i saw something on my dash recently and i want to say something to my followers: the fact that someone else is having problems does not make your struggles less important, okay? you are important, the pain you are dealing with is important too. don’t belittle yourself like that. what you feel is valid, your mental health is as significant as any other human being’s.

The Signs and their Happy Place

Aries: On a hike or adventure
Taurus: Watching a movie with friends
Gemini: Hosting a party or dinner
Cancer: Cuddling on the couch
Leo: At a party with all of their friends
Virgo: Exploring a new city
Libra: On a romantic date with someone they love
Scorpio: Somewhere peaceful with a good book
Sagittarius: On a scenic run
Capricorn: Binge watching their favorite show
Aquarius: On stage, putting on a show
Pisces: With their family