Throughout 2016, I hope you learn to love yourself. I hope that you surround yourself with the most positive of people. I hope that when people ask you how you’re doing, you can say that you’re doing great and truly mean it. I hope that you fall in love with the world around you, and end up loving life. But most importantly, I hope that 2016 is the year that everything in your life falls into place, and you finally start living.
—  make this your year.
I always found it funny that a single day could be the boundary between one year and the next. The clock hits 00.00. And then I’m in a huddle of well wishes and the arms of everyone I love. Yours the tightest, tears in your eyes from the finality of a whole year or maybe because it’s the start of a another that might be kinder. Either way I tell you I love you because I need you to know. I couldn’t say it before, the words got stuck in my throat, but I’m older now, I’m braver now and I love you. I love you.
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #65