Hannibal Chai

The Wei to Happiness-Wei Triplet Boba Tea mixes. 

To make your boba: Go to a chinese market and aquire a package of dried tapioca pearls, also called ‘boba’. Cook on the stove according to directions then place in covered bowl in fridge to chill. Place about ½ cup in the bottom of your favorite glass and make sure you have the proper straws on hand! 

For a fruity boba tea or snow, you’re going to need a blender. Take about half a cup of your favorite fruit, berry, or fresh coconut, 2 cups ice, 1/8th cup sugar and 1/8th cup powdered creamer. Add all of that to the blender with about 1/3 cup green tea and blend into a slush. For more tealike drink, add more green tea. 

A less fruity drink would be the Thai Tea blend. You take your favorite black tea and brew it very strong, with sweet spices like star anise, cardamom, and tamarind. While the tea is hot, sweeten it until it’s as sweet as you like (Some like it not sweet at all, some like it syrupy sweet, it’s up to you really) and pour over ice. On top, add either evaporated milk, or coconut milk. Place boba on top and stir with straw for a pleasantly bright mixture. 

A popular variation is the Thai Coffee, and it’s made the same as you would make the Thai Tea, except you brew your coffee as strong as you like and add a sweet creamer to the top, then pour the whole mess over ice and add your boba. My favorite is using Hazelnut creamer and a shot of chocolate syrup. 

Enjoy anywhere, especially on a hot summers day with good company and lots of laughter! 

Kaidanovsky Campfire- Happy Hour Special

This blend of tea is a variety of smoked tea called a Russian Caravan blend, only this particular one has added elements of warm bourbon. It’s rich and fragrant, smelling like a warm fire and tasting rich and earthy. The tea itself can be gotten under the name ‘Russian Caravan’ and should be ordered from a supplier, not a distributor. 

The tea should be brewed hot, about four minutes to steep per teaspoon of tea to cup of water, gently simmering on the stove. Drink with a little sugar, or if you like some whole milk floated gently on top. 

To drink it like a Jeager pilot, add a half-shot of bourbon whiskey to the glass, and pour your sweetened tea over it. Hot toddies have nothing on this rich, warming tea. 

Drink in the evening, preferably over a game of cards and with the fallen bodies of your competition already passed out on the floor behind Cherno Alphas Tech locker room. 

This little guy caught my eye and I had to just go ‘okay, this is for Newt. Or Newt would get one for Hermann.’

The Tea Rex infuser is a nifty little thing that I am now ordering for myself, so maybe soon a product review. Anyhow, they can be acquired for about $11 bucks on thinkgeek. Just search Tea Rex. 

I’m sure with a little modification and possibly some food-safe coloring, this could be a KAIJU tea infuser instead.