‘Jack Bros.’

[*WM*] [VB] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1995]

  • via Games Database
  • Holy crap, watch out! Better get home by midnight, or these maniac ghouls are gonna gitcha! More examples of hardcore-Kirby-style American marketing: these gruesome depictions of the titular characters are not at all identical to how they actually look in the game, or in general, as any Shin Megami Persona fan would tell you….
  • Dammit, Game Database, why you gotta watermark? The clean version of this ad is just as rare as the game itself!

“Atari Cosmos”

  • Uploaded by Kristopher Johns, via PinInterest
  • Well now, what sort of space-age gizmo is this? Why, it’s the Atari Cosmos! This dedicated handheld/tabletop console boasted two LED screens super-imposed on top of each other to create faux-holographic effect. The available games were already programmed in, but the user would have to purchase a translucent backdrop for each one, which would be placed over the actual screen: a lot like the Vectrex.

    Good luck finding one though: it was never released and only a few are known to exist in private collections.

Blind Stomping DateIt’s Dash who started this idea of the Amazons, it’s Dash who brings the Amazons back after a long fancy art-less funk (sketches and Ask Dumps aside.) I had images of Vancouver ready to make Photo-inserts of the Amazons, but wanted to get back into practice drawing backgrounds. Originally this was a page-long comic but shortened to just the punchline.