders.

Newt glanced around the room, and you noticed you were the closest to him. He took your hands in his, entwining your fingers before leaning in.

Just before his lips touched yours you whispered, “Happy Birthday love.” He closed the distance and kissed you passionately. Standing on the tips of your toes you  pushed yourself into him, wrapping your arms around his neck while he placed his on your hips.

You heard Jacob whistle, ruining the moment. You pulled away first, and laid your head on his chest. Hearing his heart beating erratically you smiled.

Stepping away from him hurried into the back room to retrieve his present. Grabbing the wrapped box hidden you walked back to him.

“Your birthday present,” he took the box from you, giving you a gentle peck and saying thank you.

Inside the box was a book. Not just any book but a scrapbook filled with memories. Flipping through the pages he saw pictures of Tina, Queenie and Jacob. Other pages held pictures and drawings of all his creatures he help in his suitcase. But the ones that made his smile grow the most were the ones of you.

All the memories you had with him were now in this book, for him to remember forever.

“Thank you love, it’s better than anything else I have ever been given.”

“Even better than my heart. I’m offended Newt.” You teased.

“My mistake, I need to correct myself. It is the second best thing I have ever been given, so far.” You both smiled at each other before the others cut in.

“Honey, I think it’s time you opened out presents,” Queenie spoke up. He turned and one by one unwrapped their presents.

There was a stack of new leather bound journals from Jacob and some grey socks from Tina.

Queenie gave him  a matching set of mugs, a small bag of marshmallows and drinking chocolate. All the things needed to make hot chocolate because as she claimed, he didn’t get to drink the hot cocoa last time, so now he will get to have it whenever he wishes. Well maybe not in those words, but that was the main point.

After the presents had been unwrapped, next was for the cake to be eaten. The icing was light and fluffy. Dipping your finger onto it, you smeared it onto Newt’s cheek. You giggled when you saw the look on his face. While you were laughing he had managed to smear even more icing onto your face.

This was the start of food fight. The whole gang ended up joining in, laughter filled the air. By the end everyone was covered in cake and frosting. Standing next to Newt you leaned up and licked his cheek free of frosting. The sugary goodness filled your mouth, and you moaned at the delicious taste.

A light blush graced Newt’s cheeks, “Teasing isn’t very nice.” He pulled you into him, kissing you. His tongue snaked out and licked your lips free of frosting.

Moaning he broke apart, “Sweet and soft, just the way I like it.”


AN: This was written because it is Eddie Redmayne’s (Newt Scamander’s actor) brithday today, January 6th.

Happy Birthday Eddie!

gift giving with the main four
  • Newt makes little potions for everyone, with handmade tags saying what they do.
    • Because he knows that you get stressed, you’re given a bottle of draught of peace, along with magical bubble soap that produces colorful durable bubbles.
      • He doesn’t tell you this, but the bubbles are also enchanted so that when they pop, they’ll emit a scent that the blower finds calming. He has to hide his flush when you pop one and it smells like him.
    • Jacob is given murtlap essence (in part because Newt finds it ironically amusing) and a small vial of felix felicis. Business at the bakery is absolutely booming for the next week.
    • Queenie receives vitamix potion and a specially made replication of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion.
      • ”Not because you need it, I mean. Just–you have nice hair, so I thought I’d make it easier for you.”
      • Queenie gets what he means and she loves it. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and she can read them.
    • Keeping her profession in mind, he gives Tina a blood-replenishing potion and burn-healing paste.
      • The tags simply say “just in case.” Tina looks long-suffering but appreciative.
  • The rest of you give Jacob magical toys so that he can experience magic without having to cast it. He looks positively giddy with delight.
  • Queenie gives everyone handmade scarves and mittens and the like, plus an elegantly decorated planner/organizer for her hardworking sister.
  • Jacob bakes delicious treats for everyone. He’s mildly apologetic that he can’t give you anything amazing and magical, but you all love it, and Queenie counters that his food is so good that it might as well be magic.
    • Newt is absolutely delighted by the likeness to his creatures, but he looks mildly distressed when it comes to eating them.
  • Tina is the type to get stressed over what to buy for whom. She ends up buying more sewing supplies for Queenie, and gets the rest of you fun New York-specific magical trinkets.
    • Yours is a model consisting of a bunch of little bricks that pull themselves together to build a skyscraper. Newt’s is an animated Statue of Liberty, which he promptly begins treating like a living being.
  • You give the Goldstein sisters lovely necklaces, and buy Newt an organizing box for all his potions. (You’re the one who always volunteers to clean the clutter of his shed, so you know how bad it can get)
    • The potion box is magically engraved with little creatures who run around on the wood. Newt adores it, and you later find him idly admiring it and watching the creatures play.
Crewt and how to give them a sweet life

Not the biggest crewt shipper but I still very much adore the ship and I need more of it now.

Just give me Credence cuddling with Newt and giving each other nose kisses.

Give me Newt teaching Credence how to feed and care for his beasts.

Give me Credence baking with Queenie and Jacob while Newt giggles at his cute boy covered in flour and sugar.

Give me Credence being wrapped up in Newts large blue coat with his hufflepuff scarf, with his hair in sweet curls under a hat.

Give me Tina teaching Credence everything about anything he wants to know, give me Tina hugging Credence and give me Credence happily sobbing into her neck as he faintly smells the pine scent from her clothes and the sweet smell of freshly cleaned hair.

Give me Jacob happily picking credence up in a big hug and Credence laughing.




A Fantastic Wedding! -(Credence Barebone Imagine)

inspired by a very cute request I got! 

plot: Credence gets married! 

He looked around nervously. Everyone was waiting. They looked so happy. Jacob and Queenie with the Niffler sleeping in her lap. Even Tina, who’s busy all the time with her job, was there with her curly haired girlfriend. A gorgeous woman. The whole committee of the MACUSA was there. The otherwise cold president Seraphine Picquery couldn’t hide her tears and dabbed her tears away with a gold cashmere cloth.
The more he looked at everyone, the more nervous he got. He stared at the fresh green grass. It was weird. The grass in England was way greener than the grass in New York but Credence wasn’t here to compare the quality and colors of grass. The music started playing, way too loud for the already so troubled boy. The voices in his head got louder and took over. The grass suddenly lost its color and he felt like he’d just woken up from a wonderful dream only to find out he still lives with his abusive mom. How could he let such a precious person marry him? How could he do that to someone he loved. He just wasn’t made to be loved. How could he be that stupid. His eyes started to water and he felt hot tears running from his cheek.
However, his horrible thoughts stopped abruptly. The oooh and aahs, gasps and whispering got him out of his head. He glanced down the long aisle only to see a red bundle of hair in the distance. He couldn’t help but smile when his lover came closer. He looked stunning in his dark blue suit with the golden details. His boyfriend looked stunning everyday but today it was more than breath taking. Credence felt like he was suffocating any minute from then. His object of interest was finally so close to him that he could make out his wonderful freckled face, a huge grin plastered on it. Queenie was now in full on crying mode and cheered at the man, who was literally running down the aisle towards him until they two were only inches apart.
‘Why were you running, is something wrong with you?’, Credence asked waiting for bad news because this experience was too good to be true.
‘No, I just couldn’t wait to finally marry you! I just love you so much, Credence’, the man spoke with difficulty because he was smiling so hard.
‘I love you too, Newt Scamander’, Credence returned and pressed his lips hard on those which belonged to Newt.
The guests were in awe and even the priest had tears in his eyes and he declared: ‘I don’t think we need to do all the talking. I can see that you two clearly are in love with each other. I happily declare you two to husband and husband.’
Newts blonde haired cousin, looking adorable in a babypink dress, went over to the two of them holding the blue box with the rings in it.
She gave Credence a warm smile and opened the box. Credence gulped and looked over to his husband. His eyes were bigger than they ever were, his mouth opened in shock.
The guests already started to whisper in confusion. Newt turned to him: ‘I promise I put them in there. What are we going to do now? I don’t where they could be! Somebody must have stolen them.’
Suddenly something clicked in Credence and he looked at Queenie. Well not exactly at Queenie but on the little bundle resting in her lap. Credence whistled and the thief woke up. He already knew what he had done and was being out and about to escape. However, Credence knew that the Niffler listens to him and raised an eyebrow. Eventually, Newt got a hang on what had happened and started laughing and so did the guests. The beasts reluctantly got up, crawled on the little girls’ head and gave the husbands their rings.
‘What would I do without you?’, Newt wondered and looked at Credence with admiration.

Of Soulmates and Enemies.

It is said that we born with two names tattooed in our wrists, one corresponds to our true love and soul mate, the other to our enemy. But Fate is not someone who likes to play easily, so things never work out as they should. Sometimes enemies will be confused with soul mates and soul mates with enemies, it’s always hard to tell who is who. Only those lucky ones can find their soul mates, others are forever searching, while Fate sits to watch them chase their other half.

Happy birthday, my dear friend @monstersandmagicians