adearerane asked:

Have you looked on the imdb page at the 3B episodes - the Full cast and crew section? Some very interesting things about the stunt doubles, especially for 3.16. Hope it helps with the theories:)

Hi @adearerane

SPOILERS AHEAD!  I know 99% of the people that follow me are into the Crazy Theories but just to be safe!

Yes!  I have been stalking checking the IMDB page and am really excited for what I am seeing especially for 16!  And what I see REALLY fits into the mental timeline I and the other theorizers have come up with.

So here is the stunt crew for 16-

Hannah Betts…stunt double: Elizabeth Henstridge
Rico Burgos…stunt rigger
Lauren Mary Kim…stunt double: Chloe Bennet / stunt double: Ming-Na Wen
Efka Kvaraciejus…stunt performer
Kyle Mclean…stunt double: luke mitchell

If you scroll through IMDB Efka Kvaraciejus starts showing up in 13….right about when we predict that SquidWard makes his grand entrance to the team.  So I think he is Ward’s Double.    And Ward/IT is going to have some crazy pants powers to warrant a double in pretty much every ep.

We’ve also seen A LOT Of Ming and Chloe’s doubles as well.  And we know from Ming’s tweets she’s been doing a ton of fight scenes.  Also notably absent is Bobbi’s double after 13, lending creedance to the idea she and Hunter are elsewhere for 14, 15, and most of 16.

I really do think 16 is going to be an action packed ep of May, Jemma, Daisy, and Lincoln trying to get Fitz and Coulson back from SquidWard.   Culminating a few huge action fight scenes.  Jemma’s double is huge, we rarely see her’s or Fitz’s (and I suspect Fitz’s double is already listed just they aren’t naming him for spoilers like SquidWards).