Will Graham is a professional assassin and the treasured protégé of Hannibal Lecter, leader of the infamous Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Will never thought he would give up his unconventional lifestyle, but then a mission comes along that changes everything. After taking out a target, Will discovers that the man he killed had a baby girl.

Deciding to take responsibility for the child, Will quits his career as an assassin and cuts all ties with Hannibal, trying to create a safe environment for himself and his new daughter. It’s only when he gets seriously involved with someone new that things go awry. In what becomes known as the massacre at Two Pines, Hannibal kills everyone present during Will’s wedding rehearsal while Will is beaten half to death by his old colleagues. The last thing Will remembers is Hannibal tenderly wiping the blood from his face with Will’s own pocket square before promptly shooting him in the head for his betrayal.

Four years later, Will wakes up in a hospital bed. Aching, alone and absolutely furious. Then and there, he swears revenge - Hannibal will pay for what he did to him. There will be a reckoning.

My two favorite things in a crossover/au literally no one ever asked for BUT CONSIDER

- Hannibal calling Will “kiddo”
- Will and Hannibal and katanas
- Will in that amazing yellow jumpsuit
- That opening scene that is just so hannigram omg

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Hi! I don't know if you've already written about this so if you did, feel free to ignore my question! I believe it is canon that Hannibal is in love with Will but struggle to see it as reciprocal. If unrequited, isn't the story ultimately a variation of the old and kinda derogatory tale "non-straight guy falls for straight male friend" and is doomed to pine forever because straight friend will never love him back in *that* (erotic, sensual, sexual, you name it) way? What do you think?

“If unrequited”… that’s a pretty big if! Like you I tend to stress Will as an oppositional force in his relationship with Hannibal. His reluctance and resistance are so very important to me! But I still find it mighty hard, outright impossible really, to declare outright that Hannibal’s love for Will is unrequited. While it’s debatable whether Will returns Hannibal’s love in kind, it seems to me incontrovertible that he does return it in his own way. That’s the problem for Will. If he didn’t return Hannibal’s love, his life would be ten million times easier. So the equivalent tale wouldn’t be ‘non-straight guy falls for straight friend;’ it’d be something more along the lines of ‘non-straight guy falls for tormented, closeted friend.’

Hannibal is definitely doomed to pine – and personally I thank god for it everyday – but that’s due to the fact that the demands he makes of Will as a partner are so impossible for Will to comply with. Those demands don’t spring from Hannibal’s sexuality or the hot burning fire of his love – maybe then it would fit into the mold of the derogatory trope (TV Tropes calls it “gayngst”) in which a non-straight man is depicted as predatory and undeserving of affection? Hannibal’s demands are mostly concerning aestheticized murder. He commits acts of cruelty that he sees as beautiful, and he wants Will to join him in committing those acts together. If Will were to embrace and accept Hannibal, he’d have to embrace and accept the very real, very present part of himself that relishes in brutal violence, and Will just can’t do that, even though Hannibal is convinced he’d be a happier person for it.

I’m leery of trying to use analysis to make stories conform to tropes, derogatory or otherwise, because I am a big believer that a good story is ALWAYS going to push against the confines of a trope. A good story should be so jam-packed with complexity, ambiguity, and contradictory character motivation that it can’t be pigeon-holed into a simple logline of ‘older man loves a younger man who can’t love him back.’ But good stories are often aware of the tropes they intersect with, and can even play off of them for artistic effect. Hannibal’s Florentine moping in S3 has self-conscious shades of gayngst. Hannibal transforms himself into a deliberate stereotype in a fit of petulant spite – he does Death in Venice except it’s Death in Florence. It’s romantic and absurd. There isn’t enough Montrachet in the world for Bedelia to cope with that.

And then there’s fanfic, which does all sorts of interesting things with familiar tropes. For instance in Greatest Show (self-pimpery of hiatus-fic, whoops!), Hannibal pines for Will with the force of a shimmering supernova; it’s real, but it also becomes a performance to which he’s inviting other people to react. And because other people don’t understand Hannibal and Will’s relationship, they have only the familiar trope to guide them. Thus gayngst becomes a framework for how Hannibal himself wants that relationship perceived. He sees the trope, he works the trope, it’s just one of many tools he can use to manipulate people and shape his ends. I think if you as a writer have a perspective on a trope, if you’re cultivating an angle, then you’re already haring towards something socially conscious and original.

"Will you always love me? Vol. Two - Part Fifteen // Hannigram, AU | Archive of Our Own
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Summary: Will and Hannibal have known each other since their late teens. Will’s family had moved to Lithuania for a few years during his father’s tenure in the army. The Grahams became friends with the Lecters and a instant bond was formed between their two sons. Over the years, Will and Hannibal had become extremely close, almost like brothers, until Will visited Hannibal in New York for a week while the latter was attending medical school. From there, their relationship got…well let’s just say, a little complicated. Hannibal AU, mostly taking place a year ago. Will, who now is 32, is working at Johns Hopkins University, teaching classes in the psychology department. Hannibal, now 37, visits him while attending a medical conference in Baltimore. From there, we learn about their complicated history…

Thanks for reading !!

About an hour later…

Will and Hannibal had been scurrying around the local grocery store, picking up items on Will’s mother’s shopping list in a frenzy fashion. Will was still pissed with Hannibal and Hannibal was attempting to make the situation as lighthearted as possible; being his usual charming self. However, the subtlety of the charm was completely lost on his best friend who would do anything to disappear himself from the situation.

“Two percent or whole?” Hannibal asked Will, as he reached inside the refrigerated section of the dairy aisle for a jug of milk.

Will sighed. He was leaning on the grocery cart, anxious to get out of the store as quickly as possible so he could get away from Hannibal.

“I don’t know, Hannibal.” He huffed back, rolling the cart back and forth with the arch of his foot.

“Well what does it say on the list?” Hannibal asked him, remaining calm.

Will achingly pulled his mother’s list out of the pocket of his jacket, as if the task were the most difficult thing for him to do. “It doesn’t say.”

Hannibal gentle took the list away from him. “You should call her to confirm which one she wants.” He advised his friend with a kind smile after thoroughly scanning the list, as if he were searching for hints.

Will rolled his eyes at Hannibal’s smile, turning away to face the other side of the aisle. That’s not going to work on me this time, jerk.

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T minus 2 - inspiration

Following our post yesterday… how do you think Will actually feels leaving Molly behind? And I don’t mean in the “devoted husband” kind of way, but… is he free of the visions of seeing her changed by the Dragon now?

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Does he feel he has freed -her-?

Has he gotten his affairs in order for an instant divorce before he orchestrated Hannibal’s “escape”?

Do you think he would seek her out, sometime in the future?

Tell us, show us your vision!

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