Halloween Themed Rolling Pins

Rainbow Rolling Pins boutique creates handmade, custom engraved rolling pins which are embossed perfectly on your cookies, pies, and even clay or pottery. Since it is naturally made material, the embossing rolling pins are cleaned and protected with oil.

Engraved with quirky and pop culture theme symbols, like Pokemon figures, cats, and other Halloween characters, you can find them in their Etsy shop.

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アリトリソウ虫。「植物虫」シリーズの内のひとつ。ポートランドのランドギャラリーで今週金曜日から始まる展覧会 #floraatland に出品します!
Venus Anttrap Beetle, one of my Flora Insecta series, for @floraatland show which opens this Friday at @landpdx gallery in Portland! Curated by @boygirlparty!
#art #craft #insect #bug #plants #ant #hinemizushima #handmade #feltsculpture #toy (at Land Gallery)

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Adorable Miniature Crochet Animals

Mohustore composes adorable fuzzy and wooly handmade figurines of the cutest animals on the planet, including the panda and the sloth.

Móhu meaning fuzzy or wooly in Chinese, the store is named after the idea of making adorable miniature crochet animals. In a range of colors and designs, each fuzzy creature is made in a small city in Canada. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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Floating Planets Of Crystal Painted On Wood Panels

Artist Nicole Gustafsson sets her sites on uncharted galaxies, where suspended crystalline worlds with jutting cliffs and ledges are lit up with imagination and starry wonder. Inspired by a deep fascination with space and mineral studies, the artist has featured the artwork from two previous art series titled, “Celestial Spaces” and “Fantastic Spaces,” and they can be made into prints and postcards on her Etsy shop called Nimasprout.  

Pastel and psychedelic shades dominate the art, with a tone reminiscent of the 80s sci fi and video games era, and these paintings are far from a futuristic reinvention of comic worlds but a classic tribute to the dreamy landscape of our imagination. Gustafsson paints directly onto wood panelling using  Acryla Gouache which lends it a vintage and kaleidoscopic effect. The crystal platforms are lush with extraterrestrial plant life, shimmering mineral formations and the surface acts as a prism reflecting the colorful rays from neighbouring stars. Find Gustafsson’s work in her Etsy shop.

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