Hand Grenade

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first the hand grenade to destroy monstrous rabbits written in the gnarly old sumerian book and next laura's tweet... when are the gang going to run into the knights who say "ni"? ;p

Nooooo *shifty eyes*

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What I don't get is that people lost their minds when Monty Python was mentioned in that tweet but didn't say a thing about the "battle of wits" thing or the "holy hand grenade"

I don’t know about anyone else but I made a silent nod to myself that the mention of the “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch” reference. But those two references were a lot more subtle honestly.

It’s the blatant not understand of the reference that surprised me. Since exactly what she was talking about was mentioned flat out rather than just a small reference.

You know what this is? This is a legal, FORM 1 Frag Grenade.

Thats right. A guy over on arfcom sent in a form 1 application to the ATF to build a frag grenade as a destructive device, and it was approved.
So for roughly $250 and some time, you can legally own a frag grenade. 
…Assuming your Form 1 is approved. He apparently used ammonal over RDX or other common grenade fillers, and i don’t know how this would work comparatively.

(yes i know the spoon color indicates it is inert. That is wrong.)

A legal grenade though…

Byzantine ‘Greek Fire’ Pottery Grenade, Circa 8th-10th Century AD The hollow piriform body with a band of incised dot and circle decoration, with an aperture for filling with 'Greek Fire’. Both Byzantine and Arab soldiers utilized 'Greek Fire’ grenades made from stone and ceramic jars. They were mainly used as ship-to ship weapons.