This is such a fantastic commercial??? I haven’t seen such an intentionally diverse and positive commercial (especially for MEN) in… probably never! My heart has grown three sizes this day.

if you’re sad, just think about:
  • books that take you to fantastic lands
  • music boxes with twirling ballerinas
  • clusters of stars that look like fairy dust in the night sky
  • your favorite person’s smile
  • drinking herbal tea from antique teacups
  • cozy sweaters on chilly winter mornings
  • autumn leaves dancing in the wind
  • discovering lost letters
  • old children’s stories
  • victorian dollhouses
  • the sound of the sea crashing on the shore
  • dusty old photographs
  • beautiful forest creatures
  • tales of mermaids and nymphs
  • a quiet misty pond
  • big crumbling mansions
  • pictures inside of golden lockets
  • the smell of peppermint and lavender
  • cuddling a little fawn in your arms
  • a train ride to an unknown place
  • going apple picking
  • dancing in the summer rain
  • twinkling fairy lights
  • silver snowflakes gently falling
  • exploring antique shops
  • lacy dresses and pink hair bows
  • falling asleep inside a soft rose
  • a key to a secret garden

if that doesn’t help, please message me