Things I Look Forward: To The Beautiful You

I listed some of my favorite scenes in Hana Kimi Taiwan and Japan both from batch 2007 and batch 2011. I don’t want to say what version I love most. It’s too mainstream. And I enjoyed watching all the versions, each has their own charms. This will contain spoilers, you have been warned. I don’t remember every scene so please bare with me. 

1. Basically, I love the opening scene of Hana Kimi Japan. I believed batch 2007 and batch 2011 did this. The first scene where Mizuki says that the school accepts its student base on their looks rather than their academic skills which means your ugly - your out.  Pfft. Haha. It explained why the school is indeed full of eye candy.

2. When Quan discovered that Rui Xi is a girl, when he try to carry her but accidentally touch her breast. I prefer the take of the Taiwan version among the other versions when the hero find out the identity of the heroine. Because the reaction of Quan is so endearing and satisfying plus the skinship.

3. I want Nakatsu to find out that Mizuki is a girl. Not in the last episode or the episode before that. This is one of the reasons , I thank Japan for producing Hana Kimi batch 2011. They gave Nakatsu a chance by allowing him to discover her identity about the truth by himself without him hearing it to Mizuki or Sano. He deserves it. So that he can compete fair and square to Sano even if he will not get the girl. I’m still mad that the Nakatsu of Taiwan version did not find out her identity. Or did he? Sorry I forgot.

4.  The drunk kiss. Ohh. Swoon. The influence of alcohol to Quan. When he forced himself to Rui Xi. It sounds so wrong in words but when you see it in action, it is satisfying and heart fluttering. It’s the first kiss, isn’t it? I’m not sure in Japan, but the only thing I can remember is Shun kissing Toma. Yes, Sano is drunk and to block the kiss intending for Mizuki. Sano’s lips lands on Nakatsu instead. Bromance FTW! I doubt if it’s going to happen in To The Beautiful You.

5. This. It’s epic. Haha I have watched this a million times before yet it’s still brings me smile. Ohh I miss the golden time of JDoramas. The cheerleaders from the Ohsaka High School, dancing to the tune of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. HAHAHA I can’t .. so much feels.

6.  The rape scene. Oww. Scratch that, the attempted rape of one guy to Rui Xi and Mizuki. Damn. Japan batch 2007 did not include this, but I’m happy that the batch 2011 showed this. Because it shows how perfect match they are. When Quan and Sano saved Rui Xi and Mizuki, I was already mentally unstable. I want to kill the other guy and throw him in the ocean. How could he. And the next scene totally breaks my heart. When she runs to the forest screaming, crying and panting. Then Quan gets hold of her, and she was literally struggling to let free herself with Quan because she was so afraid and she can’t recognize him for a second. Then he hugs Rui Xi and she cry in his arms. Perfect. I love everything in that scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes in Hana Kimi. The I-was-going-to-saved-you-by-kissing-you are just an icing on top of the cake. Let me Love you Show is ALL.

7. I’m not homo. The video is self explanatory. Ikuta Toma breathes Nakatsu. Leaves all the inner monologue to Nakatsu. Ike Ike Go Go comes second. Literally dying here. This man is larger than life.

8. When Quan, Sano and Nakatsu see Mizuki and Rui Xi dress as a girl when she is indeed a girl. Nothing beats watching their awesome expressions. Because its really different when you see it with yourself.

9. When Sano and Nakatsu cross dress. Haha good, pretty and pleasing on the eye.

10. Nakatsu’s confession.

Mizuki : (Crying) Even though I should understand Sano’s feelings … I hurt him. How did things turn out like this? I’m sorry.

Nakatsu enters the room.

Nakatsu: (Backhug) Depend on me. I don’t care who you love .. I love you.

It breaks millions of hearts in the process. I’m having a serious second lead syndrome. It also happens in Hana Yori Dango where I ship Makino and Hanazawa Rui so badly. Why I always root for the second lead, is also a wonder to me? The scene made an impact because Nakatsu already embraces the idea that he is a gay. As in I-love-you-and-I’ll-be-gay for you.  One sided love really hurts the most.    

11. Mizuki and Rui Xi watching Sano and Quan sleeping for the first time. There is something about the scene that touch me. Maybe because they had always admired Sano and Quan from afar. And they are finally in front of them. It mirrored the saying, “So close yet still so far.” I imagined seeing Prince Jun for the first time, and at that moment I can die peacefully and happily.

12. The scene where they sleep together in one bed. Awwww. After Sano and Quan quits high jumping, he became distant and loner. He builds a wall that separated him from his friends in the dorm. It’s so satisfying seeing him finally opening up his heart to Mizuki and Rui Xi. I feel proud to the heroine finally moving the movable wall that Sano and Quan’s created. Because of her, Sano and Quan returns to their normal lives and finally warm up to their friends.

13. The Ending. Seriously what’s with the hanging ending of Hana Kimi Taiwan and Japan 2007. There’s no closure at all. I love the ending of Hana Kimi Japan batch 2011. They earn their happily ever after and Sano is the one who came to find Mizuki. The goodbye of Mizuki and Rui Xi is touching and I’m left tear-eyed because she goes to the all boys school to meet Sano and Quan but she finds true friends that are willing to accept and protect her in every possible way they can.

There are lots of scenes I still haven’t mentioned in the dramas. You should check it out to prepare yourselves for the Korean Version. I’m already sure that I’m going to love To The Beautiful You despite the flaws. Because I really love the story and I can already see the chemistry of Sulli and Min Ho. I want them to combine all the charms of the drama that made them loved by millions of fans. The undeniable chemistry of Wu Zun and Ella Chen, the friendship of the Boys in the School in Japan’s versions and everything. Everyone should give every version a chance because even if it doesn’t meet your standard, it still lets you appreciate your favorite versions.

Ohh I forgot I’m looking forward to the dog of Sano/Quan. He is very kawaii.


I just love when secrets start a drama and when that secret is the gender of the female lead it’s even better!!

When transfer Lu Rui Xi goes to Ying Kai University to be close to her favorite high jumper Zuo Yi Quan she’s in for the adventure of her life especially since her new school is an all BOYS school *Bum Bum Bum*

I loved it and Ella was just GREAT as Rui!!!


favorite scene from Hana Kimi Taiwan



I’m actually starting to like the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi! It’s really funny, and the faces Rui Xi pulls are embarrassing to look at, but at least she looks more convincingly like a guy than all the others who play her character. Plus Quan is hot, so BONUS!! I love how the Taiwanese have tried to put their own little twist on it as well as keeping true to the manga!! So glad I actually sat down and started to watch it, cos truthfully, I wasn’t planning to!! 


Hana Kimi Taiwan Version Opening Song