You Understand Right? (Part 2): What Happened?

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Bobby Singer

Length: 1294+ words

TW: Suicide. Depression. Abandonment. Character Death. 

A/N: There was so much interest in continuing this fic! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it, and I really wasn’t expecting this to become a series! Feedback is encouraged!


“Dammit, Y/N! Don’t you dare hang up the phone! What the hell do you mean?!” Dean paced around his motel room, running his fingers through his hair continuously. They had just wrapped up a case in Nebraska, and was planning on visiting Bobby for some down time. Sam reminded his older brother that they haven’t seen Y/N in over several months, and he had been missing her.

“I understand, Dean,” she answered vaguely. Dean’s heart was thumping against his chest, as he tried to understand her message.

“What- What is it, sweetheart? What do you understand?” He started throwing clothes into his duffel bag, knocking on the bathroom door where Sam was currently showering.

“You and Sam need each other… But you don’t need me.” With that, she hung up.

“Y/N? Y/N?” Dean shouted into the phone, knowing that it would be futile. “Fuck.” He hung up his phone, and knocked louder against the bathroom door. “Sam! Get your ass out here.”

Sam opened the door with only his jeans, his face lined with annoyance. “The fuck Dean?”

“We’re leaving NOW!”

“What’s going on? Did you talk to Y/N?” Sam quickly put on his shirt, seeing the gravity of the situation in Dean’s eyes.

“Yea, but she kept saying things,” Dean answered vaguely, shaking his head as he continued to pack their stuff. 

“What did she say?”

“She kept saying how she understands- how she knows that we needed each other, but we don’t need her.”

Sam furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Why makes her think that? She knows we love her.”

“I have a bad feeling about this, Sam. C’mon.”

Both brothers made their way to Bobby’s house with tension between them. The four-hour trip only lasting 3 hours with Dean’s driving. Nothing else had been said. Nothing else needed to be said. Not until they find Y/N, hopefully alive. 

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My (non inclusive) Top Moments In Early American History

- George Washington naming his dogs shit like Sweet Lips

- Aaron Burr lighting himself on fire while trying to light a candle with a gun

- America ever winning in the revolution because we were a fucking mess

- Alexander Hamilton hiding behind Henry Knox at Yorktown when a shell burst near the tent

- Congress not finding John Adams a home in New York, forcing him to live with John Jay for like two months

- Lafayette not noticing he got shot in the leg

- John Adams taking the job of presiding over the senate seriously

- Abigail Motherfucking Adams

- Thomas Jefferson breaking his wrist trying to impress a girl

- The Hamilton family basically having three names that they rotated between kids

- Jefferson inviting Madison to come live with him at Monticello and Madison responding by basically saying he needed a year to think about it and never broaching the subject again

- Literally nobody knowing shit about Monroe

- Hamilton making a bet that he would buy dinner for a dozen delegates at the Constitutional Convention if Gouverneur Morris went up and clapped Washington on the back, which he did, and was subsequently given a glare that made him want to sink into the floor

- Washington actually cutting down two cherry trees

- Admiral de Grasse calling Washington “mon cher petit général”

- Aaron Burr trying to annex Texas and being tried for treason

- the Merry Affair

- Thomas Jefferson procrastinating in calling in Virginia militia, which forced him to flee Richmond when Benedict Arnold swept the capital

- “One hundred and eighty miles in three days and a half. It does admirable credit to the activity of a man at his time of life.” - Alexander Hamilton talking about Horatio Gates abandoning his army at Camden

- Baron Von Stueben showing up at Valley Forge with an Italian greyhound and his gaggle of little French boyfriends

- Baron Von Stueben cussing out the soldiers in French, leaving Hamilton and Laurens to translate

- Baron Von Steuben

- Jefferson being given a 1000 pound wheel of cheese, which no “federalist cows” were allowed to contribute to

- Jefferson having basically a burn book called “Anas”