Én voltam az aki akkor is bocsánatot kért mikor ő hibázott mert fontos volt számomra
Én voltam az aki akkor is megbocsátott mikor nem kelett volna de fontos volt számomra
Mégis én vagyok az akit most itt hagyott mert nemvoltam/vagyok fontos számára
—  Fenyescsillag

Daddy looks so sad. Even through his smile, Daddy is sad. It’s not something Hamish has been able to do before, read past the smile and tell what they’re really thinking, because that’s Daddy’s job, and Papa’s, but it’s different now, it’s Daddy. Carefully, slowly, Hamish steps once more towards his father, and stands in front of him. Sherlock’s head reaches to about Hamish’s breastbone. Like how Papa’s does when Daddy is hugging him. And it’s sad, Hamish realises suddenly, that Daddy is so tall, because it means he can never have the same kind of hugs that he can give out, out to him and to Papa and to Mrs Hudson. Daddy has never known what it feels like to be so utterly safe, so enclosed in someone else’s arms, has never been completely engulfed in a warm safe haven of love, and all because he is taller than the people he hugs. But now Daddy is at a lower level than Hamish. So Hamish reaches out and wraps his arms around Sherlock’s bony shoulders and hugs him, because he wants to show Daddy what it’s like, wants to make him feel safe and warm and loved.

“It’s alright, Daddy,” he murmurs, the realization that Daddy can hurt too still burning, “You don’t need to be sad.”


Commissioned by the lovely martainducreff for her dear friend Catherine (firstruleofthediogenesclub). It is a scene from a roleplay they have had going on, where tiny Hamish comforts his dying father, who’s broken down crying~


I am SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN! It’s my favorite holiday! :D And what better way to celebrate it then to make some NBC!AU! I even redesigned my whole tumblr page for the occasion! :3 So please do check it out everyone! I worked hard on it, and personally, I’m in love with it! x3 Special thanks to @arcanabreak (with some help of some brushes she gave me) and sassy-frost-lord for encouraging me in making this happen, and to @cainballad and @lastaim especially as well for making me feel proud in making this! I hope everyone loves the new theme! Happy Halloween! ;w;