I may just be a broom, but you gave me life.

Happy birthday, kelpls!! Thank you for always being such an positive inspiration to me and so many other people! I always look forward to your posts, whether it’s just an anon reply or an art picture. I hope i’m able to catch you next year at AX & even though I’m late, happy birthday!!

(Coco & Fay belong to vonnabeee & kelpls) this isn’t the picture I was intending for their kid broom!AU but this one ended up being finished first. b

happy horribly belated birthday kel! just wanted to draw u some chibis because cant proper art hnngh…. hope they’re still recogniz…able…. _(:3

hope u had an awesome day//// ur a great inspiration!!! love ur art and typo heheheh ^p^ hope I get to share some oreos with u at CF :’D

all the best in school and future!!! 

runs away ////


Hey everyone. This here is my sister (@ alwayslove28). She’s turning 21 on Sunday! She is one of the most caring and kind hearted souls you’ll ever meet. She’s always there for each and every person that enters her life no matter the circumstances. The hard thing is she’s been hurt by those that have come into her life too many times. She doesn’t talk about it much but I know that her experiences have broke her a little inside each time. But there is one person that has stuck with her ever since she got Fearless for Christmas in 2008, and we all know her by the name of Taylor (or Tay as we like to call her!). Taylor has been the one constant in my sister’s life and I can’t thank her enough for that! Tay always knows how to bring a smile to her face! We’ve been to each of the tours and seeing the smile that lights up my sisters face each and every time is priceless. Last year at the 1989 tour she cried tears of happiness!

Kelly has helped so many Swifties out there in this community of ours and she loves doing it. I’m hoping for her 21st birthday we can get her a like from Tay? Neither of us unfortunately have a follow, just haven’t had the luck…which we are totally okay with! But that means I need your help to get this post out there :) I hope we can all come together to help bring the biggest smile to my sisters face!! 

Happy Birthday lil’ sis!! I hope your day is amazing!! <3 We love you @taylorswift <3