Happy Birthday my beautiful bb

when to stop waiting

genre: fluff, angst
word count: 4,386
member: joshua
summary: college sucks, but then there’s him.
note: happy birthday @seventeen-requests 💕🎉

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1st year

It is a well-established truth that high school, for anyone, is shit.

What they don’t tell you, however, is that the promise land of college is also equally as shit.

A crisp breeze seeped into your skin like ice water as you withdrew further into an old sweatshirt, the sleeves already dampened as you furiously rubbed away the tears escaping from red-rimmed eyes. Your bag was thrown haphazardly next to you, obscuring the proudly etched “donated by the class of 1971” on the worn stone bench. Before you stretched out the gothic-styled towers and arches of West Campus, and beyond that, the rusty reds and browns of autumn around a picturesque blue lake. But here you sat, in the shadow of the building of the English department, trying to calm your breathing as you clutched onto crumpled pieces of paper.

Put that in a college brochure, you thought bitterly.

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I find any sort of acting that doesn’t have any humor in it is mind-numbingly boring. ‘Serious acting’ is the kind of acting that I don’t ever respond to.” - Andrew Scott



Happy 22nd Maiyan’s Day


「 December 14 2014 」▹▹ Happy 25th Birthday, Lee Jinki ♡♡♡

jinki bb~ this year is my third year celebrating your birthday and i can’t fucking believe how fast time flies; it feels like yesterday that i was celebrating my first birthday of yours in 2012 ! even though this year has been your least active year since i’ve been in the fandom, you’ve still worked unbelievably hard and have overcome so much. you’ve almost completely recovered from your vocal surgery (and you’re finally able to sing again), you’re finishing up another successful sold out concert tonight, and in a few months you’ll finally be performing at the tokyo dome; just like you guys have been dreaming for for years. every year, no matter what you do/don’t do, i see you changing for the better; improving on every single one of your skills, being a phenomenal leader, keeping those 4 children of yours happy and content, and becoming a happier person altogether. i hope you have an incredible birthday today; i hope jonghyun throws cake in your face tonight at the concert, i hope you and the other members can laugh and smile and have an amazing last performance for this year’s concert tour, and i hope you continue to remain one of the most incredible, humble, and inspirational persons on this earth which you will so i’m not concerned uwu. happy birthday lee jinki ! ♡


Happy Birthday to this beautiful baby deer 😙