Why not cram a Raspberry Pi into a toy Game Boy ⊟ 

This is brilliant! A tiny Game Boy from an old Burger King toy made the perfect home for a Raspberry Pi Zero and a screen, turning the fake Game Boy into a real, pocket-size emulation machine [via GN]. Beats what I did with mine, which was to maybe throw one away or never actually have one, who knows.

Man, I am into these pocket computer things these days. 


Handheld DNA reader revolutionary and democratising, say scientists

An inexpensive handheld device that can read strands of DNA has been hailed as revolutionary by scientists who tested the product.

The palm-sized sequencer gives researchers the power to analyse DNA almost anywhere, and could help track disease outbreaks, run checks on food, and combat the trafficking of endangered animals.

The gadget marks a major step towards what Mark Akeson, a co-inventor at the University of California Santa Cruz, called “the democratisation of sequencing”, where anyone can gather and process DNA samples for themselves.

Scientists have scores of projects in mind, but some future uses of the technology will inevitably be controversial. More advanced versions of the DNA reader could, for example, be used to mimic tests in the film Gattaca, where stands of hair are analysed to assess the genetic suitability of potential space flight personnel from an elite group.

Deforest Kelley as Dr McCoy in Star Trek (1966). The character used tricorder (not shown) to read DNA, and the new MinION device has been compared to being ‘close to having a tricorder in your hand’. Photograph: Allstar/PARAMOUNT/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar


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