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Where do I even begin.

Happy birthday to my best friend in the entire world. My partner in crime, my first choice for everything, my soulmate in every sense of the word. Today, on this day thirty years ago, you were born and the world became a better place. Hearing stories from you and your mom about how you were like as a little boy and a teenager, I’m always sad that we didn’t meet sooner. What kind of adventures could we have had? How many trees would we climb? How many tears and aches would you have soothed, how many artistic feats would I have encouraged? I truly believe I was meant to meet you and even though it took me a while, I’m so glad I did.

I’m trying to figure out how to say how much I love you and what’ll come out is just rambling, so prepare yourself. I love you for so many reasons. Your genuine heart, always ready to step in and save the day. Always ready to be my Superman. Your sentimental soul, never wanting to forget a memory and wanting to capture everything so you can hold onto it forever. Your hilarious mind that gives me jokes to laugh at until my stomach hurts and a witty tongue that I could banter back and forth with all day. Your handsome, handsome face that is my favorite face to stare at and one I could watch forever. Smiling, deep in thought, fiercely protective. My sweet boy. The kindest man I know. The one who never gives up on me, who supports me through everything, who I would do anything for. The man I chose to start a family with and who shows me every day I made the right (and only) choice to do this with. You laugh patiently at every single one of Philly’s knock jokes, you’ve learned how to put Soph’s hair up into the perfect ponytail, and you love them more than anything on this Earth. 

I’ll always walk with you hand in hand on whatever path you choose. You never have to worry about going it alone. Thank you for being born, Keegs. I love you with a love that is more than love. Happy birthday. Love, your T, to infinity and beyond. xx @keeoone @supitskeegs 

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Okay, so it’s @ice-coffin‘s birthday today!!!!!!! And I just wanna day happy birthday to my best friend!!! I wanna thank you for being my friend for the past year and two months (or so ??)!! I hope you get to listen to Francesco and have some fun and not tear your hair out and I hope some happiness comes to you over the next year! You deserve it so much. I just want you to know you’re an amazing friend and that I love you !! You’ve been the voice of reason in my life and I wanna thank you so much for being there for me and helping me figure out my life and understanding me. You deserve so much joy and love in your life, I can’t even explain it. 💕

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A late birthday gift for my best friend @dio420, have the big asshole DIO and his boy Vanilla Ice!! I wish you the absolute Best, you’re the Daniel to my Alexander, the dog to my Will, and I am so happy we got to meet and become friends! You deserve good things and I hope in this new year of your life, things will work out well for you and that things fall into place!

Have a happy (late) birthday!!!


my best friend wobei: a snapchat compilation

it’s almost too late for this but happy birthday @sluthyun my be(a)st friend my comrade the [muffled distored noise] to my [shrill note] the thrussy to my puhssy and the wobei to my sopgoe i lov u with mine whole heart (but not as much as i love jongho fics xDDDDDDD). i know we spend like 666% of our time together and i tell u this all the time but u mean the world to me and i’ll forever cherish having u in my life. in your own words, it’s never too early to get started DYING happy birthday my dude🌈

Texts & Snaps Masterlist (BTS)

All The Boys 

♬ Daily Boyfriend Snapchats

♬ Random Boyfriend Texts
Jin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

♬ The boys fight over which one of them is your favourite

♬ The rapline is jealous because of how much time you spend with the vocal line

♬ You tease the boys for their old dance practice 

♬ Your BTS boyfriend is jealous of your GOT7 best friend
|| Vocal line

♬ Jungkook helps you get Jimin’s attention in the group chat by making fun of his height (Yoongi + Jimin + Taehyung + Jungkook)

♬ The boys find out about your secret relationship with Taehyung

♬ The boys think you like Jin but you actually like Jimin 

You text your BTS boyfriend in Spanish

♬ You find out that the boys are constantly texting your parents

♬ You accidentally text your boyfriend fangirling about a member of Seventeen
Hyung line || Maknae line

♬ You accidentally tell BTS about the breast surgery you want 

♬  Daily best friend texts
Jin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

♬ The boys try to cheer you up after your friends ditch you


❂ Jin decides to try one of his dad jokes on you

❂ Jin finds out that you’re in a gang


❁ You accidentally fangirl in the wrong group chat (+ Taehyung)

❁ Taehyung steals your phone to try to convince your boyfriend to let him be in the next Cypher (ft. Taehyung)

❁ Telling the birthday boy “Happy Birthday”

❁ Telling your best friend how beautiful he is turns into a conversation using pictures of Taehyung

❁ Telling your best friend how good he looks turns into a conversation using pictures of his members

❁ Yoongi gets mad at you for talking to other guys and accidentally confesses

❁ Telling your best friend how happy you are that he has finally returned from the dead turns into a conversation using pictures of the members

❁ Brother!Yoongi gets overprotective when he finds out that you’re in love with one of the members (ft. Hoseok)

 You talk to your boyfriend about his ship with Hoseok and he confesses something


☀︎ Hoseok has a crush on you and sees a video of you dancing Boy Meets Evil

☀︎ You accidentally tell the bts groupchat that you like Hobi

☀︎ Texts from fuckboy!Hoseok


★ Telling Namjoon how nice you think Hoseok’s hair is

★ Namjoon wants you to come over so he can confess but you get into a fight and he accidentally confesses

★ Namjoon puts one of your recommended songs in his RMusic tag and you get vv excited

★ Texting Namjoon during class


✿ Telling Jimin you can’t hang out with him for a while

✿ Fangirling to Jimin about House of Cards

✿ Jimin misses you a lot

✿ Texting Jimin during class


❅ You accidentally fangirl in the wrong group chat (+ Yoongi)

❅ You tell your best friend Taehyung about your feelings for Jimin and he doesn’t take it well ✎ 1 || 2 || 3

❅ Taehyung steals your phone to try to convince your boyfriend to let him be in the next Cypher (+ Taehyung)

❅  You try to convice your boyfriend to dye his hair silver

❅ You text your boyfriend about the bs&t japanese music video


❀ You say “Oppa” in the groupchat to see how Jungkook reacts (+ Yugyeom)

❀ You decide to tease Jungkook after Yoongi shows you his phone

❀ You were supposed to have a dinner with BTS where Jungkook planned to tell you how he feels but everything goes wrong ✎ 1 || 2 || 3 || 4

 Jungkook accidentally texts you

The First Time I Said "I Love You"

As you know, because you know me better than anyone else, I’ve been reading a lot of books and I’ve met inumerous stories and characters and none of them could ever possible teach me what you tought me for all this years. I always write something for you on your birthday, things you’ve know since ever, this time I’ll write you a short story:


Once upon a time, I was a lonely soul and everything I knew was about games. Not games when you have fun, but games about life. I was a player and I was good at it. I could play with every mind and everyone I feel like.

As a player I didn’t believed in feelings, not in truly ones. I never felt the need to think different because I could handle all my relationships with the ones I used to call friends and that was just fine for me.


One day, like any other day, this girl showed up and she was everything I wasn’t. And I hated her for this. I was dying to understand how a girl that I never even knew could make me feel such a curious feeling like hate.

She had this attitude about the world I was in, about My world, that made this hate turn into curiosity and how could I handle it, if I didn’t even believed in feelings for other peoples?

One day, the day that changed everything, I caught her alone almost crying and that broke something in me that I never even knew I had: it broke my heart.


I was no longer a player, I didn’t wanted to mess with her head and manipulate her feelings. All I wanted was to make her feel better.

She told me she felt alone, so I never left her side anymore.

She told me she felt bad about herself, so I started to show her every little special thing I saw in her.

She told me she missed her friends, so I tried to be the best she ever had.


I was amazed about her because she made me see the world in a whole different way and she made me believe in true feelings. Not feelings you can manipulate but the ones you can’t control and the only thing you can do about them is just feel.

One day she told me that she loved me and that was the first time I ever told that I loved anyone.


The love she gave me, and continuous to give, is the most pure and the most strong one.

Every time I stop and look around, I know I would do it all over again just to have you,  because I know I’m nothing without you.


“I love you, you changed my life and I don’t ever want to live without you”.


Happy birthday, I wish we were closer now, so I could hug you with all my love and make you feel the most special person in the world, because that is what you are to me. Thank you for being my best friend and soulmate.