Happy Anniversary, Lennon and McCartney.

↳ Who met 57 years ago today on July 6th, 1957. 

“I first met John on a thing called The Woolton Village Fete and I showed up there with his friend and my friend, a guy called Ivan. And we were backstage, they’d done a little set in the afternoon and they were getting ready to do one in the evening and John was loosening up a little bit, and he’d had a bit of a beer and I was pretty young and as he leaned over towards me he had this beery breath and I thought "Oh dear, nu-uh”. I wasn’t impressed at all. What happened was we all started playing little bits and pieces sort of to impress each other. And I borrowed a right handed guitar- most of my friends would play right handed, obviously, and I had to learn how to play it upside down. So, I sort of did something- I did ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ by Eddie Cochran. And what happened was, John was quite impressed. I think it was just cause I knew all the words and that was like really cool in those days, to know all the words to 'Twenty Flight Rock’. So, I played it for him and apperantly that’s what got me in The Beatles.“ -Paul McCartney

Dear fellow Destiel shippers…

Thank you for making Destiel Day 2014 a beautiful one. Thank you for making sure that it was filled with nothing but love and positive posts about our ship. Thanks for the adorable fanart, gifsets, and fanfiction. Thanks for making this day a happy one, by once again showing that we possibly have the most talented and beautiful fanon-world out there.

But there is something else I want to say…

Things haven’t been going so well for us in canon lately, but I want everyone to take a moment this day, to remember that your shipping in canon is legit. To remember that you’re not crazy for shipping this. If anyone calls you delusional for shipping this beautiful ship…

Please remember; “I killed two angels this week, some of my brothers. I’m hunted, I’ve rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you.”

When already, this angel who had existed for millions of years, within the space of a year threw away everything he knew, even his own family, because of one simple human. Not for Heaven, or humanity, or the greater good. For Dean. He forgets about everything he’s ever believed in, all for a guy he met a year ago?! Very platonic. Or is it?


Please remember; That this is one of the oldest possible tropes in the history of fictional romance. Angel falls in love with a human and in the end gives up everything including his wings for said human.

This happened:

And looking back; isn’t that Castiel’s entire story arc throughout the past 6 seasons? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not wrong. 


Please remember; That one of the oldest romantic tropes in the book, is watching the object of your affection sleep. Which Castiel has done multiple times, one time even asking what Dean had been dreaming about…

Remember that Dean has done it in return; even in the middle of an apocalypse he didn’t fail to point out that Cas was adorable when he was sleeping, even when Cas sleeping was actually a sign that something was not right in the world


Please remember; the moment Dean first fell in love with Cas, and Cas first fell in love with Dean


Please remember; the other popular romantic trope where one pines as they’re watching the other without them knowing


Please remember; 

That Dean was able to get over ‘his epic love story’ with Lisa within the span of two episodes. Yet whenever he loses Cas, he can’t deal with it, and turns to alcohol and gets depressed. 

Remember how the exact same trope was used for Sam/Jess that was used for Destiel, them hallucinating the beloved one they’d lost

Please remember; The crypt scene. Please remember the 'I need you’ that the writers had planned to be an ’I love you’, even confirmed by Jensen Ackles.

Remember that it was the I need you I love you  that broke the mind control


Remember the other 'I need you’ in Purgatory

Remember that this 'I need you’ was not based on Dean needing Cas to get out of Purgatory. Cas was a complication when it came to leaving that place, not an asset. Yet Dean needed him, and refused to go on with out him. 

Dean even altered his own memories because he couldn’t stand the thought of Cas not wanting to stay with him.


Remember all of the other 'I need yous’, and the fact that Cas managed to make a faithless man pray. 


Please remember this;


Remember how they looked when reuniting after being separated for a while


Remember how Dean was when he thought he’d lost Cas


Please remember how everyone else knows what’s going on;

And not just the enemy, even Sam


Remember the blatant flirting


Remember the millions of times Dean has checked Cas out without even being subtle


Remember 'cursed or not’


And most of all, remember this…

You are NOT crazy for shipping this. You happen to live in a world that is hetero-normative. You are not delusional for seeing a love story here after everything that has happened between these two over the past 6 years. 

Happy Destiel Day. 

Please celebrate what could be ’the greatest love story ever told’ for all of the reasons listed above, even if the writers might not agree. This can easily be viewed as non-platonic, and you’re not insane for thinking that. Carry on. 

You get a matching tattoo with your partner during one of the most grueling moments of your relationship. You are split apart. Everything is complete shit. You can’t interact where people can see you. You’re hidden. Heavily closeted. So you go out and get matching tattoos even though one of you never liked tattoos? Because the only thing you can control is your skin. Because the only message you want to be sent out to the world is that this person completes you.


“Let’s multiply the happiness by 12, divide the sadness by 12, and go forward well.” When our 12 shining stars are together, the sky’s galaxy’s the limit! Happy 2nd anniversary to the most wonderful boys and let’s continue making history~ 엑소 사랑하자! ♥