Happy Birthday to my dear @pipisims4 !!!!! Hope you like it. XD
親愛的 @pipisims4 腦公生日快樂!!!!! 希望你喜歡我準備的小禮物 XD

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▪Unisex Acc (Bracelet Category)
▪Total 24 Designs (12 for male / 12 for female)
▪Mesh by me (High poly)
▪Models:VJ by @pipisims4 / Alex by me
▪Poses by @haneco410 / @dearkims​ / me

◆ If you use my cc to take photos please tag kiruluvnst !
◆ 如果有使用我的cc拍照,歡迎標註 kiruluvnst 唷 !
◆ Please do not re-upload, or re-edit.
◆ 請勿重新上傳、打包、販賣或修改我的作品
◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.
◆ 感謝所有cc製作者

Download (Dropbox)

☆ If anything goes wrong when using it please let me know.
☆ 使用上如果出現任何錯誤,請務必告訴我


Happy 21st Birthday Jisoo!

Dec 30 1995; the day you were born and when the world looked brighter. You’ve grown up so much the past few months, it’s quite unbelievable! You deserve to rest up on your birthday, you’ve worked so hard the past few years. Your soothing voice and ‘gentleman-like’ personality never fails to make us smile and love you. We hope to stay beside you and support you in the future! No matter what happens, we love you, Hong Jisoo ♡♡♡