BTS as things dimplenams has said and done
  • Jin:*to her brother* "Twist that nipple!!!!!"
  • Yoongi:"Stop whipping, you're ugly."
  • Namjoon:"I'mma buy a tuxedo for a female because this looks hot."
  • Jimin:"Jungkook ain't coming back anytime soon. Remember? It was my plan all along."
  • Taehyung:*changes her picture on everything to Madagascar characters*
  • Jungkook:"Shrek doesn't look half bad as a human." *a little bit later* "Okay Shrek is really attractive as a human."

Hey folks, Paul here again for MOTION MONDAY! Today I had some fun with pencil, paper, and a technique called a “boil.”

A boil means doing multiple drawings of a single pose, then putting them together as animation. Check out some examples below! (They all assume 24 frames-per-second, the standard for traditional animation.)

We’ll start with a non-boil:

If a pose only has one drawing, then as long as it’s held, the subject’s totally still. This is fine for some scenes and styles, but sometimes more “life” is wanted. In that case, we’ll add a quick, second drawing:

Whoa, buddy! 2 drawings played quickly results in a “flicker” or “jitter” effect. This is great for shivers and shocks… but Thundercluck’s supposed to be calm here, and it looks like he’s had too much coffee. So let’s slow it down:

2 drawings played slowly makes the subject looks less jittery, but still a bit tense–this might be a good choice if Thundercluck’s concentrating. It’s easy to see there’s only two drawings here, so let’s try adding a third:

3 drawings played slowly gives a more “relaxed” or “wobbly” look. (If I’d used a light table to keep the lines tighter, the wobble would be less pronounced.)

This might be a good fit if Thundercluck’s standing in the wind, or if I just want to embrace a loose, hand-crafted aesthetic.

Looking beyond these little tests, benefits of boils can include:

  • Strong boils: add a “sizzling” energy to otherwise still images (see Tom Snyder’s “Squigglevision”)

  • Subtle boils: make a subject feel more “alive” when static (see Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow)

  • Sketchy boils: help intentionally show the “hand of the artist” (see the GIFs in this post!)

I hope that was interesting–if anyone has questions, feel free to ask, and thanks for watching!


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“To be a spy is to live alone in a foreign land, sending information back to your homeland without ever letting anyone know who you really are. For a spy, death is the end of everything.” (x)


Bye Bye Barbie 

This outfit of the day consists of:

  • sheer long sleeve lace top - mom
  • pink floral mini skirt - Lucky Vintage 
  • Frilly green lace socks - American Apparel 
  • Brown Docs - Value Village
  • Mona Lisa Hair Clip - Vender (unknown at the moment) at the U-Disctrict Street Fair
  • Butterfly clips - eBay

My lip colour is OCC Lip Tar in the shade Hoochie.

Hope you all enjoyed this look and have a wonderful day.