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Bad Pickup Lines w/ Grace Helbig, Anthony Padilla & More at Dirty 30 Premiere | Interview

We hit up the premiere of the movie DIRTY 30 starring Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart & Grace Helbig. The girls talked about bringing the movie to life plus their fellow Youtubers like Smosh, Kingsley, Laura Lee & more also showed their support. DIRTY 30 is available now!

Don’t mind me being adorable with my absolute HOTTIE of a mama! Is that weird to say? Ya know what? Fuck it. It’s true.


That’s right! You can own a PHYSICAL COPY of my mama and aunts’ movie!! I know, I know, it’s not as good as owning a copy of me, but I’m 100% original, bitch! Ain’t no one cloning this perfection!

I need your help, people!!!

Hellooooo!! I am asking for your help for a very fun reason! I am putting together a video about us, the fans and our experience with the movie Dirty 30.

TO ALL WHO ATTENDED THE PRE SCREENING: I’m looking for any video or pictures from that night. Yes. video AND pictures.

So far I have footage from New York, Boston, and Chicago. I would love as many different cities as I can get. If you have video and/or pictures from the cities listed above I will gladly use them. The more the better.

TO ALL WHO HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE: If you would like to send in a short clip saying anything about the movie or just a message to Mamrie, Grace, and/or Hannah (movie related ) I would love that. OR a picture of you with the DVD or while you watch the movie would be great.

If you would like to participate please send everything to with your name and city, state, or country so I can credit you in the video.

If you don’t feel like participating that’s fine, but can you please reblog so other people can see it.

Thank you ! 😀

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So I just watched the movie Dirty 30 and I have some opinions, this being the internet I figured what the heck may as well share them with a bunch of random strangers who never wanted nor asked for said opinions… You’re welcome internets!

First and foremost holy potato Mamrie Hart needs to be bottled up and sold because that woman has some serious talent! Lady if you are ever in the land of Scots let me know because I want to get you drunk and bask in the glow of your damn talented brain (that came out slightly murdery but you know what I mean).

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