So about my hair...

I get a lot of compliments and questions about my hair, i.e. “what products do you use…” “how long did it take to grow out…” “are you completely natural…” “your hair is slayeddddd…” etc. So I thought I’d finally let you guys in on a little secret…

This hair right here…

Its a weave. 

Thats right.

This is weave.

I decided to make this post because there are a lot of beautiful natural girls on this website who have inboxed me asking about how I care for and grow out my hair, and to be honest, I don’t like being deceiving. Especially to people who are so giving in their compliments and generally interested in natural hair. I also wanted to help make fellow natural hair girls aware of this company in particular because they are able to customize textures in order to match your own hair. This can come in handy for women (or men) who have just big chopped but are looking to have a protective style that can still match their desired aesthetic. When I decided to go natural, I really wanted to stick to this particular look of big, curly hair while growing out my own. So I did some research on hair, had some other trial and error with different hair companies, and ultimately came across Boho Exotic Studio hair company which I absolutely love and adore. 

This hair is 1 ½ bundles of the Jamaican Envy Curl texture in 14 and 16 inches. I purchased it in August of 2014, and here it is over a year later still working its magic and slaying life. It is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of hair because of the longevity of the hair and the versatility in textures that are offered by this company. I’ve had about 4 different installs with this same hair for 2-3 months time period each install and have yet to have any complaints about it. On top of that, they have a referral program that allows you to make a commission off of family or friends that may purchase from them.

If you are interested in seeing more about where I get this hair from, you can check out their website by clicking here and signing up for an account so you can receive newsletters with discounts and upcoming sales. By signing up through that link you’ll also be helping me out with the referral program, because I am trying to order some more bundles like… tomorrow lol. Feel free to hit up my ask box if you have any questions or want to know more about the hair, or my natural hair journey and I am more than happy to answer.

According to the X-Men wikia, there are six classifications for mutants: Omega, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon.  What follows is a little guide to classifying a mutant’s level according to Marvel canon. 

OMEGA: The most powerful mutants in existence.  They have powers that have a massive, universal impact such as affecting timelines and entire galaxies.  Also, they have vast control over matter and energy, giving them godlike powers.  They also tend to have some sort of immortality component to them, but such is not always the rule.

Ex. | Iceman (Bobby Drake), Phoenix (Jean Grey), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Legion (David Haller), Magento (Erik Lehnsherr)

ALPHA: Second only to Omega Levels in terms of power, Alpha Level mutants comprise about 10% of the mutant population.  They are mutants with incredibly powerful abilities that have few, if any, fatal flaws.  The rule of thumb for classifying an Alpha Level is: if they have a normal human appearence and their mutation is both powerful, useful, and controllable.

Ex. | Emma Frost, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), Gambit (Remy LeBeau), Professor X (Charles Xavier)

BETA: Power-wise, Beta Levels are about the same as Alpha Levels.  The only difference is that Beta Levels have (little) flaws in their powers.  They also comprise about 10% of the mutant population.  The rule of thumb for classifying Beta Level mutants is that they have an overall normal human appearance BUT their mutation, while both useful and powerful, is difficult to control.

Ex. | Havok (Alex Summers), Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett), Rogue (Anna-Marie D'Ancanto), Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)

GAMMA: Gamma Level mutants are also incredibly powerful, ranking up with Alpha Levels and Beta Levels.  However, they have major flaws in their powers that can make their lives incredibly difficult. Most typically, this occurs as a physical mutation that cannot be altered or changed as part of the mutant’s abilities.  Rule of thumb for classifying Gamma Levels: If their mutation is powerful, uncontrollable, sometimes useful but most typically detrimental to living a normal life, then they are a Gamma Level.

Ex. | Beast (Hank McCoy), Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Blink (Clarice Ferguson), Angel (Warren Worthington III), Azazel

DELTA: Like Alpha Levels in the respect that their powers contain hardly any flaws, Delta Levels are nowhere near the power levels of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.  Comprising about 50% of the mutant population, Delta Level mutants are the most common level. The rule of thumb in classifying Delta Levels is that they have an overall human appearance but their powers, while essentially controllable, are weak or only have narrow applications.   

Ex. | Angel Salvadore, Cypher (Alisa Tager), Domino

EPSILON: Epsilon Level mutants are generally referred to as “unfortunate mutants."  Their abilities have major flaws that make existing within society pretty much impossible and they don’t even get the benefit of a strong or particularly useful power.  They comprise about 20% of the mutant population.  Rule of thumb for classification: if they have an inhuman appearance and/or no power to compensate. 

Ex. | Beak, Bliss

Sexism at its finest;
  • Man at gas station: *Sells me, a female and obvious lesbian, a faulty part.*
  • Me: *Tweaks the equipment temporarily to work for what I need it to do.*
  • Me: *Goes back after to gas station and tells man it's faulty.*
  • Man at gas station: Are you sure?Maybe you just didn't do it right..
  • Men witnessing this conversation: That's why you need a man around, hopefully you find a good man to marry.
  • Me: *you serious?* My lady thinks I'm perfectly handy.
  • Man at gas station: Is that why you asked for help from an attendant?
  • Me: I mean I got it to work and he failed. He need a man too?

Donney Rose & Rodrick Minor, members of Team Eclectic Truth (Baton Rouge Slam), perform “Handy Men,” a poem about being artists in a family of macho men, at The 21st Annual Southern Fried Regional Poetry Slam in New Orleans.

Hey folks,

Next semester I’m running a campaign which I’m trying to give a strong 2nd-age Tolkien feel.  I’m currently running into mechanical woes, because I want players to have the option to play Men without having to play second-fiddle to the elves in the party, while also keeping the Tolkien feel.

If anyone has suggestions for things to give to Men to put them on even footing, that would be appreciated. Alternately, negative traits to give to elves.

My fallback plan is make all players mechanically similar and say “Well, the Men in the party are exceptional Men, but the elves are just average Elves”.

New Studio!!

 So I’ve moved into a new studio pictured below. Above is a picture of the one I’ve just moved out of, now empty and derelict. As I type this I’m in the process of setting up my new space. Yesterday we put up sheets of ply so that there’s a nice flat wall to work off. The walls still need another coat of paint, but I intend to move all my furniture and and organise the general layout of the space today. Have a look at the pictures below to see how everything has taken shape.

                                      The new space

                         Outside my new studio looking in

                                      A lot of kak

          Painted the walls, then decided it’s best if they were flat.

                 1 hour down 1 board up 7 more to go.

                               Luckily Simon arrived.

       We then figured out an awesome way to put all the boards up.

                      A few hours later we were painting.

                       Finished up at about 8pm. Epic!

Thanks to Simons efforts, two draughts from downstairs, a massive gatsby and some awesome tunes, the whole process was rather entertaining and quite memorable. Dankie meneer.

Also in boy related news:

I think I’m going to start patrolling Home Depot for single looking hotties. Wanna know why?

If they’re at home depot…there is a good chance they’re handy with a power tool. Could quite possibly be the Mr. Fix-it type. Good with their hands.  And will maybe have a beard and be manly. 

Yes. Yes. This is good

Or I can just call handy men until I find a hot one. You know have them come fix stupid things that I could probably fix but will use any excuse for them to come over. Except, I feel like that would get expensive.

Why am I so boy crazy?

Hey Gotham! I’m presentin ya… ME! Look alive, pay yer handy men n’ women and come play. I hafta say, Gotham Square used ta looka whole lot better than it does now. Batsy, yer lettin the city gather up dust mites in all the nooks'n crannies.