Someone asked me to post my Pic and Fic Tragedy here and I’m happy to oblige!!!  ^//////^


Based on the song “Tragedy” By Christina Perri. My first time writing a horror fanfic with picture to match. I don’t plan on doing horror again. it’s not pleasant. But please read it. Tell me how I did.

The song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNsZVO6Yy0k

Read along with this song.

TRAGEDY By Lavie-chan-lady

It was a long hard-fought battle. But there was something different about Hanana this time. Giruru had noticed it in her eyes. Her naivete was supressed somehow. It was still there, but she strangely was focused. Focused on capturing him. With ninja-like reflexes. Was Jirara really training her?
She had brought the TIME OUT JAR. It was Shurara’s for when he was a bad assassin or a bad sport in general. It was like she had something driving her to capture him. She seemed to do it with ease. But he did put up a fight. Her dress was torn, her hair scraggled. She was slightly bleeding out of cuts and slashes on her arms and face, even on her legs and neck.

“Alright, so you captured me. No big achievement there. Even Keroro’s done that.”

She didn’t say anything.

“What do you plan to do with me? Dress me up in flower dress or something girly like that?” he chuckled.

“Not even close.” there was a sharp edge to her voice.

The tipped him off something wasn’t right. “Are you okay, Hanana?”

“Not Hanana.” She muttered.

“Who are you then?” He started to get worried.

A strange voice spoke from her mouth: “I am Hanapon." 

"What the??? Why are you controlling Hanana?" 

"The Six of Seven are doing what needs to be done. For the good of The Whole.” She spoke as if following a doctrine.

Giruru’s mind raced, “W-what are you going to do?”

“I won’t do anything. Hanasama will though.” Hanana’s eyes flashed blue as she walked through the snow to an abandoned warehouse. Her eyes flashed red and her gait became more loose and masculine as she kicked in the door. 

“What will she do?”

“Ah, dun know. She keeps to herself mostly.” Her voice was more male and lazy now.
Hanappe walked into the warehouse and flicked on a light. a single grubby lightbulb flickered on high up above. The dirty floor was covered in sawdust and ash. What was this place? The only things in the room were a bench and a steel oil drum. 

Hanappe placed the jar on the lid of the barrel and sat down on the chair. 

Her eyes flashed orange and she started trembling as Hanarin. “Y-you have no idea what I went through when you left me. You wouldn’t think it meant much but you never did think much, did you? I cried and cried and cried but nothing made it better. It was a tragedy.” She clutched herself around herself, nails digging into her own shoulders, rocking back and forth with gasping sobs.

Her eyes flashed green “when… did… you… decide…that… I was unfit for…love?” Her expression was blank and yearning for love and emotion and touch as Hanachi gazed at him. 
“I didn’t! I thought we were in love, then we weren’t! It happens!”

Her eyes were blue once more. “DON’T CALL THIS LOVE.” she spat at him, it rolled off the jar. “We forgave you a thousand times, thinking it was our fault. You know what we learned when we were with Yukiki? All we want is love. That’s it. We tried to forget you too. Didn’t work. So here we are." 

The blue eyes changed into violet. "I don’t approve of what we will do here today. You are our tragedy. But in order for The Whole to be happy…you must die.” Hanako said coldly. 

Giruru’s single eye widened. “What??? Why?”
“You cause us pain. Your very existance causes The Whole pain. You must be eliminated." 
"Don’t I have a right to put up a fight??”

The Violet in her eyes changed to a sharp, dangerous, snake-like Yellow. “OOOOhhhh You’re my tragedy, darling!~” came a singsong sophisticated voice through Hanana’s lips. “You already did.” She crossed her legs and pulled out a compact and started fixing her hair. “My goodness, I AM a mess, aren’t I?” She giggled, ringing her finger around their blackened right eye. She snapped the mirror shut and slid it away somewhere on her waist. Hanasama stood up, “I’m afraid I’m not much of a fighter, I have people to do that for me. Such as Hanappe and Hanako. But when it comes to a finishing blow, neither of them seem to be able to perform it. Isn’t that silly?” She tittered to herself, her elegant hand hiding her laughter. “I seem to have had trouble finding a way to dispose of you. If I freeze and shatter you, you would still live. If i boil you, you still live. I can’t slice or sever anything. I can only keep you contained. But…”

“I still live?” He took a shot in the dark with sarcasm.

She pointed to him with a wave of her two first fingers. “EXACTLY, my darling.~ It inspires me with satisfaction to say, I finally figured out a way!”

“How so?" 

"You’re sitting on it, love.” she flipped her hair.

“What, oil? This would only enlarge me!” He laughed.

“No. Oh Nooooo… Not oil.” She picked up the Time-out Jar and tilted the barrel so he could see. 

Written plainly on the side in green letters was the horrifying word: “ACID”
His eye widened again. He started struggling and trying to burst out of the jar. He couldn’t get out! “Let me out!!! You can’t do this to me!!!" 

"Of course I can, sweets. I’m a psychotic. I’m Hanana’s darkest side. I’m a bit of a dingy yellow.”

She set the jar on the floor and used a crowbar that was behind the barrel to open it. The lid hit the floor with a *PANG*. Giruru bashed against the jar, trying to roll away. He got three feet before she stopped the jar with her heel. She picked it up and walked back to the barrel. She held the jar in both hands over the barrel. He looked at her with his single eye. 

“Why?” he asked.

“I won’t be made a fool of." 

The jar slipped from her fingers and it splashed down into the acid. She hefted the lid back on the barrel and sat on top of it as the last screams of Giruru echoed around the warehouse and into the night.


As Hanana left the warehouse, two men in armor approached her. "Well done.” one with a helmet said. 

“I did as told.” Hanasama said. “I am an assassin now.”

“You are.” The other with three eyes said.

“So I heard from some fool screaming bloody murder that we have an opening on our team.” Shurara spoke coyly. “Are you interested?”

“Very much so.”