I need a Hannibal and Venom crossover where Eddie and Will are friends and meet up for coffee every now again to bitch about their significant lovers and all the people they’ve killed and shit they’ve caused like “my husband is such a fucking parasite ugh” “lol mine too” or “ugh and then V made me pile up all the heads in one corner and bodies in another” “you think that’s bad,,,Hanni made me make a pile for each separate organ!!” until one day they accidently meet when they’re with their partners and Will is just like “ohhh,,,you meant a literal parasite” and Eddie is like “ohhh,,,you’re literally married to a cannibal okay”


Will tensing up when being touched by Beverly vs. Will being totally relaxed while being touched by Hannibal (despite that scene having way more tension than the scene with Beverly does)