Hannah's boyfriend, Dustin, while in shock after the incident, being pulled away on a stretcher, made eye contact with me and said something so simple but so awe inspiring.

“God is going to be glorified in this”, he weakly cried out to me. 

He then moved on to witness to the medic in the back of the ambulance, in his weakness and inability. 

The pastor’s sermon (the pastor is Hannah’s Dad) had just been about being a warrior for God’s kingdom, and fighting for the kingdom even while healing from our wounds. 

I had never really seen that part of Dustin, though we play music together, but I guess he really, really took that message and God’s call seriously. We should too. 

R.I.P. Hannah Kelley

Unfortunately, when I got online today, this news popped up.

My prayers and condolences are with her family and with her friends and all those involved… this is such a tragic loss.  Yet, I am confident that Hannah is now with our Lord and Savior… she is home now.  I may be across the country and not know any of the people involved but we are brothers and sisters in the faith; we stick together thick and thin.

And so I encourage all of my followers to make sure to include those involved in your prayers… it is in these sorts of situations where God is needed the most.  So, rest in peace, Hannah, and let our prayers be with those who are grieving and mourning.

In Christ,

Ron C. Roques

Hannah Kelley riding in Youth English Pleasure at New England Morgan

She got first place

I’m sorry but I still love all these pictures and I wish I’d been able to watch more classes

Hannah Kelley

Today I wake up and rejoice because God is in control of everything and has a plan for it all.

Last night there was a huge prayer meeting for Hannah and it was amazing. I have never witnessed so many people brought together to intercede in love before. Hannah has improved so much! Thank you to all who have been praying with us and most importantly… Thank you Lord for always being there even when we think we’re alone!

You can’t make this stuff up! Right from Grace Connection Church’s personal Facebook page. The other day my friend Hannah Kelley had a 1 percent chance of living, and God is seemingly in the process of a supernatural healing! For you critics, keep in mind that the doctors, several days ago, said that there was nothing that they could do to help her, in the condition that she was in. God has held down her swelling even without the medication! This isn’t the end, keep praying people!

Here’s the old art of Hannah & Auramon (plus her evolutions) from the 23903213th revamp for Digimon: Chrono Crisis. These designs are officially out of date by now and will be tightened up for the launch of Override, but since I never really posted them anywhere during that time, I thought I should share them!

Everyone pray for Dustin, Hannah’s boyfriend, this Valentine’s day. May God show him his sufficiency in a way it has never been shown.

Keep praying for Hannah, that the swelling will go down in her brain. Please. I proclaim healing in the name of Jesus Christ. God has given her another day to live, and has given the body another day to pray, unite, and be taught by God’s holy voice in this situation.

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My Dad and I just recorded a song for Hannah Kelley. It’s been an encouragement to us as well as her family and friends. Take a listen, and if you like it, reblog. We’d like for God to encourage many through this song. 

Also, if you want to download the song, go to http://wellerband.com/ , where you’ll find the link to the song near the top of the page, as well as links to any webpages we may have. 

When I think of Hannah

I just wish that I made more of an effort to spend time with her. I never was very close with her, and now that I don’t have the option of talking to her, I want to talk to her more than ever. 

I look through my facebook history and see something strange to my eyes. We have no tagged photos together where we are less than 20 feet apart from eachother. We have no wall posts, no comments on eachother’s statuses, no.. anything. We hardly interacted. 

Why is this strange to me?The day that I saw her laying there after being shot, I felt like I’d been close to her for years. Before that day, she hardly ever crossed my mind. She was just..always around. 

The night before she was shot, I was at her church practicing for worship the next day. She was there, and I passed her without formally acknowledging her. We made eye contact, but I didn’t say hello, though I wanted to. I don’t know why I didn’t say hello. Now I wish more than anything that I just said hello. Thinking back on that moment is.. I don’t know the word. 

It almost breaks my heart that if she were to come back by some miracle, I would be one of the last people that she would come up to to embrace. I feel so close to her, but I never was. I hope that one day, I will be.