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who do you ship? are you excited for Ice Dance? what did ou think of the men's? How do you expect ladies to do? you don't like Kim Yuna? I'm sad

As if my blog didn’t already make it painfully obvious, I have LOTS of ships:


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And the ship to RULE THEM ALL, YuTrick KimChi:

As for your other questions, I already answered them elsewhere.


19th century Korea. Literally years before the Japanese occupation, The Great Han Empire (also known as the Korean Empire) tried to catch up and implement new western ideology and technology. The first Korean electric company Hansong, the first Korean rail car, and the first western influenced palace was built under Emperor Gojong’s reign.


OMG I found a new Pairs / Ice Dance couple for Team Japan!!!

I shall call them HanSong. (or maybe NanYu?).

They win the OTP of the Week Award!!!

No word yet on how Javi is taking the news…

Nvmd… he seems to be doing just fine…

Video credit: Here (3:45)

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I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any recommendations for websites that outline the rules and basics of figure skating, like the different jumps, scoring and stuff like that? I just want to be sure the information is accurate. I became interested by watching the Olympics and since it is beautiful to watch and it's impressive, I'd like to know more. Thank you!!!!

Well, wikipedia is usually a good place to start. But if that’s not detailed enough for you, you can find the official ISU rules/regulations here

It’s not really as complicated at it initially sounds. Let me give you an example:

EDIT: One of my tumblr twins just recommended this blog.