Beauty, by Qcknd
~*~*Step by step.
1. Fall asleep in yesterdays make up
(Be sure to sleep on your face for that extra smudged look)
2. Allow choppy bangs to soak up all access oil from face and forehead
3. Stay up previous night watching old episodes of Law and Order SVU then wake up obscenely early the following morning due to old cell phone alarm you just can’t remember to deactivate. 
4. Then use upper body to roll around and accumulate Hello Kitty blanket and other stuffed creatures lost in the crease of the bed.
(This is a good time to surf instagram for forty five minutes)
5. Repeat step four until coffee headache forces you out of bed. 

For more similar styles visit me in West Philly where you can often see me walking to the grocery store in Mickey Mouse pajamas. 
Until next time,
~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Stay beautiful :*

I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now. I’m super tired yet wide awake at the same time. I cant stop blabbering. Just surprised Tina for her birthday and it was a ton of fun. Won’t be getting much sleep tonight, but nothing beats surprising one of your best friends and being with great company. Hopefully she enjoys her gifts. It’s moments like tonight that I’m going to miss so much. College will never be the same after this quarter is over.