Taylor Swift

Today is KARLIE’S BIRTHDAY not Taylvin’s birthday. Do you really have to put your boyfriend in the picture, leave Karlie behind like that? This is ridiculous. Try checking your instagram and twitter, see how people sent wishes to Karlie, they all have husband and childs, but they are not thoughlessly put their partner in the picture like you do. True friends would never do that to each other. You don’t need to show the world that you have a boyfriend. Karlie deserves better.  Don’t turn her day into yours.  For some swifties and taylvin shippers, you guys should know what’s right or wrong. Try imagining you in her shoes, when your bestfriend wishes you a happy birth day with a picture that has her boyfriend’s face in half of it, would you be upset? You guys should shut up and admit that Taylor is wrong, she’s not God.  Don’t blame anything for Kaylor shippers because we are telling the truth. So dissapointed!


Anonymous said:

over-enthusiastic friend who forgets the lyrics to happy birthday halfway in

fuck it’s like right on the tip of my tongue