Hanging Earrings

reicheruannducote  asked:

I love the "we broke up" comics they're helping me alot right now by putting a funny spin on the whole situation. Thank you

OH, jeez, thank you! I’m so glad you like them and that they’re helping :) It’s hard sometimes, I know, that’s why I started doing them, something like doing a Riddikulus on the Boggart, y'know what I mean? I dunno what it’s like on your end, everyone has different experiences, but let me tell you that if you ever need something or someone to talk to, I’m all ears.

Hang out with friends, talk about your feelings and create something (whatever you want!) and in due time… it will all pass and we will all be stronger and more mature. In the meantime, I’ve got a whole lot of comics coming, so expect more soon! Thank YOU!

paraiba tourmaline (amethyst + pearl + lapis)

here she is!!! after hours of tweaking her design and even more hours of coloring her……….she’s finally here

closeup shot:

more info below!!!

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