Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

Summary: It is the day of the Royal Wedding, but someone is not feeling as festive as the rest of the court.

Rating: T - Content not suitable for children.  Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with minor suggestive adult themes.

Words: 1335

Notes: Another TRR fanfic! I tried to keep this one neutral, so be welcome to place whatever LI/MC/Prince you so desire, even if I may or may not thought of someone specific when I wrote it. See if you can guess.

Be as it may, enjoy!

Inspired by this song.

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“I don’t have feelings for Liam” I say into the mic.

The crowd cheers loudly. As I begin to walk off smiling, a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“Is-Is that true?” they say. I look for the owner of the voice. There in the 3rd row stands: a sobbing Liam.

Favorite LI: *breathes*


Maxwell Beaumont has a playlist that reminds him of MC: (she doesn’t know it)

secrets • one republic
Can I be him • james arthur
Heartbreak girl • 5sos
dusk till dawn • zayn malik ft SIA
Bonfire heart • james blunt
never be the same • camila cabello
4u • blackbear
that’s my girl • 5h
friends • ed sheeran
shut up and dance • WALK THE MOON

Friend: Hey, are you okay?

What I really want to say: Why are diamonds so expensive? When will I finally be able to bang Maxwell? I hope Andy is okay. Will Zig’s sister hate me? I wonder how Raj’s grandmother is doing. How is Liam gonna react when I tell him I don’t feel the same way? Where the fuck are Quinn Kelly and Sean Gayle? When will Becca and I become official? When will I finally be able to slap the shit out of Madeleine?? Is Grayson okay? Is Eva okay? Is KENJI okay!? Mr. Red can kiss my ass. Did Cetus go to Sea Monster Heaven? When will we get more female love interests? When is Hero coming back? What teeth whitening strips does Holly use? What foundation does Queen Regina use? I just love Raydan Lykel so much. When will I get to tell Zig that I love him?? Is my ghost girlfriend okay? When will this Abbie and Tyler BS end? Will there ever be a Most Wanted Book 2??? WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY CORGI!?!?

Me: Yeah, I’m fine.

y’all gotta admit that even if Liam isn’t your LI in TRR he’s the most precious gentle baby in the whole entire choices universe and he deserves all the love in the world. His reaction when he gets rejected by the woman he thought he’d marry and she tells him she’s in love with one of his friends is extremely mature and sweet and honestly dumbass MC doesn’t deserve his love, running off to Maxwell/Drake/Hana instead