Hey everyone!! Sorry for disappearing again ;o; School was pretty hectic but I’m out for summer vacation now so I’ll be able to work on the game a lot!! 

I’m currently finished with about 50% of the programming so i’ll be looking for beta testers soon ^o^ The game is definitely going to come out either this month or the next!

Thank you for all of you who’ve stayed with me all this time and I hope you look forward to the release!

These are just the sprite busts of all the humanoid characters in the game, but of course there are more characters ^o^ 


Dear Winifred,

This past few years were crazy. I know I wasn’t at home a lot but it was all for you and your siblings. You grew up so fast… I hope you don’t mind me being away so frequently, but I promess, we’ll get our house back in Willow Creek.

With all my love,



“this costume [hansel] was actually very comfortable.  i slept in that leather get-up! they did a really good job at making it look so cool but it was still functional.  i think the beard in bourne was really [the most] uncomfortable.  it was like having an old hairbrush glued to your face or some dead road-kill.  it’s really quite awful.  i think that was the most unpleasant.  the rest was quite bearable.”

- jeremy renner on costumes

Since I’m not going to buy any of these CDs, I have a hard time decide which cover is my most favorite XD