I refuse to post something sad so I’m reposting something that I know made Sarah so happy. Her reaction after this meeting with @mametown @gracehelbig and @harto was priceless and it made me smile so big. I’m pretty sure this was the moment she knew she needed to keep going with her drawings. Happy birthday Sarah. I hope you’re celebrating and having a drink up there. There’s no age limit, right? 😉 #sarahstern #mamriehart #gracehelbig #hannahhart

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Perfect description of a gay girl, by Hannah Hart

“…when I was in kindergarten, and spending time with the girls in my class would make me feel shiny and sparkly and I always wanted to be the prince in the story. Not out of a desire to be manly (whatever that means) but out of a desire to have a princess to save.”

TRUEEEEE. (@mydrunkkitchen)