Happy Birthday Cary!


Cary Grant, born Archibald Alexander Leach

(January 18, 1904 – ∞)

I’ve often been accused by critics of being myself onscreen. But being oneself is more difficult than you’d suppose.

Archibald Alexander Leach/
Cary Grant
18 Jan 1904 - 29 Nov 1986

The Most Beautiful Man in the World

The most beautiful guy in the world
Isn’t me, no!
Isn’t Di-no!
But as we know,
It’s the man that we honor tonight.

The most talented man in the world…
Not John Gielgud,
Tho’ he’s real good,
Would he feel good
With a Friar to his left, and a Friar to his right?

Charming and unique,
Handsome as a Greek.
Ladies in his plots
They still have lots of lingering hots! 

The most wonderful man in the world
Counting tall men,
Counting small men,
Counting all men,
Counting legends the rest of us try to supplant
Is the one and only wonderful Cary Grant.

Kindly will you all
Lift your alcohol?
Join me in a toast
To the man who’s the ultimate most.

The most fabulous man in the world,
Keep your heroes,
They’re all zeros.
Name some heroes,
Who’s the actor who makes guys and gals rave and rant?
He’s the one and only wonderful…

Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Cary Grant!

(Sung by Frank Sinatra at the Friars Club Roast at which Cary Grant received the “Man of the Year” Award on May 16, 1982. Special lyrics written by Sammy Cahn)

That smile never changed. Handsome as always.

So to you, my love, happy birthday. You’ll always be my one and only. 💓

On January 18, 1904, a child was born and he was called Archibald Alexander Leach. It was this child who, in later years, will change his name that will be on the lips of every fans and moviegoers.

But there’s more to Cary Grant than his lady-killer smile, his beautiful brown eyes, his tanned skin, his odd but sexy voice, his graceful walk, his elegance, his style, and his oozing charm…

He was a man who transformed himself from a working-class Archie Leach to the world-class Cary Grant. And to borrow the words of Howard Hawks: “He was so far the best that there isn’t anybody to be compared to him.” 💜

Happy Birthday to you dear Cary!
Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to my life 😘


Happy Birthday, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco!

Fairy tales tell imaginary stories. Me, I’m a living person. I exist. If the story of my life as a real woman were to be told one day, people would at last discover the real being that I am.  - Grace Kelly

November 12, 1929 - September 14, 1982