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Dear Hillary Clinton,

I can’t believe you are actually reading this letter. Last night which (handwritten as “wich”) was the 27th of July, I was watching the convention and then I started crying and when I went to bed I think my heart gave me a gift of my job. I think that job was to be president of the United States of America. I also think you have inspired my heart to do the things girls are not able to do in life.





a quick snapshot of my notes from ap world history! in retrospect, i probably should’ve just written “early chinese civilizations” as my title, but i didn’t realize that i would be taking notes on other dynasties as well ;; whoops

i’m also super close to finishing up an essay comparing + contrasting mesopotamia with early china :’) today’s been a pretty productive day hehe


Blanket scarves, oversized sweaters, riding boots and comfy socks. Fall was pretty much made for me. Day 18 of the September challenge by @journaling-junkie. I am back on US soil and ready to start journaling everyday again.