Hanart TZ

Hong Kong’s Hanart TZ Gallery is celebrating their 30th anniversary with an incredible two-part exhibition and forums which will bring together 20 eminent international and local scholars.

Hanart TZ Gallery has been a pioneer in exploring the Chinese cultural map and, over 20 years, has become a hub for emerging Chinese artists. In recent years, the Gallery gradually extended its focus to contemporary art abroad, and its programming reflects attempts to build links between artists of the broader Asian region.

The Hanart 100 Symposium is taking place on Jan 16, 2014 and the exhibition opens on jan 17, 2014 at Hanart TZ Gallery. 

Twenty-Four Solar Terms by Cao Xiaoyang

Hanart TZ Gallery is proud to present The Twenty-Four Solar Terms, Paintings by Cao Xiaoyang debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong, opening on 18 July till 16 August, 2014, showcasing set of 24 charcoal on papers from the series. Born in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, he graduated with the master of Arts from the Print-making Department and is currently the Head of The Foundation Studies Branch of the China Academy of Art. Cao’s debut solo show at Hanart TZ Gallery is curated by Professor Gao Shiming, Director of the School on Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art.