Dear Students,

Here are some pages from my composition notebook which is just like the one I’ve asked you to keep this semester.  Sometimes I glue other kinds of paper onto the page, sometimes I paint the pages with water-color and write with a dip pen nib which has lead me to an interesting discovery.  This section on keeping a diary was written slowly, a letter at a time, with no real idea of what it was I wanted to say. It’s a first draft but when I read it over, it feels much more thought out than a first draft of something I would type on a computer. It was slow to write it this way, but my guess is that it was still faster than trying to do several drafts on a computer in order to get it just right. What is it about writing by hand at a larger and slower pace that seems to in itself have a spontaneous ordering force?

For extra credit, set a timer for three minutes and ponder that question in writing.  Hand writing.  Big. Slow. Hand. Writing.


Prof. SETI


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I…I’ve never met someone with the same kind of handwriting as mine before…..

Just, Natasha…what…How?!!????!!! x

jayivee asked:

How can I improve my handwriting? I'd like to have cuter notes but my handwriting sucks and won't help :C

honestly there’s no “special secret” to having nice handwriting - just practice a lot and write slowly. (i’ve found that the faster i write, the sloppier my handwriting gets.) making sure you have a good writing instrument too, because the way your writing looks also depends on what you use to write.

i hope these tips helped! happy studying :) 

eEEYYYYY the studyblr community has some amazing note taking methods and so i wanted to put a bunch of them in one place :]


sticky notes:


in class / lectures:

specific classes:


over the top amazing:


hope this helped u all with taking notes!!!!!! xoxo sareena 

How To Take Lecture Notes

The professors sometimes ask for students to print out lecture slides or take notes before class, so here are some ideas on what to do before, during, and after the lecture. Of course, these don’t have to be followed exactly as written, so you can use what works best for you. :)