“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. 

I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. 

And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”
~Neil Gaiman

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New Year Celebrations

 Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request:  lol nope… I only have 87 to get through so why not do one that isn’t one of them, great idea.

A/N: Happy New Year!!!! It just hit midnight and here I am developing a Fred Weasley Imagine idea, and it is a bit stupid but I hope you like it!

Squicks: Look, it’s not a smut because I have morals and all that, but it is a bit… suggestive? And there’s v minimal swearing, spoiler alert it’s the word shit you’ll be fine

You were staying at The Burrow for the break over the two week period for Christmas and New Year.

It was early on New Year’s Day, and Molly wanted to stock up on school supplies early before the shops became too busy, so she rounded up Ron, Hermione, Harry, George and Ginny to head down to Diagon Alley, leaving you and Fred in the burrow alone.

You were sitting on your boyfriend’s bed reading your book, while Fred was throwing things into his trunk for when school started back shortly.

“You know Y/n….” Fred began, “we’re finally alone now…”

You looked up from your book, returning Fred’s smile,

“Well that’s observant of you, new year new you I see,”

“Well my dear yes now that you remind me, it is the new year, and I do believe we ought to be celebrating…” Fred says flirtily as he joins you on his bed sitting opposite you.

“Oh Fred that’s a wonderful idea! What is it exactly that you had in mind?” you ask, trying to play as oblivious as possible,

“I think you know very much what I had in mind, Y/n”.

“As a matter of fact I think I do know what you had in mind actually!” you say happily, “But Fred… we can’t, can we,”

“No, I do believe you are absolutely right,” Fred agrees nodding his head, “We have our clothes on”.

“Yes, we do, and we can’t have our type of celebrations with our clothes on now can we?” you say thoughtfully as Fred slides your shirt up over your head,

“No Y/n you’re absolutely right, clothes just simply can’t happen, I won’t allow it,” He continues, puling at the waistband of your sweatpants.

“I don’t know what we can do… we can’t celebrate while wearing clothes, yet here we are wearing clothes!” You were now sitting on his bed in nothing but your lingerie, still pretending to be totally oblivious to the fact,

“I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done in this situation, my love,” Fred says as he pulls his arms out of his sleeves,

“No Fred, I do believe you’re right,” you say sadly as Fred drops his shirt to the floor, “There isn’t much we can do while we have clothes on our bodies,”

“New Year only comes around once a year, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a new year,” Fred unzips his jeans and pulls them off, “so this would have really been our only opportunity to celebrate…”

“Yes, it was wasn’t it,” you sigh in agreement as Fred climbs on top of you, gently pushing you down so that you are lying on the bed, “it’s a shame, I was looking forward to welcoming the New Year in our special way, it’s become a tradition…”

“It has indeed,” Fred nods, “A tradition that will have been lost, and all because we’re wearing clothes”.

You let out a loud gasp of shock, “Fred!”

Fred copies your gasp with just as much enthusiasm, “What?!”

“Would you look at that… Our clothes are gone!” you say, looking down at the two of your almost naked bodies,

“My God Y/n, you’re absolutely right!”

“Oh Freddie, you know what this means, don’t you?”

“Mmm yes I do think I know what this means…” Fred says as he leans down to kiss you.

You wrap your hands in his hair, as he kisses you and his arm wraps around your waist.

As things began to get heated, the door slams open,

“Guys have you seen my— SHIT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

George had walked into the room to see the two of you in a very compromising position,

“OH MERLIN— GEORGE HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING?!” Fred shouts as he hastily grabs the doona to cover you with, as you try to hide yourself from embarrassment,

“Fred if you’ve forgotten we sHARE THE SAME BLOODY ROOM—“



“Alright alright alright fine you’ve got your coat now shoo!” Fred says as he spins his brother around on the spot and begins to push him out the door,”

“Fred’s a lucky man, Y/n!” George shouts once he was out the door, to which Fred said something angrily that you can’t quite make out.

Fred waits, leaning on the wooden doorframe with his arms crossed, until he is sure that George and the others have all walked out the door, before shutting his own and crawling back on top of you.

“Let me just… Yep,” Fred says as he lifts the covers to see you, “Still undressed, so I’m hoping the celebrations are still ago?”

You giggle, “Yes, I believe they are. Where were we…?”

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