Portal Characters as Tumblr Things

Chell: *shoving breadsticks in purse*

Doug Rattmann: oh jeez

GLaDOS: sarcastic:)))smiley:)))faces:))))

Wheatley: cry,tyypi;;ngg abouuttt m-minor ttoppics,,

Rick: *the entire navy seal copypasta*

Fact: Science Side of Tumblr™

Space: u kno like,,,nya

Virgil: my skin is clear, my crops are flourished

Rainbow: that’s kinky

Nigel: >:^>€


#komaegiweek ; day 7 ; komaeda’s birthday !!!

HEY HO!!! ok so i got rlly lazy and this just ended up as a sketch comic o whoops,,,

BUT HBD TO MY TRASH KING I HOPE HE ENJOYS IT W HIS ANGEL AND THEIR NEW SON !! here’s the origin story for (x) and (x)

Watching Sam tonight was refreshing. He looked at all of the possibilities, he calculated. He thought of a possible way to save Kelly and her unborn child–because saving people means all of the people. He considered Castiel’s actions (taking the colt) and he thought of Castiel’s well being in the situation. Why is Cas doing this? That kind of thing. Regardless of the actions made tonight by others around him, Sam still considered the well being of his friends, his brother, and the people he’s trying to save.

*sighs* Just. Sam Winchester. ^_^