Hannibal Wendigo


Today’s featured piece is a Hannibal Lecter / Wendigo inspired piece.  it’s also in regular rotation in my personal accessory arsenal!

Wendigo: A Hannibal Charm Necklace is available for $22 USD plus shipping.

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Wendigo appreciation post!

I love how incredibly repulsive-looking it is [sorry Wendigo bby but you know it’s true].

Mads Mikkelsen is uncannily handsome; his Hannibal is graceful, stately and charming. And while the Wendigo is modeled after Hannibal’s face and physique, the difference between them is vast. The Wendigo is what you get when you take Hannibal and peel his person suit off. Underneath, there’s nothing but hollow eyes, charcoal, bone and sinew, and it’s hideous. And I fucking love it that this unsightly creature is shoved in the viewer’s face as much as it is. It’s a very welcome visual reminder of what Hannibal really is. 

Headcanon: Hannibal will throw a massive diva fit if he ever finds out how ugly the manifestation of his true self looks as reflected in Will’s psyche.