“The voice ordered him to turn round and look at the glass coffin which was standing opposite. How his admiration increased when he saw therein a maiden of the greatest beauty. She lay as if asleep, and was wrapped in her long fair hair as in a precious mantle. Her eyes were closely shut, but the brightness of her complexion and a ribbon which her breathing moved to and fro left no doubt that she was alive. The tailor was looking at the beauty with beating heart, when she suddenly opened her eyes, and started up at the sight of him with a shock of joy.

‘Divine providence,’ cried she, 'my deliverance is at hand. Quick, quick, help me out of my prison. If you push back the bolt of this glass coffin, then I shall be free.’”

– excerpt from “The Glass Coffin” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

coatdress, dress: Juliette et Justine

shoes: Poetic Licence

rose bow: Victorian Maiden

jeweled brooches: vintage

rosary: Moss Märchen

scepter, globus cruciger, both rosettes: handmade


“She came into a great wild forest, and then she fell on her knees and prayed to God, and the angel of the Lord appeared to her and led her to a little house on which was a sign with the words, ‘Here all dwell free.’ A snow-white maiden came out of the little house and said, 'Welcome, Lady Queen,’ and conducted her inside.”

– excerpt from ’“The Girl Without Hands” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Innocent World

necklace: Alice and the Pirates

underskirt: Metamorphose

blouse: antique

lace collar, scepter: handmade


Today I wore red themed cpk again!
Outfit rundown:
Dress: hippie chic London ~ peignoir, bloomers, rosette, hair bows, cross necklace: handmade ~ shoes: an*tai*na ~ pentacle: icing sugar ~ everything else: high street, vintage and charity shopped!


Hey amigxs! These items are still for sale. With the exception of the African print kerchief and the pink/grey/red shawl, all the other items are one of a kind. The kerchief and the shawl each have exactly one other copy. I made all of these things by hand with love and with others in mind. Everything is fairly priced, so that anyone can afford them. For fellow artists who don’t have cash, I also offer bartering. A large percentage of all profits from sold items goes directly to me helping people in need. Proceeds have paid for groceries and meals for those who can’t afford them, college applications for others, materials for donated items (i.e. yarn to make scarves for those who can’t buy them), rent for people facing eviction, travel help for people in dangerous situations, wardrobe assistance for those in transition, and a whole host of other things. Helping people is genuinely a passion of mine and the money from these items helps me to continue to help others. Message me if you have any questions.  :)

Below are descriptions of each item:

Photos 1 & 2: Silk ribbon scarflet with matching felted wool and shell earrings. The 100% silk scarflet is 30″ (~76.2 cm) long. The earrings are on hypoallergenic 100% copper earwires.

Photo 3: African print extra large kerchief. This 100% cotton piece is a 35″x35″ (~89cmx89cm) square that can be worn however you like.

Photo 4: Hammered copper wire earrings with beads purchased from artisans in Krobo, Ghana. These earrings are 7.5″ (~19cm) in length and are very lightweight. 100% hypoallergenic copper earwires.

Photo 5: I really love these little earring ladies with their fancy silk magenta headwraps and gold silk necklaces. Stainless steel posts.

Photo 6: Great any season shawl that can double as a winter scarf. Shawl is 72″ (~1.83m) long and 36″ (~1m) wide.