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International Have a Hart Day - London

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who came today to help at FareShare! Together, we helped sorting a pallet of food, filled up 2 vans for Monday delivery, and prepared food to pick up for 5 different projects. We also cleaned 6 of their delivery vans and their entire warehouse - which, in their words, has never been so clean!



So I’ve been listening to @mydrunkkitchen‘s book, “Buffering: Tales of a Life Fully Loaded” (which is fantastic and you should all totally check it out. The fact that Hannah Hart studied English Lit really shines through because her writing is beautiful and really emotionally raw.) Something her book really heavily suggests is trying this app called “Headspace” that does little 10 minute guided meditation sessions. (I think it’s meditation at least.) It’s a guy with a soothing voice telling you what to do for 10 minutes, and I thought I’d try it since I was feeling a little nervous and anxious tonight. I did my first session, and it was actually pretty nice. I’ve never done anything like that before, and I don’t totally know if it worked, but everything just felt a little quieter after I did it. Now, this is the first session, so obviously I can’t say it worked, and that my problems are gone, but it did feel nice. It also talked about making it a habit, so I think I’m gonna try logging it on here as a way of keeping to it? I dunno. We’ll see how it works, and that way maybe if other people like how it sounds they can try it too or something.