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Hey there, Sam! It's me, Sam here! I don't know if you know this, but it's your good pal Mandy's birthday soon! And seeing as she's, like, the best person ever, so funny and talented and kind (she even wrote you a birthday fic last year!), I think it'd be a good idea if you wrote her a super special birthday fic, maybe set in the Werewolf!Jeremy AU that the two of you came up with together when you first started talking? I think she'd like that a lot! Anyway, toodles! :)

A/N - Why, Sam, you’re right! That is a great idea! Thanks, Me, you’re my best friend! But yes, it is my fantastic pal Mandy’s birthday today, and I whipped her up a little present, aside from embarasssing myself by using my personal account to message my writing blog. Mandy is the goddamn coolest and I adore the hell out of her (I would highly recommend checking out her writing at @mandywritesrtthings ), so it only seemed fair that I repay her with her own birthday fic! Plus, I ain’t gonna turn down an excuse to write more Werewolf!Jeremy. For those keeping track of the other fics I’ve written in this AU, I’d say that canonically this takes places after the first fic I wrote, but before the Defending-Her-From-Some-Not-So-Nice-People fic, so CONTINUITY!! Mandy darling, I hope you enjoy the hell out of this, and hopefully some other folks round these parts will like it too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANDY!! :D

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, general werewolf AU schtuff, a poor, tiny, horny J

Word Count - 4, 872

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I would just like to take this moment on this, the anniversary of her birth, to talk about one of the greatest loves of my life.

I am, of course, talking about the amazing, hilarious and irreplaceable @thesschesthair. For all those who know Mandy, you don’t need me waxing lyrical about how bloody awesome she is, because it’s like me pointing out that water is wet.

If you need someone to make you laugh so hard that you think your insides are going to fall out, she’s there. If you need a fellow brain to go splashing around with in the sewer of depravity, she’s there. If you need someone to have a rum with, she’s there (and probably impatiently holding up a bottle of Kraken).

But most importantly, if you ever need a friend, someone who will always support and never judge, she’s there.

So I would like to raise a glass to the wonderful Mandy, and say that you make my world brighter just by being in it. May this next year only bring you the best of things because I can’t think of anyone who deserves them more.

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I love you, matey.

(You can go throw up now)

Happy birthday Mandi (dude-its-bcn-hlls)! Here’s a fake relationship fic loosely inspired by this post. Hope you like it! :)

“Hey, you’re late. It’s almost ten.”

“Slept in,” Derek replies, smiling slightly at Stiles-the-super-cute-barista. 

“And here I thought you were one of those ‘Sleep makes me weak. I exist off of caffeine’ sort of guys,” Stiles says, already ringing up Derek’s order, even though he hasn’t specified it. Truthfully, though, the day Derek orders anything other than his usual large, black coffee will be the day Laura stops being bossy. So basically never.

“I thought that was more your philosophy,” Derek snorts, handing over a five. 

“True,” Stiles laughs, but the smile slips off his face as he focuses his gaze somewhere over Derek’s shoulder. “Hey, do you know those girls?”

Derek glances behind him and has to contain a groan as he sees who Stiles is referring to. Two teenage girls have their smartphones pointed towards him, presumably taking pictures or videos, while whispering to each other and giggling intermittently. Really, he should be used to this by now, but it never gets any less annoying.

“Do you want me to get them to leave?” Stiles asks, breaking Derek from his thoughts.

“No, it’s fine,” Derek sighs, his Stiles-induced good mood dampened. “I’m used to it.”

“They’re heading this way,” Stiles replies, and Derek has to once again resist the urge to let out a noise of frustration. He looks back at the two rapidly approaching girls before turning back to Stiles, indecisive.

“Just go with me for a moment,” he murmurs, Stiles blinking at him in confusion.

“Oka - ” Stiles starts, only to be cut off by Derek leaning forward and brushing their lips together in the barest impression of a kiss.

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                                                  Happy Birthday Mandy (*・ヮ・♡)。゜☆



Nico: “This person right here is a gift with a ribbon, this is so easy to solve.”

Nico says happily,

So as to expose my neck, he moves to shift my dress at the shoulder.

Then, he takes hold of my hand,  and I am pressed gently against the wall as i feel his sweet fingers … -

Nico suddenly has his face near my neck, and begins  to Unravel and let loose as I turn to see the ribbon in his mouth.

Mandi:  “ah… oh Wait, Nico?”

(This is so sudden …)

The ribbon fell slowly to the floor,

I turn to gaze at Nico Quickly, feeling the hot flashes against my cheek,

He was grinning at me wickedly.

Nico: “Hmm. When you  ask like that,”

Nico: “I will always wait for you …”

Nico: “ but because Mandi-sama  said she is my birthday present today,… No”

When he replied, Nico unties the next ribbon, and moves knowingly back to the nap of my neck

Mandi: “Nnn~…”

(Certainly, I said I would be a present,…)

My heart was beating so fast.

I feel his hand tighten around mine and focus still on his sweet fingers in mine.

(Again it’s still embarrassing I said that …)

Although I tried to grant the wishes of Nico bravely,

The embarrassment had just increased steadily.

Mandi: “ah, but was I  really such a good gift …?”

As I asked that the beating in my chest became even more rapid.

Nico gives a wide genuine smile directly after I make my inquiry and I blink a little.

Nico: “It’s wonderful.”

Nico: “Because the one  gift I want most is Mandi-sama.”

Nico whispered quietly almost as  sigh and touched me softly..

Nico: Having you as my gift brings me such happiness”

His voice rings low in my ear, and I feel a sweet, happy ache in my chest.

I moved my body against nico’s,  and Nico  lowered his gaze as he brought his lips to mine, as I closed my yes.

And we repeatedly  shared a sweet kiss

As we got entangled we fall to the bed. And I am held with my back firmly against the sheets.

When he pulls away quietly, Nico’s face looks at me gently.

Nico: “My sweetheart can grant a wish, You’ve made me so happy.”

My heart hung on Nico’s smile as I felt full of joy.

MandI: “Happy Birthday, Nico”

As I smile wholeheartedly, Nico touched my cheek gently.

Nico: “Thank you Mandi–sama”

Nico: “… You’re my most cherished gift.


now you see what I mean @incorrectmidc? Damn himmmmmmmmmmmmmm retntrnrnt

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Ooo! I don't usually make requests but why not? LOL number 36 with Leo? Curse me and my fear of thunder and lightning LOL save me Leo save me!

Prompt 036: “A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightning/thunder so I’ll protect you.”

Lightning suddenly crossed the dimly-lit sky which woke up the princess from her peaceful slumber. Closing her eyes tight once more, she immediately hid under the sheets, not quite caring if she’s acting like a coward. Please stop, she mentally mused.

Another set of lightning crossed the sky which made her tremble once more. Thunder followed almost instantly as cold air blew through the opened window.

Because of the loud clapping of thunder, she didn’t hear it when the door opened and someone entered. That someone stopped just beside the king-sized bed where she was curled up like some kind of a burrito. Shaking his head, he went towards the window and closed it before returning to the bed. Then without any warning, he joined the princess on the bed, snaking an arm around her trembling body.

The princess’ eyes flew open when she felt an arm wrap around her. “Leo!” she exclaimed in surprise when she saw her husband staring at her the moment she turned around. When did he come in?

Leo gave her a gentle smile as he moved closer to her, his hand caressing her cheek. “Scared of lightning?”

She opened her mouth to speak but before she could form any word, lightning crossed the sky once more causing her to bury her face on Leo’s chest.

Leo shook his head as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. “Don’t worry, love, I’m going to protect you.” He chuckled when she hit him on the chest. He was checking some documents on his office when the thunderstorm started. Knowing fully how she fares with lightning, he immediately went back to their room and found her already hiding. “Seriously, just focus on me, love,” he murmured, his voice husky as his head slowly began to dip towards hers.

The princess closed her eyes immediately, fully expecting a kiss on the lips. It flew back open when instead on the lips, she felt him place a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Seriously?” She frowned at him when he chuckled once more.

“Sorry, sorry. Just teasing you,” Leo said as he gave her another kiss on the forehead. He was just secretly glad that his teasing distracted her from the thunderstorm rolling outside. Cupping her face, he finally pressed his lips against hers in a slow, languid kiss that caught her breath away. “You alright? You can hardly breathe.” A teasing smile showed up on Leo’s handsome face at that. “Did I just take your breath away, love?”

“S-Shut up,” she muttered, her cheeks flushed red from Leo’s teasing. “I’m going to sleep.” She turned her back to him, not minding the flashes of lightning outside anymore. With Leo beside her, she felt comfortable and protected.

Arms wrapped around her from behind which made her smile. “Good night, my love,” Leo whispered in her ear and it kept her smiling.

Until he said those words.

“Thank god for thunderstorms.”



happy birthday mandy! (very late I know, I’m sorry) if you haven’t already guessed this is absolutely 100% for your story. I really hope you like it and that maybe it gets some of those creative juices flowing? you deserve so much more but sadly I am extremely broke as well as lazy….

*feel free to delete the message above if you aren’t mandy and you’d like to reblog a random witch picspam*