Still as prissy and prim as what, Marceline?

And yes I am suggesting that the amp Marceline angstily uses after she talks to Bonnie in “Go With Me” (the same episode where she spends the whole night sabotaging Finn’s attempts to ask PB out to the movies) is a gift from Bonnibel. 

And that Bonnie purposely wrote Marceline’s name as prissily and primly as possible on the amp because she knows that Marceline secretly thinks her handwriting is pretty.

J U L Y    4   2 0 1 7 

Some french vibes from today. 

Does anyone know how one can improve ones french at home? I’m pretty ok at speaking it already but I want to get more fluent over the summer. I’d appreciate any tips! Thanks!


09072017 • July Week 1 Weekly Spread • 🎧 : Red Flavor - Red Velvet》
me: *jamming to red flavor by red velvet* *shivering while wrapped up in four blankets* ahh it feels like summer!!! ☀🌿😊🍑

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