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Hi~ What would Super Junior's reactions be (in gif form) when they discovered their girlfriend was very intelligent? Thank you~!

Thanks for the request!!! Enjoy!


Leeteuk: **dresses up to look smart to impress you**

Heechul: Oooh, talk intelligent to me~ **raises eyebrows**

Han Geng: That’s my intelligent girl!! **completely smitten over you**

Yesung: Wait, what? What did you call me????? What’s that word????

Kangin: **tries to figure out what the long word you said means**

Shindong: YAH, Stop confusing me!!!

Sungmin: **makes evil plans to have you confuse the members**

Eunhyuk: **feels slightly intimidated, so is determined to get more intelligent**

Zhoumi: **thinks you’re just so cute when you say something intelligent**

Donghae: **smiles every time you sound intelligent**

Siwon: **thinks it’s completely attractive and finds himself shy around you**

Ryeowook: **you’re smarter than him, so he just pouts about it**

Kibum: **speechless but impressed**

Kyuhyun: Pssh, you’re not smart. **you say something way intelligent that he doesn’t understand** Well, maybe you are…..

Henry: WOW! You’re so smart!!! **impressed**


Hope you liked it~ ^_^

~Admin Wolfia~